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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Obama's $400,000 last laugh on liberals

So the pistachios on the left are upset because the Giant Empty Suit they elected and re-elected  is about to collect his first post-employment check from the Wall Street houses he served the last eight years.


From Vox:
Obama's $400,000 Wall Street speaking fee will undermine everything he believes in
To fight the rising tide of populism, mainstream leaders need to raise their ethical game.
The dudes and dudettes on the left got played.

By the master.

By the biggest Bogart-er in the Choom Club.

Barack Obama has always been about Barack Obama and that is all Barack Obama will ever be about.

Populism? Try Onanism. That's closer to what he stands for.

Wall Street raked while Democrats diverted attention to Occupy Wall Street. They laugh at losers in antifa masks.

Just remember, on Obama's watch the Fed fed $4 trillion or so to Wall Street in the name of quantitative easing.

From Vox:
Obama should take seriously the message it sends to those young people if he decides to make a career out of buckraking. He knows that Hillary Clinton isn't popular with the youth cohort the way he is. And he knows that populists on both the left and the right want to make a sweeping ideological critique of all center-left politics, not just a narrow personal one of Clinton. Does Obama want them to win that battle and carry the day with the message that mainstream politics is just a moneymaking hustle?
Of course, it's just one speech. Nothing is irrevocable about one speech. But money doesn't get any easier to turn down with time, any more than rebuking friends and colleagues gets easier. To make his post-presidency a success, Obama should give this money to some good cause and then swear off these gigs entirely.

As if.

What does Obama care about politics?

He's not running for office again.

Been there, done that. Made it to the top, suckers. Twice.

Ex-president is a great gig. Rake in millions from books no one will ever read. Rake in millions from speeches from cronies. Bask in the celebrity. Set up a tax-exempt foundation to take care of your family for generations.

I hate to break it to the Left but this was an unrequited love affair all along.

There's only one person Obama cares about.

And he looks in the mirror at him every morning when he shaves.

I'm guessing he shaves twice a day.

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  1. That $4 trillion in quantitative easing was simply an investment Obama's retirement portfolio. - Elric

  2. Who was that dude in Greek mythology who fell in love with his own reflection? Oh yeah, Narcissus. I think a legal name change is in order. Barack Narcissus Obama...

    BTW, congrats on going over 6M Big D!

  3. Obama is on a mission. He needs to raise a billion dollars for his "library" and this is just the start. His will be the first presidential library of which the papers and curios will be off-limits to the public and open only to those select few whose task is to praise The One (Blessed be His Name).

    1. So he can start the next Dianetics and charge people to read his holy script...

  4. Pistachios? I thought they were among the dimmer turnips on the truck.

  5. Vox knows the drill as does the NYT but like them they can't bring themselves to criticize their PC ganglord. Heaven knows what power he still may have to place some other virtue tweeting born loser in power to serve there interests. Hannibal said once the best way to take a city was not by siege but with a bag of gold and a mule. So the citizens who got the gold for opening the gates, then joined in the plunder of their​ own neighbors are now returning some of the loot in their​ own self interest, hoping to cash in next time using a different mule, same gold.