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Monday, May 08, 2017

Hillary thinks she's president of France

Hillary and her supporters are basking in the victory of globalist Emmanuel Macron over nationalist Marine Le Pen in the French presidential race.


To be sure, Macron received twice as many votes as Le Pen, but that only underscores the historic humiliation President Trump and the American people handed Hillary on November 8.

She spent twice as much money and had nearly universal support in the media, and yet she persisted in losing 30 states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin -- states Republicans had last won when Reagan was president.

Hillary's attempt to live vicariously through Macron is at odds with her claim that misogyny cost her the election of her lifetime. If true, then the French are the most misogynist country in the world because they chose the man over the woman in the race 2 to 1.

But she can believe what she wants.

From the Daily Caller:
Hillary Clinton attempted to tie herself to French President-elect Emmanuel Macron’s runoff victory over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen on Sunday.
Clinton posted a tweet calling Macron’s election a victory for “the world” and a “defeat” to the hackers who released Macron’s emails to the public shortly before the election, but then turned the focus towards herself, claiming “the media says I can’t talk about that.” Clinton is known to have staffers carefully craft and edit her tweets before posting.
She still has a staff?

I mean besides every mainstream reporter in Washington.

From Business Insider:
Hillary Clinton congratulated Emmanuel Macron on winning the French presidential election on Sunday, and she sneaked in a jab at the media while she was at it.
"Victory for Macron, for France, the EU, & the world," Clinton said on Twitter. "Defeat to those interfering w/democracy. (But the media says I can't talk about that)."
Some news outlets and political analysts had criticized Clinton last week for saying Russian interference was partially to blame for her loss in last year's election against Donald Trump.
Barack Obama interfered with democracy by endorsing Macron.

Hillary is a loser. I look forward to her nomination in 2020.

By the way, my take is Macron's big victory comes from fear of pissing off the Muslims who have invaded France and are taking it over.

But what do I know about France?

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. We'll see how he does, and how the next election turns out.

  2. Do the muslims in France vote? The answer to that may help explain the election results.

  3. All the signs point to Hillary wanting to run in 2020...which explains why the very few "stars" left on the Democratic bench have been, to say the least, tepid in their own case. If Hillary does run in 2020, expect NO ONE to oppose her in the Democratic primaries...

  4. If memory serves, it's the Demos that let illegals and corpses vote.

    Multiple times.

    So why does she cheer their defeat?

  5. Without Botox, Hillary will be as wrinkled as a prune by 2020. Her chances of taking the nomination of the Demorat Party away from some much younger upcoming candidate range from slim to none. The Party big shots and donors will see her as too old, too decrepit, too corrupt, too ill, too greedy, too obsessed by power---too, too, too, to give her a third look. No one likes to lose three times. Her financial backers will find an excuse to move on to someone who has a better chance of winning in the general election. She can fantasize all she wants. It's OVER, Hillary! It's OVER.

  6. Inspector Hillary Clouseau: Without warning, I will attack you. In this way, I will keep you vigilant and alert.

    [attacks Trump, but Trump hits Clouseau]

    Inspector Hillary Clouseau: Good one.

    Trump: Thank you.

  7. There really are cone heads in France.