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Friday, May 12, 2017

Convict Trump, then find a crime

The Hill has decided that The Donald is guilty of obstruction of justice.

Now to find a crime that he obstructed.

From the Hill:
President Trump’s stunning firing of FBI Director James Comey has triggered allegations that Trump is engaged in the obstruction of justice. The administration’s initial story — that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein initiated the firing process by producing his memo critical of Comey’s handling of the Clinton email investigation — is implausible on its face and has been roundly rejected.
Rather, it appears that the decision to oust Comey originated with Trump, who then called in Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Rosenstein to provide a justification on paper for the firing. By the next day, Rosenstein had written his memo, Sessions endorsed the firing, and Trump acted.
The firing followed Comey’s May 3 congressional testimony, at which he confirmed the continuation of the investigation into Russian tampering in the election and the possibility of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. It also followed close on the heels of a reported request by Comey for increased resources to pursue the investigation and reports that a grand jury had issued subpoenas in the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.
Guess what, buttercup?

The president doesn't owe anyone an explanation.

The FBI director is a will-and-pleasure employee. A president can fire him without cause. It's called accountability.

J. Edgar Hoover set himself up so he would never be fired. Ruled the roost for four decades. Liberals hate it, because he went after Communists.

But given that Marxists now control the Democratic Party and the media, I realize the next J. Edgar will go after capitalists, so it is just as well if we make the position less aloof.

But the brazen, craven pursuit by the press of something to nail an impeachment on President Trump is fascinating.

From the Hill:
Regardless of the statutory crime, however, charges of obstruction of justice have been a staple of the last two substantial attempts to impeach a president. The first of three articles of impeachment adopted by the House Judiciary Committee against President Nixon accused him of obstructing the due administration of justice, in part by interfering with an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  
Similarly, the two articles of impeachment adopted by the House against President Clinton were grounded in allegations that he had impeded the administration of justice by making false statements and engaging in a cover-up.
Interestingly, the Constitution explicitly contemplates the possibility of criminal prosecution following impeachment and removal from office, but is silent regarding whether a sitting president can be charged with a crime. Because of that uncertainty, a grand jury named Nixon as an unindicted co-conspirator, but did not indict him.  
Trump had the authority to remove Comey, but he could not do it for the wrong reason.
Let me repeat: President Trump can fire an FBI director without or with rhyme or reason to friend or foe.

There is no wrong reason.

From the Constitution:
Article. II.
Section. 1.
The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years...
President Trump is the CEO.

He fired Comey.

There is nothing anyone can do about that. The Hill should be ashamed for saying that is an impeachable offense. Its readers know better.

But the press is on a quest to find President Trump guilty of a crime.

Even if they have to make one up.

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  1. They will have to make it up. They've already memory-holed the Dems calling for Comey to be fired. Of course, as the saying goes, this IS how we'll get MORE Trump.

  2. The Hill? Clickbait to the Pile of Dung. I ain't goin' there no way, no how. Don makes the ultimate sacrifice so his readers can go on with life.

    1. Amen. I fired the press. They have no standing to reverse the election or anything else.

    2. They could reverse course...ah, who'm I kidding. Not gonna happen. No way, no how.

    3. This whole thing reminds me of the classic bit from Mean Girls (the movie largely reflects the MSM currently):

      "Gretchen, stop trying to make 'fetch' happen. It's not going to happen!"

      Replace fetch with Comey and that's where we are.

  3. Every time I see the MSM trying to frame President Trump, I hear Elmer Fudd singing,

    "I've been workin' on the wailwoad..."

  4. T o the LibDem's just being Trump is an impeachable offense.

  5. Don, this time you are wrong in your evaluation. Separate from this firing, it is a correct concept that an at will employee may be fired for any reason or none at all but may not be fired for the wrong reason. Said reason does not even have to be explicitly stated.
    Firing every executive at Ford Motor Company who had ever been absent for any reason for a period greater than thirty days would have a disparate impact on those with serious health problems (likely using and protected by FMLA as well) as well as women who had taken maternity leave over 30 days. Such a firing would probably be met by a lawsuit at least and possibly government enforcement.
    Had Obama fired every at will appointment to install an entirely black staff, same thing.
    So fire away. Just not for illegal reasons.

  6. It appears there is a large group of people wishing and actually trying to effect od coup.

    Establishment tried to fix the election (Hillary v GOPe candidate, Cruz was never going to win). Doesn't matter who won. Banners and slogans change, but the march goes on.

    Then Trump wins the primary and the general, unlike Jeb! who thought he could skip the primary and win the general.

    Trump has been in the public eye since at least 1980. All of his indiscretions and failures have long been exposed and poured over and over.

    Moreover, he is an unabashed American who wears his love for country on hus sleeve.

    There may be no organized attempt at overthrowing our government, but it sure does appear that way.