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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Next week will be even better, Danny

Just wait and see what happens next week, Danny.

This little caper the press tried to turn into an impeachment was a farce.

The press was so pathetically predictable as reporters tried to turn the firing of an FBI director into Watergate. They even trotted outed the molting John Dean to declare President Trump's actions worse than Watergate. The public doesn't care because Dean has said that about every Republican presidential "scandal" since Nixon.

The public does not care who the FBI director today just as it did not care in 1993 when Bill Clinton fired William Sessions. They come. They go. There will never be another J. Edgar Hoover, which is also a blessing, I suppose.

The press cares, which shows how out of touch the press is.

And irrelevant, because if the press is out of touch with the people, then the people are out of touch with the press. Newspaper advertising revenues have dropped by two-thirds in the last 15 years. Newspapers are the vanguard of the American news media, not television. Look how many stories the New York Times and the Washington Post generate, and yet we elected Trump despite their steady rain of stories condemning him as unfit for the job.

Next week will bring a new controversy manufactured by the press because this one failed.

It will fail too because nobody believes the press anymore -- at least no one in the majority that will re-elect Trump president in 2020.

Why should we?

Remember this Election Day report from Politico:
The polls have him down. The FBI cleared Hillary Clinton in her email scandal. And the early vote offers her promising signs.
It would take nothing short of a miracle for Donald Trump to convert his combustible campaign into a solid win, after having spent 17 months ripping apart the Republican Party and shocking America with his anarchic language, while also inspiring legions of voters who feel left behind by the economic recovery.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. Rather still thinks that people care what he thinks. Now that's funny!

    1. They cared when he was filming live fire in 'Nam, throwing the ektachrome on the transport to LA, and chocking up and inflating the nightly body bag counts. Now, they apparently drag him out to do the same thing.

      Not such a deep bench.

  2. Also funny is that the media still thinks We The People still believe in it, given the evidence against that.

  3. What's the frequency, Dan? To say that last week topped 9/11 week clearly indicates an unhinged mind. Dan needs to be committed to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

    1. Good point.The Democrats were immediately depressed by 9/11, even as it played out, because they feared Bush would look good. Hence the stories Bush was a coward hiding in AF1. Bill Clinton said plaintively and selfishly he wished it had happened on his watch. Dan is an old Texas Dem who just made himself forget it even happened, a bad dream.

  4. say, didn't this rather fellow used to be on tv or something? if i remember correctly he was selling something related to fish...

  5. The loon Louise Mensch is twittering disinformation like a pro which she appears to be. She has monetized anti-Trump baloney. She is a Brit, a US green card holder, promoting sedition, and should be deported for the UK to deal with as in an involuntary commitment. She is one of the "media" leading the pack of "impeachment" conspiracy theories and fantasies. Deport this undesirable alien.

  6. I dunno about J Edgar.

    When Jack Kennedy was found to be letting all manner of classified info slide across too many pillows (we're talking 1943 here), J Edgar went to Franklin Roosevelt and demanded Roosevelt do something or he would.

    There is a place for that,

  7. i expect that Olbermann will be back on TV soon as his evel of derangement is now mainstream.