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Monday, May 08, 2017

Here come the judges, illegal aliens

Many are the ways Barack Obama fouled up the deportation of illegal aliens. For example, he left a backlog of deportation cases and plenty of vacancies for immigration law judges.

President Trump began taking care of that today. Please welcome the new judges: Nina M. Carbone, Jennifer I. Gaz, Charlotte S. Marquez, Jose L. Peñalosa Jr., Donald W. Thompson, David C. Whipple, and Ryan R. Wood.

Their investiture ceremony was Friday, which means they are good to go.

Liberals gave gloated about the problem for months.

From the New York Times on November 16:
ARLINGTON, Va. — Walk into the immigration court here, and scenes of a justice system in collapse abound.
In the overflowing courtrooms, one judge raced through hearings, opening 85 cases on a recent day, and several others were not far behind.
The judge in Courtroom 2 had unsettling news for Edhite Pouken Shienji, a woman from Cameroon seeking asylum. After 14 years of delays, she was finally scheduled for a hearing. But at the last minute, the judge was reassigned to handle the cases of some migrants from Central America. Her hearing was postponed once again — to 2019.
That means Shienji had a couple more years to roam the country as if she belongs here.

From the Mother Jones on March 31:
There are currently more than 542,000 cases pending before 301 immigration judges, according to records obtained by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University. Only about 280 of those judges hear cases, and they may have as many as 1,500 cases on their dockets at any given time. They often hear 30 or more cases a day, and complete nearly 800 cases per year. In comparison, federal district judges generally complete 500 cases a year. For more than a decade, advocates have been calling for more immigration judges, without much luck. In 2006, then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales called for more resources, including 40 new judges, to deal with what was then a backlog of 169,000 cases. (He then tried to fill those spots with Republican loyalists, and later resigned amid a scandal over politicized hiring at the DOJ.) Last year, Human Rights First, an international human rights organization, calculated that 524 judges completing 500 cases per year would eliminate the backlog by 2023.
Huh? 500 cases a year? That's two cases a day. Surely judges could do 5,000 a year and get it done.

But if it takes 1,000 judges, so be it. It's not as if there is a shortage of young lawyers looking a job. With salaries ranging from $124,263 to $163,317 a year, plenty of good lawyers will apply. Especially the ones working as baristas.

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  1. Sign up NOW for a starter judgeship!

  2. Jose L. Peñalosa Jr. will be the media's number one target.

  3. What's crucial is to hire not only judges, but legal clerks who can do the preliminary work for each judge prior to each hearing. I know nothing about the procedures followed during immigration hearings, but shouldn't the judges have some reasonable familiarity with the circumstances of the cases they preside over? That means they have to know some of the background, context, and facts of each case before the hearing starts. That is a lot of work for one person if he has inadequate office staff to assist him.

    1. Ia, I could do that job and wouldn't even need a clerk. The proceeding would proceed as follows..

      Me: Are you an American citizen?
      Illegal Immigrant: No.
      Me: Goodbye. Next case.

      No sob stories.

    2. Channeling Nancy Reagan? Good. Reading my mind again? Eerie. What will I be having for lunch today? - Elric

  4. Extra credit to Trump for p*ssing off the Climate Change wingnuts at the same time with appointees they'll hear as Carbon, Gas, and Pennzoil.

  5. 500 a year? That is handling a lot. Even under the federal administrative procedures act there are certain things that have to be done for both substantive and procedural due process. If the GOP Congress wants to really insulate itself it can fully fund - by expanding - the administrative hearing system at this level. It is an obscure thing that many screaming types wouldn't notice, but it would have a big effect.

    -Mikey NTH

    1. Or they could just find evidence of the illegal aliens recreating in a national park.

  6. How about appointing competent people instead of liars? If liar is working as a barista, that is a clue about their quality. Same for the ones from Harvard law School. their standards have been subzero since 1980 or there abouts.
    There is nothing in our Constitution requiring that we appoint a fox to guard the hen house. What is needed is common-cents. Liars rarely have that. Most are trained, not in the Constitution, but in creating loop holes in the Constitution.

    1. Doing your best spin-off of Gilda Radner's Emily Litella character there? Don's post is about "Lawyers." Oh wait, I see your point. LOL.