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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mike Cernovich fixes Trump's media problems

I see where Kimberly Guilfoyle openly lobbied for Sean Spicer's job. President Trump did not hire her. Good move. Never trust a reporter even if she is at Fox News.

President Trump already has all the advice he needs for free from the rebel Mike Cernovich.

At 39, Mike Cernovich emerged as an alt-Right conservative writer who built a pretty good following on Twitter and at his web site.

His advice to President Trump on how to handle the New York Times, the Washington Post, and all the rest?

Ignore them.

They do not matter.

From Cernovich:
Young Trump supporters get their news from (in this order) Twitter, YouTube, Drudge, and FoxNews (although that’s changing, as FoxNews is not sufficiently America first).
Older Trump supporters get their news from talk radio, FoxNews, Drudge, Twitter, and YouTube. When WaPo or NY Times drops a “devastating” story on Trump, do you know who reads these stories  —  liberals!
Like Nixon and Reagan before him, Trump is tempted to appease liberals.

Don't do it!

Cernovich called for ending daily press briefings, in which reporters set the agenda, and go on the offensive using Twitter to link stories and break news.
Run Trump’s Twitter, and Sean Spicer’s Twitter, like the Drudge Report or another popular Twitter account. Trump can set the news cycle by linking to articles. He should be linking to articles about the Awan Brothers, Anthony Weiner, and other vile and corrupt Democrats.
Trump should be linking to 5 to 10 news articles each day. This will allow his Twitter to not only be a direct voice to the people, but it will also become a news curation site. Someone like Laura Ingraham would be perfect at curating high-impact articles.
Make the fake news media and liberals own their criminals.

No more Mister Nice Guy.

Defense sucks.

Let us go on the offense again, like we did last summer. Rebels shouldn't have to file paperwork.

Right now, President Trump's supporters feel like they are losing. It is a long season for the fans of a losing team (and I say that as a Cleveland Indians fan), who eventually roam mentally to other interests (the Browns, the Cavaliers, mowing the lawn).

Trump needs to bring them in. Anthony Weiner convicted is winning!

Talk of impeachment is losing.

President Trump needs to change the subject daily.

Hourly, if necessary.

President Trump's supporters need a reason to stay involved in politics -- to show up for the game. Instead of defending himself, he needs to build a defense organically. He needs to give Trump supporters an incentive to stay active.

We need fewer whines and more wins.

You do that by going ignoring the enemy, and going directly to the people.

Nixon did not have the tools President Trump has.

If Trump does not exploit those tools to his advantage, he will wind up worse than Nixon.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. And kill off cable news with a la carte cable regulations. Make it mandatory. No extortion money for them because they have rigged the regulatory rules. Look at the broadcast networks supporting sedition and cancel their broadcast licenses. Hardball. Win it.

    1. The concentration of power in the media industry gives the press an influence it doesn't deserve. A few judiciously chosen anti-trust actions by the DoJ would help to level the field and encourage a more honest diversity of political views within the press.

    2. 100% These mega media conglomerates, need to be broken up and 1996 amendment to telecommunications act must be repealed so they can never consolidate power like this again.

  2. I do not feel like we are losing at all.
    Been told the flack is greatest when you are over the target.
    I didnt think the swamp critters were gonna go away without a lot of mess and a lot of howling and crying

  3. Dear Mr. Surber,
    Please check out an article by Thomas Wictor titled Leakers Beware. Also his twitter feed #ThomasWictor, I think you may find it interesting.

    1. "He is the author of seven books and is the planet's only expert on World War I flamethrowers, an accomplishment he attained completely by default, since nobody else is interested in them."


    2. With all do respect to Mike Cernovich,I do not get my news from Drudge,Fox or Youtube.I am 74 years old.I do get my news in this order,,POTUS Trumps twitter feed,

    3. Being the only scholar of flame throwers makes you the best, just like Slim Whitman was the biggest selling left handed, 6'3", brown haired Florida born singer ever in the U.K.

  4. This column is a reminder of the Carter malaise that Reagan fought right from the start. Every department was told to contact the Press Secretary with positive economic news and everyday. The press secretary then would start each briefing with something positive to try to change the mood and confidence level of the public. I don't see why the Trump admin can't brag about something good everyday (and maybe if there isn't a press conference but something incorporating these ideas or Gingrich's similar take, the good news-accomplishment release will find its way out to the people).

    1. Because the bureaucraacy is far more weaponized than in Reagan's day. If Trump gave such an order, he would get a story and the press would get one "showing" that the Trump story is a lie.

      Until the press and bureaucrats are as afraid of us as they are of Muslims, this will continue.

  5. Cernovich has a very troubling report on staffing. He's says RINOs DeStefano and Hook in charge of hiring are blocking Trump loyalists from being hired. Even McMaster wants more Democrats on the NSC says Cernovich.

    Where is Pence? This can't go on.

  6. Jeb! sez Trump should stop tweeting. Like Trump is gonna listen to a loser like Jeb!. GOC

  7. Trump should pull the White House Press credentials of any organization doing fake news. It won't be long before you hear echos or crickets chirping in the press room. No more access to the press plane following the President. You do not need access to write fiction.

  8. This might be the closest I've ever seen you come to criticizing President Trump, Don Surber. But you're right, and you echo what I've been thinking. The President needs to finish off the MSM, instead of giving them attention, and ratings. He had the right idea when he skipped the nerd prom and spent the evening with his supporters. Shut down the briefing and give a regular address via YouTube, with links at all of his social media accounts.

  9. Mah-velous! Simply mahh-velous!!! Bwahahaha!!!!