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Saturday, April 01, 2017

Washington won't accept Trump's win. That's bad for us

The stories out of Washington Post today included:
Trump’s White House struggles to get out from under Russia controversy
Bannon, Trump’s architect of anti-globalist policies, got rich as a global capitalist
And from two days ago:
The religious reasons Mike Pence won’t eat alone with women don’t add up
Each shows a vapid, craven desire to bring down President Trump by Official Washington, which six months after the election has not accepted the result.

Donald Trump has driven them mad. The trip was not long.

The first story spins Barack Obama's illegal spying on a private citizen, who had dared speak out against his regime, into a scandal about the victim! The stories about a non-existent Russian connection stem from Obama's abuse of presidential powers.

Any information the Federal Bureau of Investigation have on Donald Trump obtained without a warrant -- and any information at all from the National Security Agency -- is illegal for the government to have, other than name, rank, and serial number, as they say.

On top of that Barack Obama and his minions apparently copied all this illegal information before they left the White House.

Never before has a president acted so odious toward the opposition party.

And yet the press -- and the Washington Establishment it serves -- spin this as a Trump scandal.

It would be as if the Washington Post painted Larry O'Brien -- the target of Watergate wiretapping -- as the villain of the piece.

The other two scandals are nonsense. We all knew Trump and his appointees are rich with the exception of Reince Priebus.

Then a Washington that made excuses for the perjury of Bill Clinton to cover-up his adultery is shocked that the vice president and his wife go out of their way to remain faithful to one another.

The clods must be crazy.

As Brit Hume, a dean of the Washington press corps put it this morning, "tough few days for Trump White House. Bannon et al revealed to be rich. And Mike Pence convicted of marital fidelity. Oh, the horror."

The nation's press and the Democratic Party are run by mentally unstable people who have created their own little world where Hillary actually won in November and President Trump is illegitimate.

The repercussions -- the Fake News, the Phony Scandals, and the Constant Outrage -- do serious harm to very fabric of our Republic.

In 1860, Democrats refused to accept the results of the presidential election.

Now, 44 presidential elections later, Democrats again refuse to accept the results of the presidential election.

The front page of the Washington Post linked a video -- "Robert Redford: 45 years after Watergate, the truth is again in danger."

I absolutely agree, because the Washington Post wants to crush the truth. Democracy dies in darkness, which is why the Washington Post -- which reflects the thinking of Official Washington -- wants to block out the sun.

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  1. I LOL'D this morning when I read that some Lefty businesswoman wouldn't have gotten as far as has if her bosses taken the same stance as Pence. Look, Biotch, it's his CHOICE. You want to know what'd happen if your Freedom of Choice was taken? You'd flip out. Seems to me you're anti-choice if the issue isn't murdering unborn babies

  2. I will be spending a few days with the rabid liberal side of my family. These stories and other fantasies will dominate. Uuuuuuuuugh.

    1. The liberal side of my family ( moms side)is completely unhinged from reality. My commie uncle thinks the military is going to install Hillary as president. We're talking about a 74 year old guy that's thinks he's a modern Che Guevara.

    2. Treat them with all due respect. Which is none.

  3. In 1860 when the Democrats deemed Lincoln illegitimate, it cost us 650,000 citizens in a horrific war out of a population of 30 million. Since men went to war generally as a town unit, a whole generation of men in many towns and cities were killed or maimed. Aleppo is the symbol of a modern civil war and the picture is frightening. Apparently the Democrats are willing to risk it again with their over the top rhetoric and ignorant accusations.
    IMO, after years of pushing the GOP and American right-of-center population to accept the Democrat's positions and succeeding, they assume that is still the norm. But, as with the election, they are missing the disgust we citizens have for the progressives policies and actions. I keep writing that the cascading effect, seen with the Arab Spring, is possible in the US now. It would take some stupid event to start the process; say the antifa moving into a red area and trying their tactics on we deplorables. The progressive's and antifa's arrogance is beyond belief and such an attitude moves people to do very stupid things.
    I say this because this one time tolerant, civil, TEA Party director is no longer that same person. If I have moved in that direction, those with less discipline, who are more violence prone, will react to that cascading event as an excuse to take action. What happened at the Southern California beach, where the antifa tried to block a Trump support march and the antifa demonstrators were taken down, was just the beginning, IMO.

    1. Ah, the TEA Parties. How the Lefties will look back on them with nostalgia.

  4. "Donald Trump has driven them mad. The trip was not long."

    Heck, Don, they were within walking distance!

  5. And Terry McAuliffe invested $100K into famed Fiber Cabling company, Global Crossing in 1998, cashed out at $18M. A few months after selling his stock Global Crossing went bankrupt. Another rags to riches Democrat!

  6. Thanks to the electoral college the press is shouting in a locked room. They are having almost no effect on people who voted for Trump and will vote for him again if he delivers even 30% of what he promised. What do I care if the LAT writes some hate screed every day to suck up to Hollywood, the only business in town, or labor to maintain cheap no tax cash only taco delivery to their door or worry if the NYT tries to one up them with scurrilous stories about Oreilly while Clinton gets a pass with teenage skirts? Thanks to T Jefferson and company the power of the US democracy is not on either of the two coasts any more.
    As for the BezoPall it is owned by the richest man on earth. Nothing can be done to control him unless Trump can persuade him to take one of his rockets to Mars one way. People can sense integrity, and the paper has none and never will which is about all that can be said about it. The press is finished for at least a generation or even two. Trump should try to get his libel laws passed now while they are weak

  7. The Chicken Little media have nothing left but hysteria and their echo chamber is shrinking daily. Once the whole truth comes out and crushes their narrative once and for all they will need to be physically restrained. The Horror! - Elric

  8. "The clods must be crazy." Don Strikes AGAIN. ACE line!

  9. Guys, you can pooh-pooh this.... right until you wear a Trump hat and get assaulted by people who are using the media's lies to legitimize the violence.

    The Left has been preaching this for years with minorities. "Can't steal from a white guy, he stole yours by discrimination and owes you reparations." Now they're broadening the target audience.

    1. True. I arrested shoplifters for a living in Atlanta in the 1980s. Even then, I'd hear, "I ain't stealin'. I'm just taking back what's owed to me from these rich, white Jews!"

    2. Yet the Jews predominate among the SJWs. We may have to save them from themselves. Or save ourselves from them.

  10. Professional Russian Russell G.April 1, 2017 at 4:41 PM

    Florida Guy
    8h hours ago

    The US is always one Democrat President away from becoming a Venezuela.

    Ummm...arguably right now; as we type.

  11. The Mike Pence article was their big mistake with him. Everyone in DC reading that, everyone working for any organization private or public, knows that one. You are never alone with the opposite sex unless you want to to be the next sacrifice down at HR.

    Always have other people present, always leave the door to the office open. This is basic and everyone at the WaPo knows these survival rules. Poor idea harping on those, WaPo.

    -Mikey NTH

  12. Even if you have to have the door closed for a contentious interview you schedule that and have people knock on your door every couple minutes to "interrupt with important stuff".

    The private interview is completed, and you have lots of witnesses that nothing untoward occurred.

    (I recall back when I was teaching and had a long term assignment and a student wanted to see me about something; so I had her tell me the particular issue as we walked down the hall to the office with a stack of papers I "had" to deliver there.

    IIRC, I asked her to carry one of the stacks to the office for me. Just putting armor up, just putting armor up.

    -Mikey NTH

  13. I don't think anymore that the Mainstream Media can be saved. It's got too much of a Last Days of the Roman Empire vibe to it.

    Just have to see what emerges from the ruins.

  14. Trump 'didn't win this election:' New DNC chair says Republicans don't care about voters and calls the President 'a bully in the White House' in fiery speech

    • Tom Perez gave a fiery speech at a rally in Newark, New Jersey, on Friday
    • He was elected as the Democratic National Committee chairman in February
    • The 55-year-old politician told the crowd they needed to continue to 'resist'
    • Perez said the GOP didn't care about citizens and Trump didn't win the election
    • The former labor secretary under Obama asked every member of DNC staff to hand in their resignations in March

  15. Don, you raise good points about the Left trying to delegitimze the President. Everybody needs to realize this is not a new phemomenon: Every election since 1992 the Dems have either won, or tried to delegitimize the winner:

    • In 2000 we had the whole Florida recount and allegations ¡Jeb! rigged the vote for his brother;

    • In 2004, we had a scene in the House when the Electoral votes were counted due to alleged irregularities in Ohio, and that Bush stole that election, too.

    • This time, we have the "Russian Hacking" narrative, which Andrew McCarthy puts paid:

    Democrats Know the Election Was Legitimate but Persist in a Dangerous Fraud: Putin is smiling.