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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Those coal jobs ain't coming back

Forbes, May 5, 2016: "No Matter What Trump Says, Coal Mining Jobs Are Not Returning To West Virginia."

The Daily Caller, April 17, 2017: "A New Coal Mine Is Opening To Fuel The US Steel Industry."

Now the mine Daily Caller mentioned is in southwestern Pennsylvania, which is near but not in West Virginia.

West Virginia mines started going back in business in December, after patriotic Americans in 30 states elected Trump president.

From Bloomberg on February 17, 2017:
Add Corsa Coal Corp. to the short list of U.S. coal producers doing something that’s become a bit of a rarity these days: opening mines.
The Canonsburg, Pennsylvania-based company will start a new operation in Pennsylvania as early as May. It joins Ramaco Resources Inc., which began producing at its first mine in West Virginia in December and plans to open two more this year in Central Appalachia. They’re among the few turning more bullish on the business following an unprecedented market collapse that has shut hundreds of mines and left thousands jobless in recent years.
“We’re staffing up,” Corsa Chief Executive Officer George Dethlefsen said in a phone interview this week. “We’re going to hire 100 people, and we’ve gotten hundreds of applications.”
The cost of opening or re-opening a mine ain't cheap. But the cost of the Democratic Party's Marxist War on Coal was even steeper, raising electric prices for no reason at all.

Carbon dioxide is a nutrient, not a pollutant. I rue that they no longer require basic science in college.

U.S. production of coal reduces China's reliance on North Korea.

From Daily Caller on Monday:
“The opening of the Acosta Deep Mine marks a return to coal industry job creation in Somerset County, Pennsylvania,” Corsa Coal officials said in a statement. “Metallurgical prices have risen to record levels on the strength of strong steel demand and supply scarcity.”
The Acosta mine is the first of four new coal mines slated to open up this year as coking coal prices continue to soar. The price of coking coal, which is used in steel making, doubled in the last year because of supply disruptions in Australia and Chinese policies to curb some coal-fired energy production.
But the Fake News media nay-sayed all last year to try to dissuade us from electing Trump.

From Forbes:
We're not going to use as much coal in the future and the coal that we will use isn't going to come from the Appalachian mines. Trump simply isn't going to bring back all those mining jobs. They're gone, gone forever. Just like those assembly line jobs in electronics. And pining for the lost blue collar jobs isn't going to help in the slightest. The thing to do now is to work out what other task that same labor can do.
We cannot plan our economic policy on the basis of nostalgia, on what people used to do. The only practical thing we can do is turn our minds to what people might usefully do in the future. It might be trade, as with China, that kills old jobs or it might be technological advance, as with coal, that kills employment, but we're not going to stop either of them. Looking to the future is the only sensible course.
Forbes bills itself as a tool of capitalism.

I think they meant Marxism.

Oh and never bet against The Donald.

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  1. Democrats: let's kill coal which can sustain itself, and instead keep "investing" in energy resources that we've been subsidizing for the last 40+ years, and which wouldn't/couldn't exist without said subsidies.

    You really can't fix stupid.

    1. The strategy to kill coal was a twofer for Democrats. It led to higher electricity rates and less reliability of the power grid, which made the Sierra Club, etc. very happy. Second, hurting the coal industry helped the scam wind and solar industries on which mega-rich Democrat cronies made billions.

    2. Yeah, it's great entertainment watching Lefties go into a stuttering rage when you bring up nuclear power. So, dipshits, where will get our power from?

      Carter was at least man enough to reveal the true Prog goal when he called for mandatory thermostat settings of, what was it, 78 in summer and 68 in winter. This was nicely summarized by Tyrell in The Liberal Crack-Up:

      "Sweat! Freeze! Be righteous!"

      Of course, the Inner Party will not be subject to such restrictions. Orwell calls it yet again.

  2. I quit paying any attention to Forbes years ago.

  3. Aww, those Greenies may be stoopid, but they ain't insane.

    I don't see 'em picketing any mine adits.

  4. All the business media is corrupt marxists nowadays

  5. And perhaps it will bring a few more Great Lakes freighters out of long-term lay-up. I would like to see some more out on the Detroit River.

    -Mikey NTH

  6. Democrats are having a terrible year. They hate companies and industries that hire a lot of blue collar workers.

  7. There is an interesting statistic that seems to be ignored in all this rah-rah. February crude steel production increased around the world to 126.6 million tonnes, up 4.1% from February 2016. Meanwhile crude steel production in the U.S of 6.4 million tonnes was a 1% decline from 2016.

    We are not even a player in steel anymore and most of production comes from recycled steel cooked in electric furnaces.

    Meanwhile US Steel, lives on the government dole, begging for increased tariffs. US Steel's mills are obsolete since they are about all we have that uses blast furnaces fired from coke. They promised Trump 10,000 new jobs and that ain't happening.

    When and if we start making steel from taconite using metallurgical coal from Appalachia for coke, we face upgrading the old USS mills but right now all we have are new mining risk-takers who believe Trump will bail them out when times get tough. Sadly, the coal miner's will have their hopes dashed yet again.

    1. Oh go soak your head. You haven't been right once on this and you haven't sold your Trump hate anywhere, not even "life-long Republican" Chuck at Althouse acknowledges you.

      -Mikey NTH

  8. Forbes is a damned dull, Dull, DULL tool. Too dull to cut the mustard, or mayonaisse, or even catsup (the thin, runny kind).

  9. "Forbes bills itself as a tool of capitalism."

    Forbes, while being generally center-right, gives space to contributors from across the entire political spectrum.

    Unlike Lefty rags like the NY Times whose token "conservatives" are all well Left of Center.

    Its not unusual for a leftwing propaganda piece to make the rounds, and gain additional traction because Lefties are able to point to the fact that its in Forbes, as if that somehow meant that 'even conservatives support the socialist position on this issue', when really - its just a socialist contributor spewing their usual nonsense.

    1. Forbes, while being generally fake conservative, gives space to anarchist, communist and socialist contributors.