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Friday, May 12, 2017

384 illegal aliens arrested as gang members

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials announced they arrested 1,378 people, including 384 illegal aliens, for gang-related activities in the past six weeks.

No, liberals, you were wrong. Mexico and other Latin American countries are not sending their best. There are rapists and murderers among the illegal aliens.

From the Associated Press:
Federal immigration agents have helped arrest more than 1,300 accused gang members across the United States in the last six weeks, the Homeland Security Department said Thursday.
The announcement of the gang sweep, part of an enforcement effort launched in 2005, comes amid a Trump administration effort to crack down on street gangs as part of a broader border security and illegal immigration enforcement effort.
Fewer than a third of those arrested in the latest operation were foreign citizens.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting director Thomas Homan said 1,098 suspected gang members were arrested on a variety of federal and state criminal charges, while 280 others face administrative immigration charges. Among them were 384 foreigners who were living in the U.S. illegally and 61 legally in the country.
While immigrants make up 13% of the nation's population, they made up 32% of those arrested -- destroying another liberal lie that immigrants are less criminal than natives.

From the Washington Post:
Of the people arrested on criminal charges, 21 face “murder-related” allegations, and seven were arrested on charges of rape and sexual assault.
Another 280 people who were arrested face prosecution for alleged civil immigration violations, meaning they were in the United States without permission, and will be processed for deportation, officials said. Of them, 112 are gang affiliates, meaning that ICE had verifiable information that the person was associated with a gang.
Only 62 immigrants had no gang ties, officials said.
Three of those arrested were Barack Obama's DREAMers.

DREAM is a proposal never enacted that we treat as if it were a law, while we ignore the immigration laws we actually enacted.

We are a strange people.
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  1. It sounds like a good start to me. If we would just enforce the laws we already have it would make a big difference, and fast. In particular, stiff fines and jail time for anybody who employs or rents to illegal aliens. And if we can't get the Congresscritters to build a physical wall let's build a wall of lead. Make patrolling the border a tour of duty for the military and declare the border a free-fire zone. Good training!
    - Elric

    1. Now imagine that you are the president of a country where the average person outside of the educated elites gets by on a dollar a day. That's how you get a president Duterte. You either let them go on destroying your country, or you spend a few dollars in bullets.
      And keep in mind, the crooks are even more violent there than they are here.

    Chaired by Mike Pence.
    Hmmmm. Another campaign promise kept?

  3. This is what a Republican is supposed to do.

  4. "We are a strange people." And we elect the strannnnnnngest politicians. I am bummed.

    1. Still, this roundup is encouraging.