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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Obama hurt white working class -- and the media blames Trump???

The Sacramento Bee's editorial board published an editorial on Monday, "White working class gets stiffed," which rolled out a long litany of statistics that proved that under Barack Obama, the white working class got stiffed.

The board blamed Trump for our state of misery under Obama.

From the editorial:
The updated study, released by the Brookings Institution, confirms that “deaths of despair” rose most dramatically between 1999 and 2015 for white Americans with a high school degree or less. For men, the rate rose by 130 percent to 196 per 100,000 and for women by 380 percent to 115 per 100,000. The increase is so steep that the overall death rates for whites without college degrees have overtaken minority groups for the first time. The mortality rate for whites without college degrees is much higher for those born in 1975 than for those born in 1935, and it has been rising by a half-percent each year.
Wow. That is bad. That shows that for eight years under Obama, white working class lives did not matter.

And yet the editorial board of the Sacramento paper blames President Trump.

Did Trump let drug cartels and MS-13 enter the nation illegally to peddle meth and heroin?

Did Trump wage an unnecessary war on coal that devastated Appalachia?

Did Trump try to stop fracking, which gives hope of an economic revival?

Now for the real irony: black people who voted for Obama fared the worst under Obama's foolish and Marxist regime.

The Bee bugs for continued deficit spending on programs that fail. They fail white people. They fail black people. They fail all people.

Trump has been president for less than 3 months. He already is re-opening mines and mills that Obama shuttered.

Americans of all colors and of all classes are better off today than they were on January 20th.

By blaming President Trump for the failures of Obama, well, at least the Bee admits the failure of Marxism in America.

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  1. From the SacBS editorial: "If Trump really wants to be the champion of forgotten Americans, he would focus far more on reversing the loss of good middle-income jobs – highlighted by the updated study as an underlying cause of the spiking death rate, triggering economic and social problems that build up over time."

    Haven't they been listening and paying attention? Isn't that what Trump has promised to do, to reverse the assault by the Obama administration on the middle class? Do they live in an Alternate Universe? Or are they really that colossally stupid?

    1. 1-No.
      3-Yes, Gov. Moonbeam's.
      4-And HOW!!

  2. Bush no longer blamed

    1. the Sac Bee is the paper that employed the worthless soldier hating turd Bobby Calvan, the most clueless and selfish reporter of the Iraq war. A true homo nullo numero if there ever was one. He must have been given the task of writing this as a sign of respect.

  3. "Ann, which one of the Republican candidates *cough* has the best chance of winning the general?"

    "Of the declared ones, right now, Donald Trump."

    *raucous, idiotic laughter*

  4. The SacramentO Bee clearly does not believe in the unidirectional flow of time's arrow.

    There was a time when that could get you committed. Or a stand-up gig. But it don't sell no papers.

  5. I think they are falsely claim to be a B level rag. More like a low C or D. D is a good cup size for a topless dancer, but not a good thing for a newspaper.

    1. Bees, lessee now, you got an obese queen in charge, a bunch of neuter-female workers, and a sprinkling of drones.

      So let's give 'em an "A" for honesty in their paper's name.

  6. To be fair to them, it is hard to keep up with what year it is and who is President when. I mean, the year changes every so often, and the President does also. Who can remember who was President when?

  7. The Russell 2000 was up again today, .72 percent. What companies comprise the Russell? SMALL CAPS. What companies drive new job creation more than any other sector? SMALL CAPS. After Mr. Trump sprays a big ol dose of Roundup, the noxious weeds (AKA Obama appointees) will wilt and we'll stop getting fake numbers from the Department of Labor. The data will show things turning around. IBM ain't gonna hire, but the local startup Roy's Hardware will. Just copy the employment numbers from 82-86, change Reagan to Trump, and you'll have your roadmap.

  8. As I have written many many times, blacks did far better under Reagan and both Bushes than they did under Obungler. Ironic ain't it? GOC

  9. I think the publisher should change its name to the Sacramento Moonbattery Bee.