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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Meanwhile, ICE defeats MS-13

Conservatives need to tune out Fox News and tune in the Antenna TV, Laff channel, and MeTV. Those old sitcoms -- Green Acres, Night Court, and All in the Family -- are just the tonic for the full-scale panic attack by the press over President Trump draining the swamp. The Ziffles, Wheelers, and Bunkers make a lot more sense than the drama queens on cable news.

What they are not reporting -- or at least emphasizing -- is the Trump administration's prosecution of the MS-13 gang, which thrived under the previous Democratic presidency.

From the Daily Caller:
The Justice Department announced Wednesday that a law enforcement task force has taken out MS-13 leadership in Los Angeles.
The task force, which included state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies, arrested 21 members and associates of MS-13 Wednesday. The DOJ has brought RICO charges against 44 individuals in LA.
“This case has targeted the leadership and most violent actors of the MS-13 street gang in Los Angeles, as well as MS-13’s links to the Mexican Mafia,” Deirdre Fike, the assistant director of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office, said in a statement. “This operation will have a significant impact on this violent gang and their overall ability to maintain control over law-abiding citizens.”
The 127-page indictment revealed that there are over ten thousand MS-13 members in the US, and that the LA gang is of particular importance. “MS-13 members in Los Angeles are sometimes called upon to provide input in other parts of the country,” the indictment said.


Mexico and the rest are not sending their best.

10,000 MS-13 members? That's 10,000 prison cells. No sweat. And when they get out, deport the non-citizens.

The press may ignore this. I don't. This is what I elected Trump to do.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. I heard Chris Plante the other day refer to MS13-NBC....loved it!

  2. Reading your blog is great for maintaining the big picture! Thank you!

    I've never drained a swamp, but I've cleaned barn many times and the stink gets worse as you get towards the middle of the job.

    Trump sure is good with a pitchfork!

  3. Did this news even make the first section of the NYT and WaPo? I'm betting not.

  4. Thank you for doing the job other journalist Americans refuse to do.

    1. +1 Schlongy. Don't know what I'd do without Big D. He knows the journalism game so we are getting The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothin But on a daily basis. God bless Big D!

  5. great job, Don, I only recently ran across your blog and it is a daily must read.

  6. The only TV "news" worth watching anymore is Tucker Carlson on Fox. The Five used to be fun but with Beckel and Juan Williams it's a wonder I haven't thrown a brick thru the telly. News is so fake and stupid now it's just not worth the aggravation. Thank God for Netflix and re-runs.

  7. The real MS-13 leadership still remains; they are elected officials in Sacramento, who are busily bringing in more gangbangers to replace any lost to the Feds. (There is an infinite supply just to the South.)

    These highly placed elected officials also create "sanctuary cities" where these fine upstanding young criminals can be carefully nurtured into real monsters when they're fully grown- with the approval of the sheep that already bleat Democrat here, of course. Criminals here enjoy the protection of the police, and if a citizen should happen to injure one of them while he is committing a crime, we can be sure that the citizen will be charged & prosecuted. They are "Brown's little babies" and he looks after them!

    California really needs a nuclear strike on Sacramento, while the legislature is in full session. Then possibly some sanity could be returned to this once-golden State!

  8. Not hard to believe M13 leaders would be taken out swiftly. These aren't exactly criminal masterminds ala Lexington Luthor. They are dumb, uneducated thugs. All that was needed to get them was the WILL.