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Sunday, April 30, 2017

How "The Handmaid's Tale" can come to pass

Thirty-two years ago, Canadian poet Margaret Atwood, looked down upon Ronald Reagan's America and decided it was theocratic.

After four years of Ronnie, the nation had not banned abortion, pornography, or homosexuality, but Atwood saw the specter of Americans believing in Christ again -- and so she wrote "The Handmaid's Tale," a warning that women would be cloistered and become breeding cows to men.

Now liberals have dusted off this road apple, polished it up, and put it on Hulu as a warning of what The Donald will do.

Kyle Smith of the New York Post tried to mock this:
The fulsomely praised new Hulu series “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which started streaming Wednesday, takes place in a chilling near-future where women are reduced to wombs on feet, gays are publicly executed and a Christian theocracy has squashed civil liberties. The show is an eerie, too-perfect encapsulation of the Trump Era.
As I look out my window in Manhattan, the only women I see are wearing monk’s robes colored scarlet, to emphasize their sin, and topped by nun-like white bonnets. Oranges are scarce in our part of the country due to our ongoing wars with Florida, and since Jan. 20 it has become a regular occurrence to see gay men, priests, and abortionists publicly hanged, their lifeless bodies left black and bruised as a warning to us all. Prophetic?
The story is downright unerring.
Just as Margaret Atwood foretold in the 1985 novel from which “Handmaid” is adapted, all fertile women are being held in prison camps run by domineering Mother Superior types armed with tasers, while men of sufficient rank are simply assigned women to be their sex slaves and helpmeets. Sex these days takes place with both parties almost completely clothed, the women silent and unmoving, the men muttering ritualistic Bible references.
And hey, who hasn’t noticed all the protest marches that ended with government troops opening fire? Or the regime-ordered group executions, whereby accused people were beaten to death at the hands of vicious mobs? Or the many brave martyrs shot trying to cross the border from Maine into Canada? Or the Stalinist-style surveillance system tracking our every move? Or the way you can be Tasered for referring to people as “gay” rather than “gender traitors”?
And so on, and so forth.

Except it is true. All of this is happening. And on President Trump's watch.

It just is not happening here, but rather in the Islamic State, which turned Iran into an Islamic Hell for women (and men) 40 years ago when Carter was president. Over time, things have gotten worse.

Today, it is not just the Saudis, the Taliban, and Iran that are executing homosexuals, mutilating women to keep them as chattel, and persecuting -- indeed, crucifying -- Christians.

Turkey is reverting back to a 7th century sultanate. Pressure is on Obama's homeland, Indonesia, to drop its secular embrace and tolerance of other religions.

Western governments and universities are lowering the gates to allow millions of Muslims to infiltrate their lands. The West is ceding its rich heritage and culture to a mob of religious fanatics who are so hateful of others that they consider non-believers to be sub-human infidels.

We are in a cultural suicide.

And let it be known that the very feminists and PC-perfect LGBTXYZ crowd will be among the first to capitulate.

Why? Because they have no god, and Mohammed will easily fill that void for them, just as Karl Marx once did.

If the Global War on Terror has taught me anything, it is that you need Christ's help to stop the Devil.

Look at how a post-Christian Europe flails against an invasion from hordes of Muslims who want to establish a caliphate in Brussels.

Conservatives mock "The Handmaid's Tale" but I see it as a warning of what will come under Islam.

It is not happening here.


Just wait till the 9th Circuit rules that Female Genital Mutilation is a constitutional right.

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  1. yeah, it's not like we have girls receiving genital mutilation here...wait

  2. Go read about her married life. She is a slut in PM garb.

  3. Don what I have been pondering for some time, is why once a country becomes islamic, it doesn't seem to throw off the yoke easily or at all. The only answer I can come up with, is that it panders to men sexually and men own the women and the kids legally under sharia law. Once experienced, Islam is great for the average male. Every male can have 4 wives. He can also have any prostitute legally by marrying her at night and divorcing in the morning simply by saying "I divorce thee" three times. Then it caters to pedophiles as legally they can marry and consumate a girl of 9 years old. See the pics on the internet of mass weddings of children. Then they can legally have sex with an animal as long as it is not eaten afterwards (I kid you not). So every male taste is catered for. Now not every male wants this, but there are enough to be a majority, and it sure beats the western system for men of losing their kids and money in divorce. CM

    1. For the average male, quite the opposite. If one man takes 3 wives, 2 men don't have any. Every time a man takes a second or third wife, another man is deprived of the chance of marriage at all. And since they tend to kill off their female children at a greater rate then their male children, there's a shortage of females to begin with.

      That's why the promise of 72 virgins in the afterlife for a jihadist is so powerful. He's not getting any in real life. In the afterlife he's going to be satiated.

      It's also why Islamic men don't work very hard, if at all. Just enough to get by. Men with families and offspring have reason to work hard; they're invested in the future. A childless unmarried male with no prospects- Why bother?

  4. From "OMG! Donald Trump will grab your pussy!" To "OMG! Donald Trump will be a theocrat!"

    I am glad to see that the bat-guano crazy Donald Trump has inspired with the Left spins like a weather vane in a tornado.

    -Mikey NTH

  5. Once in a conversation with some Very Catholic Women at our work place the idea of polygamy among Muslims came up. The leader of the female posse said : "When they have kids at least they have help!". Her companions nodded eagerly. Women will be the door through which the Muslims March as they attempt to destroy the West because Women trade civil liberties for security far easier than men. For some time in the UK the sight of non Arab women in the hajib, large black pant suits, and expensive sneakers happily walking with their master has been common. Now in NYC we see women roaming freely in burqua packs. Utility conquering courage, just as the Stoics feared it could.
    As the great Hilarionic autopsist philosopher B Streisand said recently, no one hates women more than other women

    1. "Once in a conversation with some Very Catholic Women at our work place the idea of polygamy among Muslims came up. The leader of the female posse said : "When they have kids at least they have help!". Her companions nodded eagerly."

      Our troll doesn't know sarcasm when he hears it.

    2. Left out the polygamist Mormons. Seems I remember reading about a TV show about a polygamous family.

  6. Ah, I so wanted to share this. But the christy stuff killed it for me. Jew here. But I did want to chime in to say that other than that, I totally agree with your article. Kudos!

  7. "Ah, I so wanted to share this. But the christy stuff killed it for me. Jew here. But I did want to chime in to say that other than that, I totally agree with your article. Kudos!"


    Judaism = The almighty god, creator of all that is, all that ever has been and all that ever will be, will, someday, send to his chosen people a Messiah, a mighty Messiah who will lead the Almighty's chosen people to rule the world according to the absolute will of the almighty.

    Islamism = Ditto the above, except, the Muslim messiah, mohammed, came and led, and is leading, the muslim chosen people to rule the world, according to the will of their almighty creator.

    Christianity = Jews who accepted Jesus Christ as the predicted Messiah, accepted the essence of Christ's teachings as to the will of the almighty creator and strive to follow the lead of their accepted Messiah........albeit that lead does not include ruling in this world of flesh, blood and bone.

    The 1st and 2nd group are totally meat based, in mentality, methodology and purpose.

    The 3rd group is not.

    Something for those who are inclined to ponder to......ponder.........

  8. Um... no. Ruling the world is more of a Christian thing than a Jewish thing. We just want to do our thing, and yeah, be there for you if you're interested in what God wants.

    Our messiah (you needn't capitalize it) is just going to be a leader who achieves certain national goals and bring peace. Judaism has no aspirations to conquer anyone else out in other lands. To borrow a phrase, we serve at the pleasure of the Creator of the Universe. We're there for you when you want it, but we aren't going to push anything on you. Better than that, God actually gave two sets of rules. A handful for everyone in the world, and a whopping big gobstopper of an intricate, lifestyle shaping system for the Jews. Lucky us. So we don't even aspire for people to *choose* to convert to Judaism (though that option is open for masochists who are for some reason that I can't fathom so strongly drawn to that path that they just can't live without it). Just for them to keep the handful of laws God set out for them. And we're here to help you with that, if and when you choose. According to the prophets, it's "when", rather than "if", but no firm dates are attached.

    Islamism isn't Islam. Two different things. Islamism is a name the lefties made up so that they could say the extremists who want to conquer the world are somehow different than mainstream Islam. But Muhammed wasn't their "messiah". He was their "prophet". Their messianic character is called the Mahdi. And Muslims aspire to convert (or kill) every single human being on the planet. They don't see themselves, in the end, as being "the chosen people". They see themselves, in the end, as being "the only people".

    Christianity has done its damnest to conquer the world by fire and blood and sword, much like Islam. But by and large, they settled down and became civilized. Still, they maintain the aspiration to convert every single human being on the planet. Christianity was a mistake, but it started out as an honest one, and there's no harm, no foul if you want to go back to doing what God actually wants.

    1. All thew psychos come out when you bring up the Lefties' submission to Islam.

  9. "....doing what God actually wants." every body dies? awaiting inevitable death, every body suffers.....hunger diminished only by feeding......thirst diminished only by drinking.....repeat several times each cycle of sunrise/sunset/sunrise again.....

    Shiver when it's too cold, sweat when it's too hot, breathe in, breathe out, repeat several times each minute or......pain......

    Sleep when weary, copulate when possible, thus producing more bodies made of meat, blood and bone, to replace those bodies which have inevitably died, as in, been deconstructed into the materials from whence they were constructed.

    Is this the 'what god wants' to which you refer 'going back to'?

  10. "All thew psychos come out when you bring up the Lefties' submission to Islam."


    Gives you that comforting feeling that you belong to the rare breed of the knowing.........

    Disregard all false presumptions, for, without false presumptions, would you maintain your comforting feeling of knowing........