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Sunday, April 09, 2017

What to do with the few Obamacare actually helped

Repealing Obamacare would hurt the few people -- less than a million -- it helped by providing health insurance coverage to people with expensive pre-existing conditions, and those most likely to bankrupt an insurer.

From CNBC:
House Republican leaders, looking to jump-start their floundering effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, on Thursday said they were proposing creating a $15 billion federal high-risk pool that would provide insurance coverage to Americans with pre-existing and often serious health issues.
Speaker Paul Ryan said the provision would "lower premiums" for other, healthier people who buy individual health plans by shifting the risk of covering higher health-care users to the federal risk pool.
Ryan, R-Wis., also said it "gets us closer together, closer to that consensus" needed to pass the GOP replacement bill.
But, "I want to be clear: we still have more work to do," Ryan told reporters.
The federal pool, which would be funded with $15 billion, would be replaced by individual state-run high-risk pools in 2020.
Now we can argue whether there is a federal role in subsidizing the health insurance of an individual, but Lyndon Johnson and a Democratic Congress pretty much annihilated that issue when tehy passed Medicaid and Medicare into law 52 years ago.

The few good things in Obamacare (using popularity as the measure) likely will be kept. The mandates, the exchanges, and the central planning elements must be dumped.

Adding interstate health plans, health savings account, and some tax deductions (not credits -- never do tax credits for anything ever again) would help open up the free market, and would replace the exchanges with something that works without bailouts.

Replace and repeal are popular. I wish it were simply repeal. It ain't

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  1. It was never going to be easy.

  2. Bunkered Russell G.April 9, 2017 at 1:45 PM

    Once you stick that needle in the arm you better keep track of the dealer.

    A tiered structure on federal/state withholding is probably on the horizon, one way or another. That doesn't easily work for the U5/U6, but it's probably going to show up one way or another (camouflaged real well, of course).

  3. $15B represents a one-time cost of $120 per US household, which surely is a lot less than the ANNUAL increase it now costs American families to purchase health insurance with huge deductibles under ObamaCare. Even if it were $15B a year, American families would likely save money with this move conjointly with a repeal of ObamaCare that allows them to buy (or not buy) insurance that's tailored to their own needs.

  4. When we look at the Fed cost of insuring...what is it in total that need Obamacare? Maybe 20 million tops? It would have been cheaper to give each person a million dollars.
    Im no expert but Id "suggest" the top 8 Health insurers form a new corporate identity (each insurer kicks in) some %.
    Two policies: Barebones for young healthy and barebones + for people with preexisting conditions. Barebones with reasonable deductables so its an advantage for young and healthy. Between the two policies it may be something insurers can live with. Also it has the sales pitch advantage of being a free market "single payer" of sorts.

  5. Agree on the repeal.

    My take (as such) would have been repeal and then give it a year or so to see what's needed.

    The only good thing about this mess has been it will leave a bad taste for any more socialized medicine in the country's mouth for generations.

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