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Sunday, May 07, 2017

A $46,314 a year tax on honesty

The last time we looked at Emory University was during the Great Chalkening of 2016, in which the little snowflakes melted when someone wrote "Trump" in chalk on the sidewalk.

Surely readers remember that fiasco.

The Emory Latino Student Organization issued an edict:
Yesterday, the Emory community was witness to an act of cowardice, when someone decided to plaster pro-Donald Trump slogans all over campus. The people who did this knew that what they were doing was wrong, because why else would they do so in the dead of night when no one else could witness them? They did not do this merely to support the presidential candidate, but to promote the hate and discrimination that goes along with him. While some students only see the name of a potential nominee, others see hostility and venom which promises to destroy lives.
The Emory Latino Student Organization condemns this as an act meant to instigate division on our campus. We have the freedom of speech in this country to express different ideas. But it is un-American to support hatred against others, and that is exactly what Donald Trump is doing.
Rather than use censorship and retaliation, we know that Emory has the courage to stand firm. Not with fear, but with confidence. Not with hate, but with love. This act which was meant to create discord among the Emory community ultimately serves to further unite us.
After initialing caving to "El Snowflakes-o," Emory President Jim Wagner caved to donors and ended the nonsense by writing a defense of free speech in chalk on a sidewalk.

But now the new president of Emory, Claire E. Sterk, has caved to "El Snowflakes-o" again by offering free tuition to illegal aliens.

From Breitbart:
Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, has announced that they will fund ‘100 percent’ of financial aid packages for students that are in the country illegally.
Although international students are expected to pay full tuition, undocumented undergraduate students at Emory will have “100% of demonstrated financial need” covered by the university.
“Emory meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for undergraduate Undocumented Students (with or without DACA) who are admitted as first-year, first-degree-seeking students, and who graduated from a U.S. High school through a combination of grants and scholarships, institutional work study (DACA students only), and institutional loans. Undocumented Students without DACA status may receive an institutional loan in place of the typical work study award,” the university’s website states.
Tuition is $46,314.

Anyone too honest to say they are an illegal alien can pay it.

If questioned, say you are a trans-illegal alien.

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  1. This is in the Obama tradition. He is said to have claimed he was a foreign national to get a scholarship in his first college stint, hence no records released. Perhaps if someone want to claim this Emory reward for deceit Sessions could ask ICE could also make an appearance, cause a nice riot.

  2. Get all your neighborhood kids to apply to Emory without documentation, explaining that they fear for their lives and safety if they give too much information. Have them use tanning dyes for the photos they send in. Then have them truly play the part and take over the administration buildings and trash the campus. This higher education bubble needs to pop. Let's help.

    1. That's a GREAT idea! Oh, those Academidiots.

  3. If you renounce your American citizenship but stay living where you are can you get the free tuition? How is it possible for these academic imbeciles to so freely announce their insanity to the world?

  4. Really, this is just a brilliant ploy to close the school down within a short time. Who is going to pay to go there now? Who are they going to get to fund the teachers' salaries? Who will pay the graduate student teaching assistants, who--if their counterparts at Yale are any indication--will soon be asking for more money? If anyone takes them up on this offer, they will be bankrupt before the decade is over.

    1. The teachers and administrators ought to be doing this as a public service; I.e., no salaries. Put your money where your mouth is, hippies.

  5. Money is fungible. The school may try to use federal and state money to replace the funds they put into the grants, scholarships, and loans they offer to the illegals. However, if that's what they do, the federal DoE, under new management c/o Sec. Betsy DeVos, will not be fooled by their money laundering scheme.

  6. So they offer degrees in dish washing and lawn mowing? Who knew?