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Friday, April 07, 2017

Trump's end game on Syria is pretty good

I called Syria wrong this morning. I based it on two facts:
  1. We do not need to be in the Middle East.
  2. The media is always wrong about Trump, whom they see daily, therefore how can they get events halfway across the world.
However right I am about the media and the Middle East, I overlooked mine own advice: Never bet against Donald John Trump.

Now then, as the resident Trump expert, I failed to acknowledge that President Trump already knows what I know -- and he knows a whole lot more than that.

So I turn to the great Diviner of Trump -- Scott Adams of Dilbert fame -- to discern what Trump gained from taking out a military base in Syria. Adams gave a list of seven items.

They boiled down to showing the world he is competent, he is in charge, and he is no puppet of Putin.

Anyone with an ounce of sense knew that, but those who don't make up the Democratic Party base, which is why the Soros crowd keeps saying he is a puppet.

From Adams:
President Trump just set the table for his conversations with China about North Korea. Does China doubt Trump will take care of the problem in China’s own backyard if they don’t take care of it themselves? That negotiation just got easier.
Iran might be feeling a bit more flexible when it’s time to talk about their nuclear program.
Trump’s plan of a Syrian Safe Zone requires dominating the Syrian Air Force for security. That just got easier.
Better to be feared than loved, especially when dealing with spiteful, close-minded people who rabid hatred of America is religious in nature.

But enough about the Democratic Party.

His final point was "Israel is safer whenever an adversary’s air power is degraded."

No need to state the obvious: America is safer when Israel is safer. That's why we cheered the Six-Day War in 1967.

While many pundits wrote about the Syrian attack today, most of them are fools who got Trump wrong in 2015, and again in 2016.

Roger L. Simon, the co-founder of Pajamas Media, though, got Trump early and often.

From Roger L. Simon:
For Trump, this is a win-win-win-win-win, because, as we used to say in the sixties, "the whole world is watching."  And what're they seeing? America as world leader is back. No more "leading from behind," whatever that meant. And, no, this doesn't mean we have to get into nation building, Ann Coulter. It just means we will act when we see evil.  And gassing children, I think most people can agree, is definitely evil.
This was no doubt noticed by the aforementioned Xi Jinping, who had to take a back seat temporarily while Trump  was dealing with this pressing matter.  Will this help nudge the Chinese finally to do something about the crazy North Koreans?  It won't hurt.
It won't hurt either with the rest of the evildoers in the world, including especially the Iranians who, thanks to Obama's financial generosity, now have upwards of 100,000 troops in Syria.  Will they start to act out, attack our people?  It's possible, though more likely they will cower at the slightest display of American power.  (John Kerry's gone?  Oh, no!)
But if the mullahs do try to pull something in response, I imagine Trump, Tillerson, and Mattis are sitting there channeling their inner Clint Eastwood -- "Go on, Ayatollah. Make my day!" (The Sunnis would be ecstatic, though Ben Rhodes would probably be unhappy.)
When Simon says something about Trump, take it to the bank.

Meanwhile, PolitiFact is scrubbing down all those posts in which is stated that there were no chemical weapons in Syria.

John Nolte -- another person who got Trump early on -- documented this in a piece headline, "21 Lies Told By PolitiFact (Not Including Obama Got Rid of Syria's Chemical Weapons)."
After all, the same PolitiFact that assured you Syria had no chemical weapons, is the same PolitiFact that assured you…
1. You can keep your insurance under ObamaCare.
2. Illegal Aliens are not criminals.
3. Hillary didn't lie. But the mother who lost her son at Benghazi probably did.
4. Trump's National Debt numbers are correct, but he still lied.
And so on. All 21 are worth reading for a laugh. Go on and read it, I'll wait for you back here,


OK, so Trump bombed Syria for reasons that went beyond retaliation.

A man far wiser than me, Walter Russell Mead, tweeted, "In launching strikes against Syria, a strong message was sent to Xi and Putin — in that order."
Xi, the communist leader of Red China, is at Mar-a-Lago to discuss that billion-dollar-a-day trade deficit and Kim Jong Un. The two are intertwined. President Trump wants China to dump both.

Short Kim Jong Un.

More from Mead: "Question: Did Obama administration know such depots existed, concealing that knowledge to avoid admitting Putin played BHO like a violin?"

So I made a mistake this morning. I misread the press adulation of the taking out of the air base. I forgot the press in America no longer matters. It feuded with Donald Trump and lost, as is the fate of all who feud with Donald Trump.

But just because the American press praises something does not make it wrong.

Team Trump hit on all cylinders today. Nikki Haley -- who opposed his nomination a year ago February but didn't feud -- and Rex Tillerson showed their diplomatic chops.

Meanwhile, the Senate approved Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals. This was Chuck Schumer's great big showdown that was going to propel public ire with Trump into the stratosphere.

Syria sucked the air out of that tire.

If Democrats want to be more than a coffee klatch in the Senate after next year's election, they will be wise to replace him with someone who is not a vain, grandstanding fool.

(Thinking of a name to give. Come on, Surber, there must be some Democrat in the Senate who is not a vain, grandstanding fool. Think. Think harder.)

Um, Al Franken?

A readers aid this was Reagan bombing Libya. One strike. That was all it took.

Moral of the story?

Never bet against Donald John Trump.

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  1. It still broke his campaign pledge of America first, seeing as we have no real interests there. If anything Israel & SA should've responded, not us. Israel has already been bombing weapons caches in Syria. And speaking of Israel, their safety has nothing to do with ours. Nothing whatsoever. There aren't any 8d quidditch explanations here, he simply bowed to pressure coming from many different sides.

    1. Also, there WILL be blowback of some sort. Will we then have to respond with even greater force? Maybe a direct confrontation with Russian military? How many times do we have to go through this Middle East crap before someone in D.C. gets a clue. Trump owes his voters an explanation with some actual evidence that proves Assad was behind the gas attack.

    2. Since when did "America First" mean becoming a pacifist?

    3. From one who was the smallest kid in his class until late in his senior year when I had a growth spurt, and who was constantly picked on for years, I finally learned to be initially civil when picked on to properly set your credibility but if that doesn't work to immediately go completely, physically nuts; I only had to do that once in the ninth grade when being picked on and I was never, ever bothered again.
      Assad and our other adversaries may now think as my classmates did almost 60 years ago about messing with me.
      I sometimes think that progressives never went outside during recess and had to face the reality of interpersonal relationships; i.e. bullies.

  2. The messages was also sent to Iran and North Korea and China and ISIS and Afghanistan, and the Taliban, and Al Qaeda, and Arab countries, and the Baltic states and Eastern Eruope, and all US allies and frenemies

  3. Wonder if Un of the NorKs is UN-comfortable tonight.? Marshal
    Trump is in town..
    TG McCoy

  4. Trump never had a coherent policy on Syria. He said we should stay out of Syria (let them fight each other) and we should build our military so we don't have to use it. He also said we should destroy ISIS - which would require using our military in Syria.

    I am not sympathetic to Trump supporters who say he broke his campaign pledge because his campaign pledges were contradictory. Trump was a better candidate than Clinton, and in general he supports the republican platform. But is it not realistic to expect him to fulfill any particular campaign promise because he has taken so many different positions on so many issues.

    1. You might be right on that. Being on every side of every issue gives him a sort of freedom to go in any direction but it also means that he has no real governing principles.

    2. I disagree with your premise that he has no real governing principles. Pres Trump has had similar views for 30 years which you can check on youtube.

  5. Franken is a fool, and vain enough to run for the senate. Don't know about the grandstanding, though it does rather seem likely.

  6. Just a thought....The Norks are going to be selling the same nerve gas that killed the brother of Kim. VX is much worse than Sarin. VX doesn't evaporate, it's oily and hangs around a long time. Killing the Brother was kinda like a sales pitch, if you will.

  7. This is the 16th anniversary of the Hainan Island incident, in which the Chinese forced down an American reconnaissance plane that was flying in international airspace. It was a test by the Chinese of the newly elected president, George W. Bush, to see if he was a paper tiger. While thoroughly engrossed in that first diplomatic crisis, Bush's team didn't realize Islamic terrorists were putting into motion a plan that culminated in the horror of 9/11. I'm of two minds regarding the missile strike against Syria, but whatever the pros and cons, the Trump administration had better remember what happened to the Bush administration in April 2001 and not get distracted from the main agenda for which they were elected.

    1. But the VQ-1 bird actually took down a Chinese Han Fighter. Even though the P-3 landed with all crew alive, was this a total loss? Bad at that moment, but a Tube Slug actually took down a fighter plane. I call it a win... Take the good deals whenever we can.

    2. IIRC the American crew did not have the opportunity to destroy all the sensitive electronics aboard the plane before they had to exit the aircraft on the ground. What the implications of that might be, I don't know.

    3. They were supposed to ditch. That was the protocol. The pilot received a medal for his flying ability, but his career was over.

  8. I wondered why this mornings post sounded as if it was written by two different writers; the first one you and the second one somebody confused. I'm glad you listened to your self and once again didn't bet against Donald John Trump

  9. Don
    Your proffered 24 hour rule as to reacting to breaking news before its had a chance to distill somewhat is a good one.
    I employed it this morning and thank you for the timely tip.

    Sam C

  10. Without reading anything here (but I ask indulgence for my long-time presence):

    Syria is not supposed to be our problem, but all problems that leak past whatever "borders" are present will become ours. Because. So Syria becomes our problem. The Feckless Fop made declarations and then ran away or did nothing.

    (Note: Making a speech is nothing.)

    So now we have a problem where chemical weapons were used and the best (yes I know how much everyone wants to scream about "deep state" and "IC" but it is what a president has to use) intelligence points to one actor and the likely source.

    By the way - please do not bore me with statements about common sense. If there was common sense as we know it in the ME would Israel always be threatened with annihilation or would it be leading that region into a glorious future of resource extraction, manufacturing, education, and exploration?

    Yeah right. It would still be "you can have a camel like my camel so long as your camel was dead."

    So that is Syria.

    Us? "Do not use chemical weapons. Or else there may not be a warning and we may not just wreck an airbase. Stay in your hellish playpens. Please do not involve us. Because."

    -Mikey NTH

  11. As soon as America achieves full energy-independence ... and it may well be soon than some think ... the Middle East can go pound sand.

  12. It was interesting to see the media haul out everything Trump has ever said about Syria as the cruise rockets were if the quotes were the story vs the substance. Also the suggestions of syria whiplash because an overture had suggested that regime change may not be the first priority. The next day it seems the chemical weapons were used by Syria. Anyone else think the Syrians had been "baited" to see their reaction? If that were the case there are some great chess players around Trump.
    We dont know how this will play out but so far it's at least it gives the Russians a red face and a reason to divorce itself somewhat from well as the other obvious stuff/

  13. This was my take yesterday (and, boy, did I get yelled at).

  14. The American Interest(tm) behind PDT's attack was to send a message to all those other trouble spots that things are different now under this Administration.
    Foreign policy is like Jack Nicklaus's view of golf: The purpose of each shot you take is to make the next shot easier.

    Greeting from 'Mount Davey', commenter from your previous blog.

  15. Hmmm. President Trump said that he and Xi Jinping have an "outstanding" relationship. I'll bet that caught Putin's attention more than a few Tomahawk missiles. Besides a better trade balance, taking the NorKs to the woodshed, and coming to an understanding in the South China Sea a buddy-buddy relationship between the U.S. and China can only make Putin nervous. I see Xi Jinping is laying over and sightseeing in Alaska. Lots of oil to sell the Chinese in Alaska. Cheaper than Russian oil?

    My prediction: President Trump and Xi Jinping will take Vladimir off to the side and tell him, "Hey, why should we always be working at loggerheads. We have more in common than not. We can all make our economies flourish and we can tackle the trouble spots together. Radical Islam? We all have problems with it. Let's deal with it comprehensively. Military cooperation? Certainly. Etc., etc."

    With the U.S., China, and Russia working together most of the world's problems will simply melt away. Talk about the Art of the Deal! New World Order anyone? - Elric

  16. "Meanwhile, PolitiFact is scrubbing down all those posts in which is stated that there were no chemical weapons in Syria."

    Obama declared publicly that Syria had destroyed all of its chemical weapons. So, both/either (1) Obama was lying to us, which is not news, and/or (2) our vaunted intelligence agencies got it wrong once again, in which case, What are we paying these people for if they can't get the intel right?

    1. From the clips I've seen, except for one from Obama, the Obama Admin always couched that with declared/known chemical weapons. But I don't remember the media questioning that by Obama's Admin.