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Friday, April 07, 2017

Trump to open Arctic drilling

Hey, remember when Barack Obama -- instant oil expert -- told us we didn't need to actually drill for oil to become energy independent. We just needed to inflate our tires.

Sarah Palin said, "Drill, baby, drill."

President Trump is taking her advice.

Thank God -- and voters in 30 states (and Maine's 2nd Congressional District).

As events last night showed, the United States of America need to be in the Middle East like it needs a hole in its head -- or a third term for Obama, which would be the same difference.

President Trump threw out a bunch of last-minute regulations Obama the Expert on Air's administration approved before leaving the White House. Thank God and the Twenty Second Amendment.

Obama aimed those regulations at coal mining and oil drilling. Trump ended Obama's ignorant War on Coal with a win for coal.

But Trump is hardly finished.

"Trump to OK new offshore plan, reverse Arctic, Atlantic bans: sources," said a headline from S&P Global Platts, an industry trade publication.

From S&P Global Platts:
The Trump administration is developing at least one order aimed at both a new five-year offshore oil and natural gas leasing plan and reversing an Obama administration decision to bar drilling in the majority of US Arctic waters and a large chunk of its Atlantic waters, according to industry sources who have spoken to Department of Interior officials working on these actions.
The details of the order, or separate orders or memorandums, are still being worked on, but are expected to be signed by President Donald Trump before the end of April, these sources said Thursday.
The new five-year offshore leasing plan, which could take years to complete, will replace the five-year plan the Obama administration finalized in November.
Lifting the ban will not harm anything.

Russia will drill in the Arctic.

Now we will too.

Oil for the people. Money from leases for the Treasury. And getting out of the Middle East for our military.

Thank God -- and Exxon.

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  1. Who wants the US to be energy-dependent on foreign countries? Dems.

  2. Man, Trumpster! Love him. Flipping Bush couldn't get this done with the Repubs controlling both houses. Here comes Trump. We get Gorsuch and all this stuff. And yet, Trump, TRUMP! isn't the conservative??? Crazy.

  3. The Bushes like the Clintons won't ever go away. We have a Bush in training in Texas.

    1. You'd think the Bush would be overdue for a rose after all these pricks.

    2. Thank God I finished my last sip of coffee before I got to your comment, Dave!

      (Are you in the sword-sharpening business by any chance?)

  4. Imagine all Americans
    Living life with their own oil
    Oo oo, oo oo oo
    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope some day you'll join us
    Energy independence for everyone

  5. Don't just drill offshore. Drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Naval Petroleum Reserve Alaska. There isn't much there but mosquitoes. And BIG ones at that. I've been there. Any drilling footprint would be negligible. - Elric