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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Hey, Jeff Bezos, how was that street protest last night?

The second-richest man in the world got a taste of his "Democracy Dies in Darkness" politics last night as hundreds of gay protesters hit the streets near his mansion in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, which is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world.

As of 9:30 a.m., his newspaper -- the Washington Post -- had not reported on the event, which had been planned and publicized for weeks.

The target of the protest was not Barack Obama, who has a mansion in the neighborhood and whose opposition to gay marriage marked his first term, although he later supported it.

No, the target was Ivanka Trump, who lives in Kalorama. But she and her family were in New York, visiting her in-laws for the first birthday of her youngest child.

But neighbors heard. And since only 4% of the people in the nation's capital voted for President Trump, there certainly was schadenfreude in the Saturday night screaming.

From the Daily Mail:
Hundreds of LGBTQ protesters invaded Ivanka Trump's upmarket neighborhood in Washington D.C., for the 'Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice', much to the fury of other residents.
A storm of dancing people marched with signs, speakers and festive clothing while chanting obscenities directed towards the first daughter's father to protest his administration's rollback on Obama's climate change policies, on Saturday night. 
The rowdy crowd disrupted the usually exclusive area as they flocked to Ivanka's $5.5million home, as one of her neighbors became so infuriated by the noisy event that he was filmed threatening to punch a demonstrator.
The 82-year-old enraged resident of the expensive Kalorama community yelled to protesters: 'Get out of here! I live here... Do you want to get your f**king face hit?'
From the Washington Examiner:
Protesters held a "Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice" in front of Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner's house in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.
Video posted to social media by Ashley Rae Goldenberg of MRCTV shows participants gathered in front of the Kalorama neighborhood house chanting, "Ivanka Trump, come dance!" The group also gathered in front of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's home nearby.
The event caused controversy even ahead of the event, pitting Teen Vogue against Cosmopolitan.


Social justice warriors have politicized everything. Even which bathroom you use, or which fashion magazine you read.

From Teen Vogue a few days ago:
If you're in the Washington D.C. area and you need some fun, LGBTQ-friendly, activist weekend plans, you're in luck. According to the Huffington Post, the LGBTQ community is coming together this weekend for a dance party that's doubling as a protest against Ivanka Trump. The shindig is set to go down right outside her D.C. house.
The Huffington Post reports activists with WERK for Peace, 350 DC, the Queer Resistance, and the Trans Women of Color Collective have organized a protest dance party outside Ivanka Trump's house. The protest is reportedly in response to President Trump's recent rollback of Obama-era climate protections, but organizers also told the Huffington Post it will send a clear message to Trump's daughter, Ivanka, that the LGBTQ community is watching her.
“We can’t let Ivanka trick our communities into supporting and legitimizing her. We will show up to her home because the bad decisions of the Trump administration hit us in our daily lives, in our homes, and the nature we surround ourselves with,” co-organizer Carla Aronsohn told The Huffington Post.
Cosmopolitan was appalled.

From Cosmopolitan:
Please Don’t Dance at Ivanka’s House
Protests are important but showing up at someone's home is the wrong approach.
Wonder where the owner of Cosmopolitan lives.

Well, we do know where the owner of the Washington Post lives because the newspaper ignored the protest -- after giving wide coverage to the group's earlier street protest at the official residency of Vice President Mike Pence.

NIMBY -- Not In My Back Yard -- lives.

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  1. That old man is my new hero. "Get off my f**king lawn!"

    1. Professional Russian Russell G.April 2, 2017 at 10:33 AM

      The eastern Eastwood.
      God love 'em.

  2. Jeff Bezoar is literally Hitler. He ha destroyed and taken over the retail industry, wants to control what we think and do, etc, while he profits.
    As for the protests, as I said before. Grapeshot.

    1. Hitler was in fact famous for destroying and taking over the, uh, retail industry.

    2. Sure. Remember when the classy departmented "Hitler's" down-graded to the tacky "H-Mart"?

      Ask any Luger collector...

  3. Tolerance is not enough. We must celebrate our new LGTBQ overlords. - Elric

    1. Change that to "must not" and LGBTQ fascists for me. -- BJ54

    2. We should celebrate them in their neighborhoods. Turn about and fair play and all that.

  4. The gay mafia is suppprted by the washington compost

  5. I wonder if the jolly Trump loathing WPosters who used to pontificate on Fox are required to wear manacles at work now. Pushing the propaganda grindstone round and round day and night for Master B could get tiresome, sparking plans for escape. But maybe there is no hope now, just round and round, nose to ass, round and round under the pitiless lash.

  6. I have to wonder where these fruitcakes are coming from. I know a good number of LGBTQ types, even a genuine real-life T, and not a one of them is close to being such a jerkwad that he/she/it would think that this is a cute idea.

    1. I would think alot of them are

      a) very young

      b) virtue-signalling straights

    2. Georgetown U dropouts and hangers-on?

    3. Why surprised, Tom? It's your typical rent-a-mob. The same faces are at every lefty Fury Festival. Your friends wouldn't be caught dead at these puerile protests.

  7. Among other questions...what the heck is 'Climate Justice'?

    1. Bad weather for thee; good weather for ME.

    2. Groups seeking "Climate Justice" should file suit against Mother Nature. Judge Judy will hear the case.

  8. They're turning Lefties into Righties.

    All it takes is for the right ox to be gored.

  9. Queer Dance Party for Climate Change? This is why I don't fear liberal takeover. They have no sense of how absurd their uncompromising demands are.

  10. The Kaloramaites likely are a bunch of obozo-loving communist collectivist Maoists. The Gay queer z -/+ dancers are their homies. Do they not yet realize that this is their new democrat party? Just b/c they have $$ does not mean they aren't morons. "More money than brains" is the expression I've heard. Embrace the suck Kaloramiters, these are your komrades, suck it up. Sounds to me like you are more into doors than bridges and obozo told you that is not who you are. idiots.

  11. I don't understand what these LGBTQ agitators are so upset about. I mean, their acronym stands for Let's Get Behind Trump Quickly, doesn't it? Shouldn't they have been protesting outside the Fortress of Sedition a few blocks away? Why pick on Ivanka?