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Saturday, April 29, 2017

The press does not defend free speech

Say what you want about the National Rifle Association, but it does stand up for the Second Amendment.

American journalists no longer give a rat's ass about the First Amendment.

If they did, they would be in Berkeley, California, forming a human wall to shield Ann Coulter from the fascists who would shout her down. Every newspaper in the country would demand the mayor resign for refusing to afford her the police protection she deserves as an American citizen.

Instead the cowards of the Fourth Estate are gathering in Washington tonight to whimper about a president not attending their trade association dinner.

Boo hoo hoo.

President Trump has treated them better than Barack Obama who wiretapped James Rosen and reporters at the Associated Press, among other presidential abuses of the press.

No president abused the press like this since Richard Nixon, who sent the CIA after Brit Hume, among other things.

But the press loved Obama because he pushed their Marxist agenda. For eight years, the White House Corespondents Association was Obama's de facto PR agency.

Like monkeys, they all laughed when the president used the stage in 2011 to mock a private citizen -- Trump -- in a manner reminiscent of Mussolini.

Upon the American people rising up and deposing the Marxists by electing President Trump, the press has not given him so much as a honeymoon day. Suddenly these lackeys of the left were shouting truth to power, democracy dies in darkness, accountability, and a bunch of other excuses for their biased, dishonest, and often fabricated reporting.

These zeroes portray themselves as heroes. Faced with a real wannabe strongman, they cowered. Now they jump on Donald Trump who is the first president since Carter to actually work on defusing the power of the central government.

From Politico:
Trump, who is the first president to boycott the dinner since Jimmy Carter, will likely make hay over the contrast, celebrating his 100th day in office and declaring victory in his self-declared battle against a media he’s called a “danger to the country.”
On the other side of this battle of images on Saturday night will be Jeff Mason, the soft-spoken wire service reporter who heads the correspondents’ association and thus oversees the dinner.
Normally, this would be a night of triumph for the association’s president – a time to don a tuxedo and sit beside the most powerful man in the world as the president and the people who cover him exchange gentle barbs and affirm, in toasts, their commitment to the country and the principles of the First Amendment.
First Amendment?

When was the last time the press stood up for freedom of a religion that wasn't Islam?

When was the last time the press stood up for peaceable assembly? I am not talking about black supremacist rioters or the fascist Antifa goons. I am talking about the Tea Party or the March for Life, people who are as non-violent as Martin Luther King was.

The White House Corespondents Association is a sham. If I were president, I would not only skip their banquet but throw every member out of the White House. Until the organization stands up for free speech of conservatives, it is little more than another collection of liberals seeking access they have not earned.

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  1. No surprise that the Mendacious Selective Media have rediscovered their skeptical edge under President Trump. He made them look stupid.
    Worse, he made them look stupid in the internet age. All their smirking dismissals and insults, and subsequent rude awakenings, will be preserved for future generations to laugh at.

  2. Right on as they said in the 60's.

    1. Rat own! as Bill Cosby used to say.

  3. I'm praying for an outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease at their dinner. They've made me so sick these past several years, time they get a dose of their own poisonous medicine.

  4. Since Trump cannot silence the press, he needs to stay ahead of them in the news cycle. To do that, he needs to have a constant presence doing presidential type things that the press is forced to cover. In that regard, he can make good use of VP Pence, who is no fool and is unlikely to fall for any word trap the press sets in their continual attempts to embarrass the administration. He also needs a smarter, much more acerbic, and more brazen press secretary than Sean Spicer, someone who can run intellectual circles around the boobs in the White House press corps and won't hesitate to embarrass them as much as they deserve.

  5. I could not agree with you more, Don.

    I'm not even sure the WH Correspondants even understand the First Amendment. It's shameful.

  6. "Those that bite the hand that feed them usually lick the boot that kick them." - Eric Hoffer That quote describes our Fake News Media. GOC

  7. I have watched Sean Spicer in many press conferences, and I find him sincere, honest, straightforward, smart, quick, and funny... which is probably why the usually boring white house press shows are now top viewing. All the attacks on him portraying him as a dummy (similar to the attacks on Pres Trump), are for one purpose, to get rid of him because he is effective. CM

    1. If your comment is a response to mine, let me clarify what I wrote before. I was not claiming Spicer is not smart (or the dummy the press may wish to make him out to be). I don't know whether he is or he isn't. Rather, my point is that the press secretary for THIS president should be someone who is off the top of the scale when it comes to personal presence and the ability to handle unfriendly critics. S/He has to be someone the press is literally afraid to challenge or ridicule, knowing they will always end up losing the battle over public perception when it comes to their biased reporting of the president. Sincerity and honesty would be quite admirable traits for the press secretary of any administration if the press were fair minded critics...but when it comes to Trump, they are not.

    2. Sean Spicer's press conference videos are all covered at The Conservative Treehouse, for those that are interested.

      In my opinion he is coping rather well with the midgets of the press; they have laid many a trap for him, but few succeed. OTOH Sean has called them out any number of times- which, for some reason, they do not publicize. Isn't that odd!

      Perhaps it's because he makes them look like ornery children in the nursery, which is what they are.

  8. Amen.

    We have our own 38th parallel here and you're just looking at a room full of tuxedos.

    1. 38th parallel cuts through West Virginia... a little south of Poca.

    2. "38th parallel cuts through West Virginia... a little south of Poca."

      Whether in Korea or WV, bad things happen to folk who ignore the presence of mines.

    3. And mimes. - Elric

  9. The press has not defended free speech in 50 years.

  10. "With him we get a president with the political intelligence of a Bill Clinton harnessed to the steely self-discipline of a Vladimir Putin. (I say this admiringly.) With these qualities, Obama will now bestride the political stage as largely as did Reagan."

    - "Conservative" Charles Krauthammer

  11. The only first amendment right the media will acknowledge is theirs.

  12. Nat Hentoff died in the last year. He was a man of integrity, a quality that disappeared around about the 1939 birth cohort.