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Monday, April 24, 2017

The economy is the Trump re-election campaign

Unlike every other president-elect, Donald John Trump eschewed a vacation and delved immediately into the job he relished. He had not put his life, his reputation, and his fortune on the line to become president-elect.

He wanted to become president, so upon election that is the job he assumed.

The first thing he did was to reach out to companies, as well as heads of state.

President Trump began his re-election campaign on November 9.

Keep America Great.

But first that means you have to Make America Great Again -- and the only way to do that is to fix the economy. Re-open the mines. Invest in factories. Start being America again.

He's off to a good start, wrecking regulations, and twisting arms to get companies to invest billions here.

The opposition press is noticing. Drew Greenblatt, president of Marlin Steel Wire Products in Baltimore, and Chuck Wetherington, president of BTE Technologies, wrote a piece in the Baltimore Sun on Trump's early successes.

From the Baltimore Sun:
Trump is making manufacturing great again
Manufacturers in the U.S. are feeling more optimistic about the economy and business environment than we have in 20 years, according to a new National Association of Manufacturers' (NAM) survey. This is in large part due to President Trump's bold commitment to lead a manufacturing jobs surge in America.
In fact, this month we had the opportunity to meet with President Trump in person, and it's clear that he is resolutely determined to boost manufacturing jobs in America. So whether you live in Cumberland, Laurel or Cambridge — anywhere in our state — you'll have more of a chance at a good-paying, long-term career. The president is particularly concerned about providing jobs to those in our cities like Baltimore — to individuals who've been left behind by politicians who made promises but haven't delivered results. And he knows how to start the turnaround because he's listening to manufacturers.
During his short time in office thus far, President Trump has followed through with campaign promises by signing executive orders to eliminate some of the worst-offending regulations, and he continues to seek feedback and reach out to manufacturers to gain insight into the regulations that are decimating manufacturing jobs in America. However, we have a long way to go.
This is marketplace politics.

Democrats offered whirligig theories of how America can build an economy on information, food stamps, and unicorn frappuccinos.

Trump is delivering his own economic theory -- called capitalism.

May the best economy win in 2020.

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  1. Can't help but think that "Flank-Speed" Donald's got something in mind to stop the next Leftist President from ordering Dead-Slow-Ahead again.

    1. Keep the next leftist candidate from being elected for a long, long time.

    2. I think you may HOPE Trump has something in mind... But in terms of SPECIFIC, DETAILED PLANS, what evidence do you offer to SUBSTANTIATE that? Everything he says is bragadiccio and hyperbole, very short on detail. I get the opposite feeling -- that he has absolutely NO idea what the heck he's doing. He's just throwing sh*t at the wall, trying to what might stick.

    3. Try to pay attention and you'd see how he has rolled back absurd regulations, renegotiated deals around the world and reigned in out of control regulatory agencies. Maybe you noticed the tax cuts? Also great for business and individuals.

  2. No stimulus, just solid back-to-the-people achievement.

  3. President Trump is on the right track. The Democrats-Progressives are trying their best to derail his economic policies, and it will only hurt the economy. So, the Democrats are economic terrorists....and that's what their goal is, and want to achieve.

    1. Dude, reel it back in. I disagree with you. That does NOT make me a terrorist. This idiotic posturing is what DESTROYS any chance of substantive discussion between opposing points of view. GET. A. CLUE.

  4. We Trumpkins are not surprised, are we? He won the Primary. We knew he would. He won the General. We knew he would. He's doing what he said he'd do. We knew he would. And Thank God I can wake up in the mornings now and not hear something else blamed on Bush. We're rollin now!

  5. Don, I respectfully disagree about him wanting to be President. It is the job that may be his ruin and he knows it.
    He is most like the man standing on a street corner who witnesses a car wreck. When he realizes that some one is caught in the wreck, he springs into action. The vehicle is on fire, and it is a helpless child trapped in a car seat. That man steps up to the burning vehicle and places his life on the line to get that child out. He is determined that he will succeed and save it no matter the cost to him.

  6. I really like his proposed 15% Corporate Tax proposal. Actually bringing US corporate tax rate in line with everyone else's. Make sense for all of the offshore money to be repatriate back to America.

  7. Did this article REALLY open saying Trump "eschewed" a vacation??? It really makes me wonder about the sanity of Trump-devotees... This guy has spent his weekends golfing at a resort nearly EVERY WEEKEND HE'S BEEN IN OFFICE. He's obviously passing on security briefings to watch Fox News. How is it possible that you guys are looking at all of this and seeing a guy working hard?

    1. Nowhere near the recreational life the kenyan enjoyed! Plus, the thug flew all the way to Hawaii constantly with little mention in the corrupt media! Vacations or not Trump got more done in his first 100 days than any other president did in 8 years. (Except Lincoln. He had a war waiting for him)