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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Blame gang wars on Obama

Barack Obama shirked his duty to protect our borders for eight years. Now people on Long Island, in Chicago, and elsewhere pay the price as the gang-bangers Obama let in -- and even welcomed -- the people who now run narco crime syndicates across the land.

Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco has pointed a finger of blame for the recent spate of murders linked to the brutal Central American gang MS-13 on former President Barack Obama's ‘loosened’ immigration policies.
DeMarco aired his views on the subject of gang-related crime on Long Island while appearing on billionaire businessman John Catsimatidits' radio show The Cats Roundtable on Sunday morning.
'In the community of Brentwood, where there is a big El Salvadoran population, we have had over the last nine months or so 11 bodies turn up,' DeMarco said during the interview.
In April, four young men, identified as 16-year-old Justin Llivicura; 18-year-old Jorge Tigre, and cousins Michael Banegas and Jefferson Villalobos, both aged 18, were found slaughtered and mutilated in a Central Islip park, in what has been described by investigators as suspected MS-13 murders.
'A large portion of the MS-13 gang members are here illegally,' DeMarco told Catsimatidis. 'And they arrive in the country through the unaccompanied minor program, which was really loosened up and formed under President Obama.'
If Obama had a son, he would look like an MS-13 gang-banger.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, they blame President Trump for Obama's incompetence.

A Brighton Park shooting that left two dead and eight wounded is the latest episode in a gang feud that started last year and has involved assault weapons, an area alderman says.
And Ald. Raymond Lopez (15th) says he thinks members of the largely Latino area have been afraid to speak to police since the Trump administration threatened to send immigration officials to sanctuary cities like Chicago.
A string of high-profile shootings in the Brighton Park area have left three dead and 12 wounded in one week, including two officers who police said were shot with rifles when their attackers mistook them for rival gang members. On Sunday, a group of people were at a memorial for a man slain earlier in the day when they were fired upon, leaving two dead and eight wounded.
Why do I get the feeling that Democratic officials are bought off by these gangs?

Face it: they ain't sending their best. They really are sending their rapists, drug dealers, and killers.
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  1. Tolstoy said there were three levels of moral degradation. The first is to blame another human, the second, to blame an animal, and the lowest level was to blame an inanimate object. The Democrats are permanent residents of level three and will never ever leave.

  2. Obama will have his Secret Service bodyguards 24/7 and live in his own compound, so he's OK.

  3. It's like when Obama released all those criminals back into society: he basically released them back into the poor neighborhoods they came from. So, if the poor folks/inner-city folks want more criminals and gang-bangers they can keep voting they way they have been. Doesn't mean one dime of difference to me.

  4. Encouraging illegal immigration and releasing criminals is Obama's forte. It is a feature of Democrat policies, not a bug. They really do hate the U.S. and patriotic citizens. - Elric