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Friday, April 28, 2017

Their president may attend media's dinner

Of course, I believe the rumor that Hillary Clinton will attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

She should.

She is their president.

The national news media had never before gone all-in on a presidential candidate like her, not even Barack Obama.

The press by and large overlooked her congenital lying, her ineptitude as secretary of state, and her slush fund that allowed her to break federal law by having the Saudis and other foreign governments help finance he political campaign in the name of "charity."

From Heat Street:
Donald Trump certainly won’t attend, preferring to be with “his people” in flyover country instead, and several news outlets told the White House Correspondents’ Association back before Trump was sworn in that they’d be skipping the party because of Trump’s antagonistic attitude toward the mainstream media.
Many White House reporters who would normally attend the dinner will have to travel to Pennsylvania to cover Donald Trump’s rally.
But if there’s a vacuum that needs to be filled by a political personality who has media cache and a completely open schedule, Hillary Clinton is ready to fill it. And the talk is that, although there will be no President, George Clooney or most anyone else for that matter at the WHCD, she could appear.
The American press really is our enemy because it refuses to accept that Donald Trump is president and he deserves a chance to do the job people in the overwhelming majority of states -- 30 -- elected him to do.

While Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein will lecture about a free press, I will wile my time wondering when we will get one that is free of the Marxist Party.

Hillary is their president.

May she deign to dine with her people.

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  1. Great Article and the "Depends" advertising that appeared with it is perfect for sHillary too

  2. I would pay to see that.
    I would pay to hear the talking points.
    I would pay to appreciate the "coulda been a contenda."
    Then I would watch Pulp Fiction where Marsellus talks about "pride."

    'The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That's pride ___ing with you. ___ pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps.'

    The media actually would never allow it. NEVER.
    (water on witch comes to mind)

  3. Ah, but will they roast her and toast her, or be their usual selves of slobbering, adoring advocates?

  4. Hillary will knock back about 9 G&Ts before launching an unfunny, not-thinly-veiled attack on DJT. And the press will laugh and clap, because they've eaten so many Clinton shitburgers at this point, they've actually grown to like the taste of them.

    1. And if she has a seizure, Obama is back on town and ready to suck up to his peeps.