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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lesson from O'Reilly's end

After two decades of being a cad and a cash cow -- for Fox News, Bill O'Reilly lost his show. Not for the reason he should have -- sexual harassment -- but because of his moderate politics. Sir Rupert Murdoch's sons gave taken over and they want to be respectable, which means jettisoning the conservative personalities who built the network.

However, there is a lesson for all conservative commentators. Watch your back.

William A. Jacobson laid it out by comparing how Rush Limbaugh survived a similar attack of an advertiser boycott, and how O'Reilly did not.

The situations are different in that Limbaugh's mouth -- repeatedly calling Sandra Fluke a slut -- got him in trouble, while O'Reilly's actions did. I can defend Limbaugh's right to say stupid things. I cannot defend O'Reilly.

1. Media Matters For America watches their every move. Everything said on the air is recorded. Teams scour those recordings for a gotcha.

2. Media Matters For America knows the advertisers and likely already has insiders who will push for a boycott the moment the lefty organization says so.

3. Media Matters For America has nothing to lose by going after a conservative. It can play this game forever.

But William A. Jacobson made these distinctions:

  • Conduct (O’Reilly) versus Words (Limbaugh)
  • Company Man (O’Reilly) versus The Company (Limbaugh)
  • Centralized (O’Reilly) versus Dispersed Advertising (Limbaugh)
  • Non-Ideological (O’Reilly) versus Ideological Advertisers (Limbaugh)
  • No Apology (O’Reilly) versus Apology (Limbaugh)

The first is why these boycotts should fail. You pay a man or a woman to tell it like it is, you give that person license to say things that people object to.

Conduct is another matter. No one has the right to harass subordinates. Having survived that first settled suit, O'Reilly should have been on double guard. He wasn't. That's an idiocy.

Being independent gave Limbaugh protection O'Reilly didn't have. You cannot fire yourself. Of course, the stations could fire him, however the financial reality of AM radio makes that unlikely as he sells a lot of ads and brings in many listeners to the shows before and after his.

As Jacobson pointed out, roughly half of Limbaugh's advertisers are local. Hard to get Joe Bob's Repair shop to dump Limbaugh when Joe Bob does not care about Sandra Fluke's feelings.

So what does this mean to the rest of us?

Have a back-up plan. I had one. Milo Yiannopoulos had one. A few months ago, he was at the top of the world. Breitbart gig. Nice book deal. Then the left tripped him by taking a joke literal. Next thing you know, he's on the street without a book to peddle. But he's coming back. He had a Plan B.

This applies to every conservative, be they the writer or the reader, Liberals hate us and wantus to die.

Be as independent as you can be. If you are working for someone, max contributions to a 401-k, IRA, whatever, for that fateful day when either you tell them to shove it, or they shove you out.

I see where O'Reilly got a nice settlement. Good for him. Maybe he can do Sirius. Put up a studio. Get a screen caller, techs, research assistant and work from anywhere in the world.

They can knock us down, but we rise up stronger, better, and happier.

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  1. I heard Rush say that the Murdock boys were the ones to fire O'Reilly. Still, he stepped in it and it stuck. Your suggestion on what he could do sounds like a winner for him, if he wants to do it.

  2. Conduct? According to who? A bunch of Jackies from Rolling Stone? O'Reilly's first mistake was to settle ANYTHING. Yeah, I know, it was cheaper to settle than fight.... but when the settlement isn't a settlement, but the opening salvo, you don't settle. You fight and you make them prove everything. In criminal court.

    If the first question out of your lawyer's mouth isn't "Why didn't you press charges?", get another lawyer. You are in a war, and you best fight it like one.

    1. Yep. Not that I ever watched Big Mouth O'Reilly's show, but isn't it true all of those claims by women were settled out of court and none of them ever had to prove/defend their claims in public under hard questioning by one of O'Reilly's lawyers? Funny that Bill Clinton managed, according to HIS women accusers, to do a lot worse than O'Reilly and yet Liberal women just love Bill, so much so some of them have offered in public to give him The Big Lewinsky.

    2. BTW, now Sean Hannity is being accused of "sexual harassment." One by one, the Conservative men are being driven out of FOX. Good going, Ladies. In the future, FOX will be all women, all the time, and no one will be watching any of it.

    3. Agree, IA. These days my mind reacts to stuff like the Hannity news by asking WWDJTD? What would Donald John Trump do? The answer in this case is: Countersue. Libel, Defamation of Character, Filing a False Report, the whole schmear. Throw the book at her. Sean's got the resources. Never been a fan of lawsuits but sometimes you gotta lace up the gloves and get in the ring. Yes, guys, it's OK to hit a woman if she hits you first. Maybe after a few more Moldylocks moments, the gals will wake up and realize we're done rolling over.

    4. What would Jesus do works here too. Remember, it includes turning over tables and chasing people around with a whip.

  3. Why do you drink the anti-Trumpian kiilaid? You know nothing about the alleged incidents, except there were settlements. You judge O'Reilly on the words of liars and then pretend to be an expert.

    1. Good point.

      Think Bill Cosby, Herman Cain, Roger Ailes.

      How much of the allegations was ever proven?

      Damned little is the answer. Years ago, the Lefties got rid of people by calling them a racist or saying they supported the Vietnam War. Now it's find some Lefty women willing to make unsubstantiated charges. As long as there's a Gloria Allred ready to parade them before the media, this will work until somebody in charge says, "Up yours".

  4. The splash today on so-called conservative back channels BOR is !BACK!...He's going to do podcasts to set the record straight, fight the man, and continue onward with the "No Spin."

    The problem is you can't post hoc Rush at this hear BOR you have to be a premium member of his website at 50 O'Reilly bucks per year. Let's face it 50 bucks was about the average donation to Trump, and BOR was essentially a soft nevertrumper until the last 2 months.

    He's get support from all of those people that were existing members of the web site--the same people who's emails were read each night on Fox. Those people used to call in to Jerry Lewis' MOD telethon just to see if they lit up a bulb on the board.

    BOR is not correcting the record; this is not a miraculous outbreak of the fourth estate; this is a cash cow that happens to sell gaudy ties on the web site.

    BOR is not actually the story--he was toast for the younger "sought after" market demo. Just look at the advertisers prior to the unpleasantness. And he never was a beacon of light out there anyway--he pandered topics as visual and auditory clickbait.

    The facelift of Fox is the deeper problem here and BOR is merely the stale offel on the floor.

  5. I agree with most of the comments above. I never watched O'Reilly, but his firing for unsubstantiated accusations is unconscionable. He should fight this tooth and nail! (I wonder if the Murdoch boys have any skeletons in THEIR closets- hmmm?)

    There's also the matter of believing any of the allegations until they're proven. Personally, I still disbelieve Obama's miraculous birth; that story has more holes in it than a whiffleball, and so does this crap about BOR. Make them prove it!

    It's way past time for us on the Right to stop being gentlemanly losers, and FIGHT! I'm sick and tired of accepting whatever charges are made against us, and then just giving up!

  6. The answer for any man in public life is not to hire women. Ever. Or if you do pick a much older non sexual one. That is the best move. Follow the Pence rule. Never be alone with a woman. Don't include them. They can bitch and moan all they want that you don't have any woman on staff but you are way better off. It is that simple.

    It seems that most of the women on FOX are there because they are good looking and not because they know what they are talking about. They are just window dressing for crying out loud.

    1. or just don't treat them arrogantly. I had women on my staff and never once treated them less than what they were, hard working productive members of a team.