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Monday, May 22, 2017

CNN: Trump won't be welcome in Muslim countries

After a Muslim American and his Pakistani wife shot and killed 14 of his co-workers and injured 22 other people, Donald Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants until we could vet them. Liberals went bonkers.

A CNN EXCLUSIVE on December 10, 2015 was headlined:
Donald Trump won't be 'welcome' in Muslim countries, Qatar exec warns
Well, if CNN says it is true, what are the odds that it is true?

From CNN:
A Qatar airline executive warned Donald Trump Thursday "he will not be welcome" in Muslim countries where he has investments following Trump's call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.
Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker told CNN's Richard Quest that he is friends with Trump.
"I can say that the reaction as a Muslim, I have taken offense to this, and especially when it is coming out from a friend of mine," he said. "I didn't expect him to be so naïve to make such statements."
The airline exec said he believes Trump was "trying to gain political mileage out of these statements."
"[H]e is not realizing what he is mentioning is detriment (sic) to his own interests in the election," Al Baker said. "He is also not realizing that he has investments in Muslim countries and he will not be welcome there anymore. So I think what he is saying is not in the best interests of the relationship between him and the Muslim world."
Trump has repeatedly said at his campaign rallies that he has Muslim friends and they support what he is proposing.
Al Baker also told Quest that he anticipated the focus of the election would soon shift.
"I think there will be a lot more important issues for him. You know he's already getting a lot of negative reaction from even very pro, and very right-wing politicians, so I think this will die down eventually and people will think about more important issues that is now facing the United States," Al Baker said.
So this weekend did not happen then.


He did not go to the holiest of lands in the Muslim world and be treated like a king.


He did not receive the highest civilian honor Saudi Arabia hands out (which Obama, Bush 43, etc. received).


CNN -- the least trusted news on television, although the others are catching up.

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  1. 'Shit and killed'? Freudian slip? I kid, I kid. Typos suck. :-)

    1. Leave it as is, Big D. Much more effective and eye-catching!

  2. It's the Arab food. Their weaponized spices kill.

    That being said (and snickered at - it happens to us all, Mr. Surber), CNN apparently found a "Qatar airline executive "who is clueless about what President Trump's Executive Order was really all about and will parrot CNN's narrative. Has CNN no shame? (Rhetorical question.) - Elric

    1. I'm not sure about Arab food, but let me assure you that I have learned one important thing. Never ever tell a Thai cook that your food isn't spicy enough. It is a challenge you will live to regret...maybe.

    2. deplorabledaveinsocalMay 22, 2017 at 6:30 PM

      ...and don't tell the guy running the mechanical bull to give you a ride you won't forget either... because I still haven't...

  3. CNN and the naysayers shit over the reception President Trump received.

  4. Did anyone else naturally just start reading that guy's comments in the voice of Apu from The Simpsons? Try it: it's hilarious how well it works.

  5. Thanks for the grief, guys. I deserved it. Fixed.