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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Politico discovers Obama is not the president

"President Not-Obama" was the headline over a piece by Susan B. Glasser is Politico’s chief international affairs columnist.

Five months after the best presidential election in my lifetime, Politico is catching on that Barack Obama no longer is commander-in-chief.

Not only that but it admitted that is a good thing, in its sub-headline: "How Trump’s Syria strike got even some key Obama advisers cheering."

Glasser has great credentials -- she graduated cum laude from Harvard University, Washington Post, parents were publishers, husband's a journalist -- and she missed the election by this much (holds index finger and thumb a mile apart).

I don't take her serious. She blew 2016 because she is so blindly loyal to the Marxist Establishment in Washington.

This is a cat-toying-with-a-mouse post. People like Glasser are not serious journalists. If they were they would have been like Mark Steyn, Byron York, and Salena Zito and found out first-hand who supports Trump and why. They would not have been surprised on November 8.

Instead, Glasser interviewed five biographers of Trump in October after the Billy Bush tape appeared. Remember that?

From Glasser:
To me, his combative behavior since the release of the tape, his lack of remorse, his going on the offense, his complaining that it’s not fair, essentially, his going to war even against his own party seems very consistent with the person that you all have done such a good job of describing. So what does he do for the next three weeks? Is there a point at which he gives up, stops fighting? How can he be a loser for three weeks before the actual election?
A month after this "loser" Trump defeated Clinton and the media, Glasser was in denial, writing:
Trump has just been elected president of the United States after a campaign that tested pretty much all of our assumptions about the power of the press. Yes, we are now being accused — and accusing ourselves — of exactly the sort of smug, inside-the-Beltway myopia we thought we were getting rid of with the advent of all these new platforms. I’m as angry as everybody else at the catastrophic failure of those fancy election-forecasting models that had us expecting an 85 percent or even a ridiculous 98 percent — thanks Huffington Post! — chance of a Hillary Clinton victory. All that breathless cable coverage of Trump’s Twitter wars and the live shots of his plane landing on the tarmac didn’t help either. And Facebook and the other social media sites should rightfully be doing a lot of soul-searching about their role as the most efficient distribution network for conspiracy theories, hatred, and outright falsehoods ever invented.
There is no power of the press. The press gambled its credibility on Hillary, and lost.

Blaming conspiracies comes from Glasser, who in that earlier piece helped Hillary spread the conspiracy theory that Trump is a Putin's puppet.

From Glasser:
I have one question I’ve been dying to ask that’s a little bit — well, it is related to this, which is the Putin affinity, obsession. This weird theme of this campaign is not something that had really fully emerged when we initially talked. And it gets to this question: Does Trump see himself as a dictator? Is that why he is expressing this fellow-feeling with Putin and others like him? What do you make of that subplot of this campaign?
But on Thursday, Trump literally blew up that irrational and pathological theory with 59 missiles.

And now, Glaser has to admit she is wrong.

But being a Harvard cum laude, she won't. Her latest piece gives him no credit for acting rationally.

From Glasser:
Ever since his shocking election upset victory in November, national security hands have been waiting for Trump’s first international crisis to understand more about how an untested president would lead, and this week will undoubtedly be studied as key to decoding his presidency’s emerging — and fast-evolving — approach to the world. So what have we learned from all the months of debating whether Trump will prove to be the “America First” neo-isolationist leader his campaign rhetoric suggested, or a dangerous warmonger who’s promised not to let the United States get pushed around anymore, now that the crisis has actually erupted?
She has had two years to get The Donald.

She still doesn't.

If a Washington journalist cannot get domestic politics right, how can she get foreign politics right?

The answer is she can't. The "chief international affairs columnist" get the situation Obama left for Trump, as she wrote:
“He’s proved he’s not Obama — and that’s useful to him,” one former senior Obama official told me, one of many veterans of the previous administration I spoke with Friday who were supportive of Trump’s airstrike on Syria.
Indeed, the one thing in common among all Trump’s statements this week was that each contained a strong element of Obama-bashing, whether it was lamenting the “mess” he inherited in the Middle East and North Korea in a Wednesday appearance at the side of Jordan’s King Abdullah or his dramatic late-night Thursday announcement that he was doing what Obama would not by bombing Syria to retaliate for a horrific chemical weapons attack. It was necessary, Trump noted pointedly, because “years of previous attempts” to stop such behavior by Assad had all “failed.”
But Obama had failed. He left Trump a world worse than Bush 43 left him.

Obama helped overthrow Gadhafy, which led to a flow of refugees that has overwhelmed Italy and other parts of Europe.

He abetted Iran in nuking up.

He armed rebels in Syria who turned out to be the Islamic State.

Before that, he ignored and enabled the rise of the Islamic State.

Those are just some of the highlights of Obama's shirking of his duties as the leader of the free world, a job he outsourced to the worst chancellor of Germany in 72 years.

Glasser ended her column:
“These are the people who are going to be talking to him and explaining global events and presenting options, and it’s a much more traditional Republican foreign policy,” said Vali Nasr, an early Obama State Department adviser-turned-critic who is now the dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. “That leaves the president himself to say: Will I be more the ‘America First’ president I promised during the campaign, or more of the ‘indispensable nation’” leader that American presidents have seen themselves to be since the end of the Cold War?
Then again, it’s entirely unclear that Trump thinks about his foreign policy in anything like those terms. Trump is all about winning and losing, who’s up and who’s down. It’s why he still obsesses at every turn about the close results from his election victory over Hillary Clinton. And why, increasingly now that he’s in the Oval Office, the person he most wants to beat these days is Barack Obama.
LOL. Nasr told her the truth, which she cannot handle.

They take themselves so seriously, and yet they show at every turn how dumb they are.

This mouse bores me now. Next!

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  1. Glasser seems pretty glassy-eyed about what's going on, and why.

  2. Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies? More like the Baghdad Bob School of Advanced International Studies.

  3. The mouse that bored? - LOL

  4. And (using an example I read somewhere recently) she probably doesn't know *anyone* who drives an F-150 pickup. Probably can't even tell you what an "F-150" is.
    But I'll bet she feels she has her finger on the pulse of America.

    1. She also wouldn't know which President's kids can drive D-10 Caterpillars, now would she. In fact, you'd have to explain what a D-10 is, first!

    2. Back in my Airtanker Pilot days pilot days, we were working a fire on a big tree plantation in SW Oregon. this was
      Dry Reprod of Doug Fir about 8-10 years old. Fire was cooking well and we'd made about 3 runs out of Klamath Falls, Or. Fire boss said on the Radio:"The Cat's here!" and it was - that D-10 was pushing trees like the USS Nimitz pushing a bow wave. they had the line and fire contained in lees than 20 minutes. we dropped or 3000gallions of retardant, went home.
      Never forgot that...
      TG McCoy

  5. "after a campaign that tested pretty much all of our assumptions about the power of the press."

    She is admitting that most reporters were just shills for Hillary and Obama. Cool.

  6. "after a campaign that tested pretty much all of our assumptions about the power of the press."

    She is admitting that most reporters were just shills for Hillary and Obama. Cool.

  7. "If a Washington journalist cannot get domestic politics right, how can she get foreign politics right?"

    Well, she consults "National Security 'Hands' ", the very fools who along with Obama, got us into this mess in the first place.

    And, Trump is "Untested"? He's been a successful businessman for decades.

    You want "Untested"? -- I give you Barak Obama, who had done literally NOTHING prior to becoming a figurehead president.

    Glasser seems a bit obsessed with the Billy Bush Tapes wherein a PRIVATE conversation was resurrected years later where D.J.T said what every red-blooded male has said, IN PRIVATE, particularly including the sainted JF......K.

    Sorry, Suzie, if you'd had the chance it could have truly been said of you, and you'd have giggled so sweetly.

    When will nattering nabobs like Glasser understand that if the marxists they adore actually win, it is THEY who will hang from the lampposts?

  8. The Syria beat down showed me exactly one thing: that Mr. Trump is a moral man who will not abide an atrocity. Expecting some A-10 sortees on ISIS camps in 3-2-1 in response to the Coptic bombings.

  9. Susan B. Glasser always seems like Frasier's agent Bebe Glazer to me.

  10. Over at the Free Beacon from Friday there's an article which neatly explains why a Harvard grad might not quite get the Donald.

    Harvard Grad Students Faced ‘Existential’ Crisis of Sadness, Despair After Election

    It's a lot of fun!