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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Drinking liberal tears over judicial appointments

Like George Harrison on his first post-Beatles album, Democrats are hitting the Wah Wah pedal over judicial appointments.

They claim that Republicans stole a seat on the Supreme Court by not approving Barack Obama's appointment of the far-left radical Merrick Garland who sided with lefty activist groups throughout his tenure on the appellate court. In one bizarre case, Garland and his colleagues decided the arroyo toad is an endangered species because, well, the litigants said that it was.

The media considers that moderate.

President Trump appointed an actual moderate, Neil Gorsuch, to the seat Garland sought, and the court may be safe from suffering another Marxist majority for a few years.

Now President Trump is appointing centrists to the lower courts, and Democrats are crying.

Wah Wah.

From the Daily Beast:
President Trump announced ten federal judicial nominees today. All of them will sail through the Senate. All of them will fill seats stolen from President Obama.
There are over 120 vacancies in the federal judiciary, and Obama had nominated people to fill 81 of them. But by the end of his two terms, 59 of those nominees were still in limbo, because Mitch McConnell’s Senate confirmed only 22.
Good job, McConnell. He sealed the deal for Americans electing Trum president.

More Wah Wah -- who have more Wawa than Pennsylvania.
The election was never about Trump vs. Clinton; it was about which faction was to lead our country, with thousands of judges, bureaucrats, and administrators who steer the ship of state in one direction or another. Today we’ve met ten more of them, each of whom will hear thousands of cases during their lifetime-appointment careers.
If they fulfill the hopes of their backers, they will move the country rightward in a thousand small ways, none of which will be covered in the news. Many will be matters of life and death. Many will be matters of money. All will be more important than emails.
Elections have consequences.

That is how we set the country up.
On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. Oh, poor BABIES!! I cannot express the total bummerness inflicted on them without mentioning the glee with which I am filled.

  2. All Things Must Pass. Including Barack. Good pull, Big D. Easily the best post-Fabs solo debut. To the victor goes the spoils, Demmies!

  3. I saw a piece sometime during the transition that said Trump could restock half the Federal bench in 8 years.

    Talk about your MAGA.

    PS Love the "more Wawa than Pennsylvania". I lived a lot of my life on the Philadelphia Main Line and you really made me smile.

  4. Any comment from Baba Wawa? - Elric

  5. I love the George Harrison tie-in. 5 stars Don. And for those who've never heard it, "All Things Must Pass" is a really, REALLY good record. Easily top 50 all time. "If Not For You", alone, makes it a great record.

    1. Easily. Great musicians. Harrison without that Lennon/McCartney drama. Bob Dylan pens 1 1/2 songs. Harrison showed he had outgrown the Beatles. Phil Spector's last hurrah as a producer

    2. I recently learned Billy Preston was the only contributing artist to ever be credited on a Beatles album.

  6. Heh, more WaWa than Pennsylvania. Love that line. Part of what makes this a fun blog.

    I like WaWa too.