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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Trump just prevented World War III

Our friends at the Huffington Post -- a publication now less insane than the Washington Post -- nevertheless Huffington Posters live in a fantasy world. Witness this witlessness:
Trump Could Start World War III With Another Syria Airstrike
Um no.

Making evil-doers pay for their deeds does not lead to war.

Drawing silly lines in sand and not enforcing them does. Not backing one's words with actions shows the very weakness that encourages war.

But a few conservatives have questioned President Trump's action. Even my initial reaction was What the Hell, Man? What the Hell?

I had broken my own rule.
Never bet against Donald John Trump.
Therefore, I am sympathetic to Pat Buchanan's reservations tossing 59 million-dollar missiles at the air base in Syria. He got Trump right, so his words carry weight now, don't they?

From Buchanan:
“If you try to overthrow Assad, then you will be — the Russians will fight, the Iranians will fight, Hezbollah will fight, obviously Assad and his army and their force will fight. We’ll be fighting all four of them, as well as ISIS and Al-Qaeda and Syria. Now you tell me how we win that war and who we put into power after we defeated all six of them?”
Well, alliances with Russia have a history of being fluid. Besides, Russia today is a shell of the Soviet Union. Putin wants Georgia and Ukraine back. They have told him to pound salt, and he may have to.

Putin is a paper tiger. When John McCain looks in tohis eyes, he sees KGB. I see Bert Lahr. Putin will sell Assad out in a minute.

But Buchanan also said:
If Donald Trump, the president, takes us into Syria’s civil war — and he’s already made the first strike — it will consume his presidency.
History sides with Buchanan. The Civil War consumed Abraham Lincoln, overshadowing such great domestic accomplishments as land-grant colleges, the Homestead Act, and the transcontinental railroad. You subtract the war and abolition, and you still have a great presidency.

But Korea consumed Truman, Vietnam consumed LBJ. Iraq consumed Bush 43.

Before you feel sorry for them, just think what it did to the 100,000 or so Americans who died in those three wars.

Trump knows this and has acted accordingly. As conservatives, we believe that the best deterrent to war is a strong military -- and an able commander-in-chief.

For eight years, we lacked the latter because we foolishly elected a community organizer whose love of country has yet to surface.

Now we have a C-in-C who is in synch with the military.

There is not a new sheriff in town.

There is a sheriff in town, again.

On Thursday, President Trump dined with Xi Jinping.

Imagine that conversation.
TRUMP: So let's golf tomorrow.
XI: I told you, I don't golf. It is a rich man's game.
TRUMP: Excuse me, I have to take this call in the other room.
He leaves, returning five minutes later.
TRUMP: Sorry for the interruption. I had to blow up that base that Syria used to launch those chemical weapons.
XI: Homina, homina, homina.
TRUMP: You really should try ketchup on your steak. You'll like it.
Xi is now putting ketchup on his steak, signing trade concessions, promising to kill Kim Jong Un, taking up golf, giving each Trump grandchild a panda, and doing whatever else it takes to keep happy Donald John Trump, the 45th president of the United States.

China needs the United States more than we need China because we are keeping the Chinese economy from imploding.

Look, the United States is the only world power. No one can match us. All China wants from us is trade.

Then there is Putin. His biggest threat is Islamofascism along his southern border. He needs the help of the United States to tamp the madmen down.

Confused by what President Trump is doing?

Listen to another fellow who got Trump right in 2016, Roger L. Simon, wrote:
If Trump has a strategy going forward on Syria, he shouldn't tell anyone, even though the media is constantly demanding it. Trump's policy of not revealing his plans is a good thing. Surprise wins.
Trump's policy is Make America Great Again.

War does not accomplish that.

Peace does.

The irony of course is that you have to be ready, willing, and able to go to war in order to maintain the peace.

President Trump did that last Thursday. That prevented World War III.

One more thing, I want to clarify the confusion about the confusion over Trump's inner circle.

It is simple. This is how The Donald operates.

In "The Apprentice," President Trump had teams compete to accomplish a goal. This is how he works as a chief executive officer. Always remember that he is a CEO and has been a CEO for 45 years.

This helps explain the White House in-fighting.

From Basil Shroud:
This morning, heard CNN's Jake Tapper on the local Philadelphia radio talk show hosted by Dom Giordano. Tapper's from the area. Why he talks to Giordano and why he sounds less insane than he does on CNN. This morning he actually made a couple of decent points. He pointed out that on the Sunday shows the U.N. ambassador and the Secretary of State were saying different things with regard to whether or not regime change was an objective in Syria.
Oddly contemplative, Tapper opined that it was impossible to tell whether the Trump administration was in a state of chaos or was using the deliberate appearance of chaos to send a complicated message to leaders in the Mideast and around the world. He stated affirmatively that Trump's whole history is of surrounding himself with people of sharply differing views. He listens to all and then makes up his mind.
See Trump for who he is, not what the media wants you to think. That will guide you through the shoals. If you need help, I am here for you.

One more thing, those "150,000 Chinese troops moved to North Korea border"? Someone forgot to tell the Chinese army.

Fog of war. The journalists in South Korea are just as biased and incompetent as the ones here.

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  1. "See Trump for who he is, not what the media wants you to think." The media lies, misleads, and prevaricates.

    The PuffHo less insane than the WaPo; now, that's FUNNY.

  2. There are three seas in which the security of the US must be secured: The Mediterranean, The Sea of Japan, The South China sea.
    The Syrian strike served several strategic purposes spring to mind:
    a) Russia: Not to have the ME all to itself.
    b) Assad: Play nice or …
    c) Iran: You have been warned
    d)Putative ME Arabic Allies: No, the USA has not gone away and is still a *strong horse*.
    e)Israel: We can and will honour our treaty agreements with you. We know that if we do not maintain our strength in the ME you will be attacked. If (when?) that happens wwe would not be able to turn away.
    f) Europe: Fish or cut bait.
    g) China: We can work with you or without you on NK
    h) China: Cooperation on NK may make your life in the SC sea marginally less stressful…for a while.
    i)World: We’re back.
    Those that contend that the US has no national security concerns in the ME are only fooling themselves.
    Your president is reasonably skilled at handling multiple situations simultaneously. As you noted, he's been doing it for 45 years.

  3. Let Putin keep/lease the Tartus port, let Putin and the Israelis/Gazprom do there pipeline thingy which is driving half of this, out the Shi'a proxy Hezbollah (other half), get the nukes and airbase out of Turkey (already started), and put up a bone fide international coalition "safe zone" (oxymoron alert) in Syria. Then, let Allah work it out.

    Almost forgot; put McCain on the travel ban and move the CIA/McCain gun runners to Greenland.

    1. "Wet Start"McQueeg' crew- McMuffin, Queeg's girlfriend Miss Lindsey, Rep Kizinger perhaps?
      TG McCoy

  4. Given the present state of the news organizations, I find myself unable to make judgements about putative events until after they happen.. The media now lie about everything. Whether these are purposely made up lies or just repeated I don't know, probably both. One hopes Trump and his advisors know the truth so they will act in a realistic way. Buchanan is a good guy but he seems to hate any involvement outside the US for any reason. His attitude is like the Chinese in a way. Let others kill themselves off then deal with the winner whoever it is. As for NK I don't see Trump doing much unless the Chinese have given approval. Perhaps they don't even know what to do with the Norks and would like Trump to make the move. To help, The Japanese should grow a pair and get their own nukes.
    Putin has no interest in war with the US. But he would like higher oil prices for his limping one trick economy. Turmoil in Syria will drive them higher, for awhile.
    Trump inherited the shit left on the Oval rug by both Bush and Obama. It is an augean load too. If he cleans it up he will become immortal. like Hercules, as I hope.

    1. As a vet and amateur historian, I had serious problems with Bush's handling of his victory in Iraq, such as disbanding the army which we didn't even do in Japan. But Obama removing all of the US troops set the stage for the chaos we now have in the ME.
      As in Germany, Japan and SoKo our troops gave those countries time to stabilize and economically recover. In Iraq we were the referee between the 3 major factions and after withdrawal, the country imploded and ISIS developed. IMO, the more than 500,000 deaths since and the refugee crisis is on Obama's head.

  5. Well, it was said Soetero didn't even hold morning intelligence meetings. He just asked for a paper report, which probably found its way to the circular file within a few minutes after delivery. He simply didn't want to know. Bet you my mortgage Trump is holding those meetings.

    It's the same old story, guaranteed to piss off my liberal friends when I tell them, "Democrats f--- things up. Republicans fix them."

  6. The media doesn't seem to verify anything anymore.
    Seemly everyone has forgotten that this was the 3rd nerve gas attack; at least two by Syria, the first Syrian action causing Obama's red line, the second attack with Trump's retribution and the other was NoKo's killing of the leader's rival by the use of the VX nerve agent, the most dangerous nerve agent in anyone's stockpile. He didn't kill his half brother, supposedly a favored replacement for him by China, by a simple bullet in the head; no, by using the very, very dangerous VX nerve agent, outlawed by international law, in a foreign country. I find that more horrific, long term, than what Assad did.
    Artillery shells with VX nerve agent in them air burst over Seoul and our DMZ military bases would kill millions of the twenty-five million in the metro area and Seoul is just 35 miles from the DMZ. if the reports of vertical launches of NoKo missiles is correct, that could be a test of a high altitude EMP attack methodology. The EMP would disable most electronics in the region, which that culture relies on, and the VX would incapacitate a defense of SoKo from a mechanized invasion of the South. Whether the SoKo military has US military spec shielding is a question I can't answer. We normally have a missile sub in the north Pacific that could obliterate NoKo, but would we use it.
    His father's downing of an a US recon aircraft in international waters during the Nixon Admin and the capture of the USS Pueblo during Johnson's Admin at a time when the US had a much larger and stronger world presence did not deter NoKo then, so with this nut, who knows what he will do.

  7. Remember when the media gushed over Obama's "team of rivals"?

  8. After VJ Day, the Russkies didn't fight for 35 years. After 10 years of A-stan, they haven't fought since. Right on the Russians and the Islamic crazies, they are in their borders.

  9. If the Israelis want "regime change" in Syria (and let's be honest: that is what this is all about) then let them take care of it. There is no gain for the US in deposing Assad. But there are great potential downsides including hundreds of thousands more Muslim refugees. (No one cares about the Christian refugees) But the Israelis don't care about more refugees because they know that is Europe's problem. I just don't understand why Trump is letting himself get caught up in this, reversing his long time stated policies.

  10. Don Surber - you are a genius (the panda to each grandchild was a nice touch)!

  11. I trust President Trump. Well, until he says or does something bizarre and it costs Americans dearly.

    Bottom line: I've got my ticket and I'm riding his train; and I will continue to believe and adhere to what Don Surber has said repeatedly: "Don't bet against Trump".

  12. Truly pathetic. This is what hero worship looks like. The Right has its own stupider and less articulate version of Obama and his cult.