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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

30th Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment"

Wow what a day. Rained (no top down driving). Stuff I wrote erased itself. Made a bunch of bad typos. Wife had a lousy day at work.

But then longtime reader Michael E. Wallster made all that disappear with the 30th Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment."

From Michael E. Wallster:
He did it again
Read Trump the Establishment and you'll learn much about the media elites and their predictions that were so wrong. That goes for the pollsters as well. If you take away anything from this book, it's to never trust another poll again.
Don Surber explains how, time after time, the pundits misjudged and underestimated candidate Trump's chances of winning first the Republican nomination, then going on to defeat the heavily favored Hilary Rodham Clinton.
Chapter 11, "One Big Happy Family" is particularly sobering. Don details the incestuous relationships between some of the media elites and certain members of President Obama's White House gang, in other words who was married to who.
The book is an enjoyable read, made so by Mr. Surber's easy-going, conversational style and witty comments that are used to great effect. There are several laugh-out-loud moments.
Don Surber has produced a smashing sequel to "Trump the Press". It's everything we fans of that other book were hoping for and more.
Wow. Beautiful. Thank you so much.

Readers have been so kind. But I need about 20 more reviews to hit, and I am at 85 Amazon reviews on "Trump the Press."

If you have the time and inclination, please post a review.

At any rate, keep reading the blog. I'll write more.


  1. "Wife had a lousy day at work"

    I can't speak for others, but I'm married to a Nurse, and I can tell ya, nothing gets ya off the hook faster than the offer of a foot rub.