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Monday, April 24, 2017

Why anti-Trump fell six points

The ABC-Washington Post poll missed the biggest election in my lifetime last fall, but instead of just laughing it out of its misery, I shall toy with it like a cat with a mouse.

For the poll this weekend revealed a truth that neither Fake News organization -- ABC or the Washington Post -- wants revealed. The poll shows far from failing, President Trump is crushing his his opponents, watching them march before him, and listening to the lamentations of their women.

To be sure, the Washington Post was deceptive as usual in its story, headlining it, "Nearing 100 days, Trump's approval at record lows but his base is holding."

Given the 90% negative press coverage of the last 100 days, that's a miracle. But of course, Trump supporters ignore the negativity in the media. We have learned it lies just like the government.

The real news is not what happened to Trump supporters, but what happened to those losers who voted for that loser Hillary.

The ABC-Washington Post poll was of 46% who voted for her, and 43% who voted for the winner, President Trump.

Asked who they would voted for today, the 43% for Trump stayed the same. We're happy. He won.

But that 46% who were with her is down to 40% now.

They are crushed.

They are miserable.

The resistance is a joke.

The pussy hats are embarrassing.

The talk of another run by Hillary is depressing.

The mindless chatter about imaginary failings by President Trump are all false and they know it.

They lost.

They have nothing to rally around because theirs is a party without any ideas or any plan.

For the last 20 years it has been all about race and sex. The transgendered rights thing is just too bizarre for even the most diehard and pure Trotsky-ite to ingest.

They thought they fundamentally transformed America into another Third World hellhole.

Americans -- real Americans who absolutely love their country and their freedom -- stood up to them on November 8 and won.

We hold the upper hand, and our enemies know they will never again have the opportunity to destroy this country from within like they had under Barack Obama.

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  1. How can you take people seriously when their idea of proving that their political choices are more virtuous than yours is to dress up as a woman's pee-hole?
    And this gender stuff. So it doesn't matter what genes you have or what sex organs you were born with, you can still be the opposite sex. OK. Then why, after you come to that conclusion, is it so overwhelmingly utterly necessary to try and acquire the accoutrements of the opposite sex? If you were what you were before despite having those organs, does acquiring the pitiful replacement parts that doctors try to fashion make any difference?
    Actually, I think when the "trannies" start asking themselves questions like these is when they start thinking about whether their lives are worth living at all. Just as well.

    1. The pussyhat is appropriate because they are all "F"ed in the head.

      As for opposite sex, remember the old cartoon of the two babies and ones asks the other which of them is the opposite sex? Eggbert and Eggberta

  2. To quote Captain Lloyd Williams at the Battle of Belleau Wood..."Retreat Hell! We just got here."

    1. It is the job of conservatives to keep blocking the Left's punches until ours lands on their chin.

  3. And the only Democrats speaking up are the most radical: the fascist anti-free-speech rioters, the abortion-demanders like Perez, the lunatic left on campus, etc. etc.

    That said, 18 months is plenty of time for the Congressional Republicans to screw things up. —Burnsie

  4. "The talk of another run by Hillary is depressing."

    Not as depressing as the thought of Chelsea running for President. The hype has already started.

    - Elric

    1. Name a dem candidate who isn't depressing. Hell, name a republican politician who isn't.

  5. There are a lot of articles around that break down this poll's data and all are revealing. Really, check out different sites and look at their takes on this poll.

    For instance, the focus is on how Trump's numbers are low, but one article I read explains that there's an intentional imbalance of more declared Democrats vs declared Republicans which doesn't reflect reality.

  6. The weather people and the MSM share one very important thing.

    Chicken bones.

    They share a velvet-lined bag of dried chicken bones. Each day, they gather to dump the bones onto a table. What happens next?

    Weather Person: Hmm, this is interesting. The thigh bone is on top of the drumstick. 75 and sunny tomorrow!

    (Tomorrow turns out 50 with rain all day.)

    MSM: Hmm, this is interesting. The wing bone is leaning against the breast bone. Expect a series of major failures by the Trump Administration!

    (Trump continues to kick ass through July.)

    So goes it with these people. In fact, the March For Science should have been renamed the March For Chicken Bones.

    1. Chicken bones?! Where have you been, maaan? Things are way more scientific these days.

      Scientific folk take readings. And if we get the Death Card, we all take a Personal Day, and huddle in a safe space chanting from Mao's L'il Red Book.

  7. a little boy and girl were having a conversation

    He "i got something you dont have"
    She.."with this, i can get all of those i want"...:>)

  8. Can't help but think that the "Deny White Males The Vote" honey-trap hoax helped the conservative cause.

  9. Go Don! Tell us what you really think lol.
    I am passing your summary on to all my leftist friends( there are not very many)