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Monday, May 01, 2017

Hillary "stone-faced" suppressing anger on election night

President Clinton knew the race was over in June when England decided to Brexit, stage right.

Not My President Clinton did not believe him -- and on election night suffered the schlonging of her life.

From the Daily Mail:
Hillary Clinton had to "suppress the anger that touched every nerve in her body" when she conceded the presidential election to Donald Trump on the night of November 8, according to an excerpt from a new book about her ill-fated campaign.
The extraordinary account was relayed by the authors of "Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Election Campaign."
Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes describe the behind-the-scenes goings on during that fateful night – particularly when the realization sets in that Clinton would fail to win crucial swing states like Florida, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.
Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, were watching the returns in their suite on the top floor of The Peninsula Hotel in Manhattan, according to the excerpt published in the New York Post.
They were joined by top aides Robby Mook, John Podesta, and Cheryl Mills – all of whom were burning up the phone lines with Democratic operatives who were reporting the grim results as they were rolling in. 
"Hillary was still surprisingly calm, unable or unwilling to delve into the details of how her dream was turning into a nightmare," the authors write as the campaign was coming to grips with its loss in Florida.
The word they were searching for was catatonic.

Or drunk.

Maybe a little bit of both.

At any rate, she was in full "Final Days" mode as North Carolina fell. Florida fell. Wisconsin fell. The Red Army knocked on the bunker door. ("Hello? Room service. Anyone home?")

From the New York Post:
The president wants you to concede, Mook told her, adding his own analysis: “I don’t see how you win this.”
“I understand,” she said. But she used her place in history as a shield in the same way Mook just had with Simas. “I’m not ready to go give this speech.” Though she focused her pushback on the nature of her remarks — How should she frame the election of Donald Trump? What would she say to little girls and elderly women who treated her as a champion? Could she hit the right notes? — the effect was the same. Hillary wasn’t quite ready to put an end to the dream she’d pursued for at least the past decade.
‘You need to concede,” President Obama told his former secretary of state. For the past eight years, their interests had aligned almost perfectly. She’d lent him credibility with her own supporters and in the Washington establishment. He’d given her the State Department springboard from which to relaunch her political career.
He needed to ensure that the end of his presidency didn’t devolve into a post-election circus. He had vouched for the sanctity of the electoral process and he needed Hillary to follow along.
She wasn’t ready yet. 
The Divine Miss H wasn't ready, and so her supporters at the Jacob Javits Center sat in limbo, crying until 2:30 a.m. when John Podesta told them it was closing time, and chased them all out.

This is how you treat your own people?


Americans did not dodge a bullet on Election Day.

They dodged a nuke.

Not since Al Gore has America had as sore a loser. The effects of Hillary's nasty refusal to accept defeat gracefully continue to be felt as the media bitterly clings to the false hope that they can impeach President Trump and replace him with Hillary.

This is a sanitized version of what happened that night. After all, this book was written by a couple of sycophants in the media.

"Shattered" was supposed to be about Hillary breaking the mythical glass ceiling, not her lifelong ambition.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. This screams "Hitler video".

    But I thought she was a screeching, drunken, glass-throwing, accusing psychotic that night.

    As I say, Hitler video.

  2. When you steal a wallet from a purse and find out it belongs to the toddler in mom's arms.

  3. Obama was probably gloating when he told her to cave, knowing he would never have to thank her for saving his "legacy". He knew that were she to exert even .0001 erg of her energy with that in mind, she would have never let him forget the favor , treating him like the gofer her husband thought he always should have been.
    As for Gore, he was actually not a bad guy in private and well thought of by intelligent men around him, more so than Clinton actually. Had he won, the global warming hysteria might never have happened. He only created the cause to make a living after he lost the Presidency, as he himself admitted.

    1. "Not a bad guy in private"? You know him personally? And willing to end the ability of thousands if not millions so he can make a living off of a scam. Quite a guy.

    2. I stand by what I said about Gore as a person and in my case it is not hear say. Gore did launch GW for his own ends as I said, but, in his (weak) defense, its exploitation for political purposes was done largely by others for their own selfish or misguided reasons. But still he bears responsibility, for which I do not personally give him a pass. The point of what I said however was that if he had become president he would not have had the time or the ability to make money from its promotion, so it may not have gained the power it has.

  4. Canceling the fireworks said it all. Should never have scheduled them in the first place.

  5. I find interesting that the article itself implies this account of the night of the election was not part of the book Shattered, but was relayed to The Daily Mail by the authors of the book.

    If so, why wasn't it part of the book? Has anyone here read the book? Was the election night at the campaign headquarters discussed in the book?

  6. A Schonging well earned and well deserved.

    1. You don't think the schlong was overpacked and difficult to keep lit?

  7. "[Obama] had vouched for the sanctity of the electoral process and he needed Hillary to follow along....She wasn’t ready yet."

    They didn't know what the FBI knew, that the Russians were hacking the voting machines in those swing states to turn the election in Trump's favor. "He vouched for the sanctity of the process," my butt. [/sarc]

  8. The walk, the stare ... I keep expecting her to say "F.A.B., Virgil".

  9. The truth about Democrats is always way worse than what their media cabana boys report. I bet she was passed out in the can by 9 PM.

  10. With her likely meds, I'm not so sure she's slamming them down any more. The organic is getting her now. If she is slamming them down, don't go long on $1200 hair stylists.