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Saturday, April 01, 2017

U.S. media ignoring a possible Clinton sex scandal

"Three college students are behind bars following a prostitution sting in Coral Gables," CBS Miami reported.

Police say one was a male pimp who received $3,000, and the other two were women who split $5,000 for a night with a client.

Not mentioned in the 330-word report was President Bill Clinton. The British press is reporting this angle to the story, while the U.S. press has ignored it.

The three suspects in the case are Samara Charlotin, 19, Acacia Friedman, 23, and their alleged pimp, Maury Noun, 21.

From CBS in Miami:
Noun met with an undercover officer at the Hotel Colonnade’s restaurant where they would discuss the terms.
The report states Noun would receive $3,000 for brokering the deal and it would be $5,000 for sex with both girls.
After the officer paid Noun his fee, the 21-year-old brought Charlotin and Friedman into the room.
The officer paid the girls and that’s when he signaled police to arrest the trio.
From the Daily Mail:
Acacia Friedman is majoring in biology and minoring in criminal justice. 
She was pictured with Bill Clinton and used the photograph as her Twitter profile picture.
It is believed to have been taken while Hillary was on the campaign trail because of the pin he is wearing on his lapel. Bill Clinton is not connected to the story in any way. 
Really? "Bill Clinton is not connected to the story in any way."


Maybe we should allow readers to decide that, given his reputation for adultery. The man after all risked his presidency to cheat on his loving, beautiful wife.

Meanwhile, some in the media are hammering Vice President Mike Pence for never dining alone with a woman who is not his wife.

The Washington Post broke that story.

Bill Clinton never had that rule.

Which is why when he is pictured with a possible prostitute, quite a few patriotic Americans go, um-hmm. Figures.

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  1. "Loving beautiful wife"
    Had to blow my nose to get the coffee out.

    1. I'm lucky, I'd just swallowed when I read that.

  2. Bill Clinton pictured with a hooker? Just another crazy, sex-crime related coincidence, I'm pretty sure.

  3. Perhaps Bill raised the defense of necessity.

    Or cruel and unusual punishment.

  4. Boy, Bill sure likes his poontang young, doesn't he? I'm going to start calling him Mean Mr. Mustard...such a dirty old man...

  5. American Media Covers For Slick Willy AGAIN! Film at 11!

  6. Is anyone surprised? Anyone? Buehler?

  7. "Acacia Friedman is majoring in biology and minoring in criminal justice."

    Give the girl a break, she was just conducting some extracurricular studies in her major & minor. Her biology practice was sadly interrupted, but she's getting a close-up view of criminal justice!

  8. If you were married to Hillary you'd be out on the prowl, too. As despicable as Bill Clinton is, somehow I feel kind of sorry for him. I mean, really... Hillary? It makes my brain hurt! - Elric

  9. Bad move, Billy-boy. Hillary no longer has anything to lose. She gonna turn you from a rooster to a hen the hard way.