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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Trillion-dollar greatness

On Tuesday, President Trump began laying the foundation for a trillion-dollar infrastructure program.

This will push the economy into the stratosphere.

Nay-sayers -- hush.

Republicans have stood for infrastructure improvements throughout the party's history. Lincoln kicked off the transcontinental railroad. Teddy Roosevelt got the Panama Canal built. Coolidge started funding for the Hoover Dam. Eisenhower brought us both the interstate highway system, and the St. Lawrence Seaway, which opened the Great Lakes to world shipping.

That's long-term.

For now, there is good news on the economic front as America sheds eight years of Marxist failure.

From the Wall Street Journal:
Private payrolls across the nation rose by 263,000 last month, said payroll processor Automatic Data Processing Inc. and forecasting firm Moody’s Analytics. This was much better than a gain of 180,000 expected by economists polled by The Wall Street Journal. In February, ADP’s report showed the private-sector added 298,000 jobs. The report is based on data collected from ADP clients in addition to lagged behind government figures.
“The gains are broad based but most notable in the goods producing side of the economy including construction, manufacturing and mining,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics.
Goods-producing industries, which include construction and manufacturing, added 82,000 jobs. Meanwhile, service-providing sectors such as hospitality added 181,000 jobs in March.
Most of the job gains came from small businesses, defined by ADP as companies with 49 or fewer employees. These firms added 118,000 jobs. Midsize firms with 50 to 499 employees added 100,000 workers, while large businesses added 45,000.
So much for the Washington Establishment lie that "those jobs" in manufacturing and mining are never coming back.

Rolling back regulations, consumer confidence, and anticipation of the end of health insurance mandates as well as dropping corporate tax rates already have their impact.

But next comes for President Trump's infrastructure plan, which is the biggest federal project in 60 years.

From Reuters:
President Donald Trump vowed on Tuesday to cut red tape to speed up approval of infrastructure projects and said his overhaul could top $1 trillion on roads, tunnels and bridges, one of his 2016 election campaign promises.
Trump, a real estate businessman before he was elected, did not provide further details on the amount or where the money would come from when he spoke to a White House meeting of 50 chief executives and other business leaders.
U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said at the forum that the administration plans to release a legislative package in May. Investors have become more skeptical that the plan would win approval this year in Congress, which is controlled by Republicans who are traditionally wary of big spending.
Trump said building a highway can require dozens of approvals and take 10 to 20 years, a process he vowed to speed up. Trump said he would not fund projects that cannot be started within 90 days.
From Breitbart:
“We’re going to be able to get rid of 90%-95% of that and still have the same kind of protection,” he said, referring to environmental concerns.
Trump admitted that the massive regulations favored bigger builders who could afford to get through the lengthy process, but said he wanted to open it up to others.
“We’re going to cut a lot of red tape,” he promised.
Unlike FDR's ill-fated Works Progress Administration, this is not a make-work boondoggle.

America has $3.6 trillion in infrastructure needs, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers.

This trillion-dollar project will address some of those needs.

One fascinating facet is the proposal to privatize airports, as is done in other countries.

Trump's a builder. Done right, these projects will provide tools to Make America Great Again.

Oh yes, besides winning the Civil War and kicking off the transcontinental railroad, Lincoln also began land-grant colleges (such as Ohio State and West Virginia University) and signed into law the Homestead Act.

In so doing, Lincoln set the stage for a century of American greatness.

This project will push America to another golden age.

We called President Reagan's economic plan of tax cuts (and going from a maximum 70% marginal income tax to 28% made a huge difference) "Reaganomics."

I call President Trump's plan "capitalism."

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  1. But, But, Wind! Solar! what about those jobs!!!?
    GWTW Gone with the wind...
    BTW there is a slow but significant decline in certain migratory birds- I wonder why?
    TG McCoy

    1. Frankly, TG, I don't give a damn.

      A dam, maybe.

  2. I love how the media reports on the jobs numbers don't use the word "unexpectedly" like they did during every month of President Stampy Foot's anemic job figures!

    1. "Unexpectedly" was mostly used by Instapundit when things went wrong in government.

    2. Actually, "unexpectedly" or a synonym was in a lot of those articles in the Fake News Media. GOC

  3. If properly managed infrastructure renewal/rehabilitation can be a big help. It simultaneously turns people into working taxpayers instead of receiving taxpayer funded benefits to remain idle. Two other areas that could use a big boost to enhance productivity and create more spin-off technologies: rebuilding/rearming the military and manned space exploration/settlement. - Elric

    1. When I was a kid, Grandad once said to me: "Hard work builds up the body and spirit. Let no man deny the nobility of labor!"

      Then he tossed me a shovel and said: "So, dig."

  4. I trust no High-Speed-Rail funding will happen.

    1. Can't be started in 90 days and absolutely has to be sustained with tax subsidies (fares don't come close to covering the cost).

  5. Every President this century has talked about infrastructure improvement and repair, but for some reason I think the current President will actually get it done.

  6. I'm not going to champion it just because it's Trump doing it, and I wonder how many of you would be absolutely pissed at the notion of a democrat doing it. I gotta call bullshit if many of you say you wouldn't be pissed.

    And this "America has $3.6 trillion in infrastructure needs, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers." Come on. And I'll bet the Beef and pork producers say we absolutely need to be eating more beef and pork.

  7. Don - Good to see you are 100 percent behind Gov. Justice's $105 million infrastructure proposal too.