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Saturday, April 01, 2017

What WH disclosures really showed

President Trump threw some red tofu to the Fake News media by disclosing the 2016 earnings and net worth of his top aides and his daughter and son-in-law.

In their haste to portray the White House as a rich man's club in covering the disclosures, the fake news media missed the real story of the huge cuts in pay many took to work at the White House.

For example, Reince Preibus earned $500,000 a year as chairman of the Republican Party. He will earn roughly one-third that as chief-of-staff.

Gary Cohn left a top position at Goldman Sachs to become Trump's chief economic adviser. His old salary was $40 million a year.

Kellyanne Conway earned $800,000 as head of her own company last year.

Don McGahn earned more than $2.4 million last year as a lawyer last year. He took a pay cut of 90 percent to become White House counsel.

Jason Greenblatt earned $1 million with the Trump Organization last year. He took a pay cut of 80 percent to become the president's adviser on Middle East policy.

Not every official took a pay cut, and it is typical of lawyers who join an administration to give up million-dollar salaries.

Regardless of their politics, their sacrifices are admirable.

Leave it to fake newsers to make the decent seem indecent.

"Together, 27 White House officials had assets worth at least $2.3 billion when they joined the administration," according to the Washington Post.

Cool. That shows they are competent.

Sadly, the fake news media is not.

From the New York Times:
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Still Benefiting From Business Empire, Filings Show
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, President Trump’s daughter and son-in-law, will remain the beneficiaries of a sprawling real estate and investment business still worth as much as $740 million, despite their new government responsibilities, according to ethics filings released by the White House Friday night.
Ms. Trump will also maintain a stake in the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. The hotel, just down the street from the White House, has drawn protests from ethics experts who worry that foreign governments or special interests could stay there in order to curry favor with the administration.
That $740 million net worth is pretty good for people in their mid-30s. That shows they are too rich to be bought, as liberals said of John Kerry, Jay Rockefeller, and Jack Kennedy.

I wonder though if it is a conflict-of-interest if liberals organize a boycott of your company that backfires and results in a sixfold increase in sales.

That was one of at least four stories in the New York Times about this routine disclosure, as the newspaper flooded the zone. The others were "Bannon Made Millions in Shaping Right-Wing Thought," "Trump Couple, Now White House Employees, Can’t Escape Conflict Laws," and "Who's Worth What at the White House: The Financial Disclosures."

From the Washington Post:
The new disclosures -- filed by about 180 members of the Trump administration and released by the White House starting late Friday -- show how Trump has tapped members of the financial elite to serve as his closest aides.
The White House on Friday held up the affluence of its staffers as a badge of honor.
"The president has brought a lot of people into this administration, into this White House, in particular, who have been very blessed and very successful by this country and have given up a lot to come into the government by setting aside a lot of assets," said White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who filings show had assets worth between $2.9 million and $6.6 million.
The Washington Post is owned by the second-richest man in the world.

NPR's report included this:
As Trump has appointed numerous hyper-wealthy individuals, the White House points out that its ethics lawyers have been working through highly complex financial arrangements. Estimates for the cumulative wealth of the Trump Cabinet by various media organizations have ranged from $6 billion to $14 billion.
Voters elected a fellow worth $10 billion, so they have no problem -- none -- with successful people running the government.

We prefer a country run by competent people to one run by hobos.

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  1. Or no nothing academics. GOC

  2. Should be know nothing academics like what Obungler filled his White House with. I believe he had the least number of businessmen than any president. GOC

    1. Starting with himself, D; starting with himself.

  3. The kind of people qualified for high government office are the kind of people who command high salaries in the private sector.

  4. Or by grifters!

    MS Kilroe

  5. Clinton and his purple leathered wife lied and bribed their way to riches they never dreamed of while he was screwing babes in the back of police cars and she was hiding doctored law records but the NYT never found fault with them, the first black president and, according to him, his lesbian consort. To them they were just a young couple hoping to make enough to buy a house. The NYT CEO was and remains a willing slave to access, and burned his patrimony for a chit. Another piece to stir up the the devoted left who no longer count as our rulers but wish they were.

  6. Democrats only find it comforting when somebody leaves government service 10,000 times richer than when they went in.

  7. This highlights the difference between the Trump administration and the corrupt Obama administration: the rich people who join the Trump administration take a huge pay cut in order to serve, while those who worked for Obama got rich with schemes to raid the US Treasury.

  8. 3 wealthy industrialists created the America of the 1880 and began the expansion of our economy bringing the American people prosperity. Then they proceeded to give away their money. Since I can't open the history link, I believe they were John D. Rockefeller, Henry Kaiser and Andrew Carnegie. The were rough operators, but gave back so much. The same with those wealthy people that President Trump has brought into his administration. I am not jealous or envious of any of their successes, just hopeful that they can correct America's course.

    1. Kaiser was born in '82. From Wikipedia: "In 1931 his firm was one of the prime contractors in building the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River, and subsequently the Bonneville and Grand Coulee Dams on the Columbia River.[3]"

  9. Those hobos at the DNC like to railroad, but that ain't the rail they ought to be riding.

  10. Of course, the lettwing fakenewsy media has a problem with successful, competent, people in the administration.

  11. Someone should compare pay cuts or increases of Obama and Trump cabinet members.