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Sunday, April 16, 2017

The cap that saved the world

The media calls it a hat, and like most things American, the media gets it wrong. It is a cap, the most important American head wear since the tricorn.

President Trump sold plenty of them to raise awareness, money, and commitment from his voters. The cap was a symbol of America's greatness yet to come.

That cap helped elect him, and his election has turned the world around -- moving 180 degrees away from the danger to the free world of the loss of American leadership.

China now is reining in Kim Jong-Un. Russia is re-thinking its support of Assad in Syria. Mexicans are staying home.

The American economy has begun to rise again -- hoping to top 3 percent annual growth for the first time since Bush 43 was president.

The cap's message sold the candidate.

Optimism is the most potent weapon in the political arsenal. Hope and change sold a Marxist community organizer on the American people in 2008.

But professional politicians have abandoned it -- well at least the 16 Republicans and one Democrat Trump faced in last year's election. Had Hillary offered America anything other than the opportunity to vote for the first woman president, she may have become the first woman president.

The media earlier scoffed at the cap.

From Reuters on October 16, 2015:
Republican front runner Donald Trump spent more on hats, bumper stickers, yard signs and t-shirts than he did on any other category in the third quarter, according to his latest campaign finance report filed on Thursday.
The Trump campaign shelled out $825,000 on the logo-emblazoned gear that he sells on a website and routinely tosses to supporters at his rock concert-like campaign events.
His next biggest line item was for flights on his personal 757 jet: more than $700,000.
Silly Trump. He's not serious about running. Real, serious candidates take out TV ads. He's spending money on caps. This is just a publicity stunt. He will never win.

And there was this in that report:
Trump raised nearly $4 million in the third quarter. In total, the campaign has raised $5.8 million and spent $5.6 million. Despite proclamations that he would self-fund his candidacy, Trump still raked in unsolicited donations from nearly 74,000 people, who gave an average of $50.46.
By contrast, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton raised $30 million in the third quarter. Bush, once the Republican favorite, raised $13.4 million.
See? Trump has no chance. Hillary raised more than five times what he raised. How could he possibly win?

But after getting the spanking of their lifetime from Donald Trump, the media that went all in to oppose him now shows respect for that cap.

Because now the media realizes that each cap wearer and each cap buyer is not only a donor, but a voter. This is like sports. If I see someone in a Cleveland Browns cap, I know he is a member of the Dawg Pound.

The Make America Great Again caps are the ultimate in brand loyalty.

In a post-mass media world, it is better to raise $50,000 from a thousand people than $100,000 from one person.

From Politico:
President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is off to a quick start, pulling in $13.2 million through a trio of committees in the first three months of the year, while paying an unusually large staff of about 20 employees, according to records filed Friday evening with the Federal Election Commission.
Nearly 80 percent of the cash raised by the three committees — Donald J. Trump for President, Trump Victory, and Trump Make America Great Again Committee — came from small donors.
Those small donors wanted one thing.

From the story:
The three committees spent more than $4.7 million on hats, t-shirts, mugs and stickers, according to the reports, while also spending at least $2.7 million on data, telemarketing and other fund-raising activities that are critical to maintaining a small-donor base.
The media thought he was a joke peddling caps a year ago.

Now President Trump is amassing a campaign treasury the likes of which may never have been seen before, as he continues to win over voters -- one cap at a time.

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  1. If we're going to be fair, I'd toss in the kepi of the 1860s and the M-1 helmet of the 1940s, but, yeah, he is doing the country a world of good.

  2. Gonna bust a cap (which says MAGA) on those fools in the media. Again.

  3. He had to self fund because he didn't have any wealthy owners err donors.

  4. Yeah, that Trump.
    Grifter granny is selling her soul to powerful elites while ignoring the little people (she sure didnt spend much time on the campaign trail actually meeting people).
    All Trump was spending his money on was aviation fuel out there meeting millioms of people rather than hiring fancy lobbyists and setting up foundations that do nothing for anyone other than direct graft to the ozark mafia.
    Trump's foundation barely raises any money (but they spend it where it is needed-on actual charitiable causes).
    Grifter granny has a great charitable foundation that keeps most of its money for itself and for clinton weddings, heard it from an anonymous source, and now is laying people off left and right without any influence to sell.
    What I really want to know is how much will a grifter granny speech be worth after she spends a few years in Leavenworth.

  5. The Cap is a symbol for clobbering all the Gilligans with.

  6. " ... well at least the 16 Republicans .. '.

    Come on Don, you need to give this horsesh*t up. Ted Cruz, despite being lied about and maligned by Trump during the primary season, has stepped up and helped in any way he could, and Trump even offered him the SCOTUS nomination first. Just drop your hate for Cruz, he never was "lyin' Ted", that was so much bs. I hated Trump back then, for good reason. I came to give it up and support him fully and wholeheartedly since the primaries, and you should grow up and make sure to at least exclude Cruz when you make bs blanket statements like this.

    1. Agreed. Unlike McCain who is obviously bitter that Trump accomplished what he could not, has returned to his maverick ways.