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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Comey toast

President Trump fired James Comey as FBI director for incompetence. In the last year, Comey flushed the bureau's reputation down the porcelain seat on which everyone must occasionally perch. What's next should be an appearance before a grand jury to explain why he did not recommend indicting Hillary, and his role in spying on the opposition party's presidential campaign.

I could argue for replacing Comey with a top deputy -- or I could argue for bringing in a Sheriff Clarke or a Mayor Giuliani to shake up the agency.
The former makes the best sense. Let the agency heal itself without an outsider coming in.

Barack Obama politicized the office -- poisoning another agency of government with his Marxist soldiers, just as he did the Department of Justice by appointing the sophomoric Sally Yates and the loathsome Loretta Lynch. The latter deserves a grand jury appearance to explain her 45-minute meeting with a suspect's spouse days before a decision would be announced about whether to charge that person of interest with multiple felonies.

Comey should also have to explain why FBI agents met with Hillary without placing her under oath and why they destroyed evidence.

President Trump's decision to can Comey comes as a Senate committee holds a hearing that lends credence to the goofball theory that Russia rigged the election for Trump. This is almost as loony as the birth certificate nonsense, which lends a karmic touch to the whole affair. However, I do not believe in karma, as I can see nothing that a five-year-old can do to deserve leukemia. Still, Trump is raking straw soaked in payback.

I hope that the FBI has enough good men, and a few good women, who are willing to help divert the Potomac if necessary to wash out the Augean Stables we call Washington, D.C.

But for now, ridding us of one corrupt official is enough.

That makes today a good day to be an American. OK, every day is, but today deserves a little celebration. Decency won a round, as a crook left office.
On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. Comey thought HC was going to win so he shielded his tender ass from Obama's dusty dildo. Then he could not sleep thinking if she won he would have evidence she was a Putin Puppet. Then Trump won and he realized he had no safe space. This firing is a blessing for him. He should beg to be a Trump C holster for such a mitzvah but now a nice fat Democrat job with interviews and a book trashing DT on every rotten "news" organisation in the world and a job as an Obama cock holster for 500 years beckons,Ingrate that he will be.

  2. I hope the door hits his ass on the way out. What a disaster he became.

  3. Wayne King DaleyMay 9, 2017 at 10:14 PM

    looking forward to comey being indicted, convicted, and imprisoned.

  4. "Let the agency heal itself without an outsider coming in."
    We don't tell that to cancer patients. The sort of Cancer brought on by Comeynism needs serious medicine.

  5. Rudy Giuliani would be a hoot as FBI director, but I don't think he'd want the pay cut.

  6. And how can the Left get antsy about Comey getting canned when Hillary has been blaming him for all da trouble she's seen these past six months?

    But has she considered what a can of worms Comey is now he's got nuthin to lose?

  7. I only have one question regarding Comey's termination: Why the hell did it take so long? Good intentions or not, he politicized and utterly destroyed the integrity of the FBI. And we know where the road paved with good intentions leads. If anyone deserved, or even was asking for, termination it was Comey. - Elric

    1. The President needed his team in place before he could move against the FBI. His Asst. AG was confirmed 2 weeks ago. FBI director reports to the Asst. AG. Rosenstein recommended to Sessions who then recommended to Trump, that Comey be fired. If McTurtle wasn't slow walking the Presidents people, it would have happened earlier. BL

  8. The reason it took so long is the foot dragging in the Senate. Once the deputy AG was confirmed (he is Comey's boss), he was in a position to assess him. He did.

    And his letter to the President spells it out. Comey politicized and damaged the FBI, and it requires someone more ethically balanced to restore the agency's integrity.

    Occam's Razor.

  9. Trump to Comey, "You're fired!" GOC