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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

He's the president, you cover his rally

President Trump announced he will hold a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, commemorating the 100th day of his presidency on Saturday night.

The American press reported it:
Trump to hold rally during White House Correspondents’ dinner

The Tampa Bay Times did not bother with the veneer of objectivity in reporting:
Trump's decision is another thumb-in-the-eye to the White House press corps after months of tension and acrimony between the president and the reporters who cover him. Trump has called several news organizations "fake" or the "enemy of the people."
Well-played, Mister President.

Except who said the White House Correspondents Association owns the night?

True, the group scheduled their annual dinner for that evening months ago. And true they are bringing in a comic with the aim of owning cable TV coverage that night.

But nothing about this event makes it any more newsworthy that the local bowling banquet. They will make a few jokes, hand out a couple of awards, and give away two scholarships. Whoop-de-doo!

Civic booster clubs across the country do the same thing.

Without cable coverage.

The president on the other hand is a walking news machine. The correspondents demand a pool reporter cover his every waking moment outside the White House. The chorus of protest was loud when he went to dinner with his family but without a pool reporter a few days after his election.

Now the media will be forced to ditch free cable coverage of their own dinner because when a president speaks, the nation listens.

This has some them stewing.

David Atkins at the Washington Monthly (once a respectable if liberal critic of the media) wrote:
Desperately Insecure, President Trump Holds a Fan Rally To Avoid a Comedy Roast
I suppose the narcissists in the press corps will agree, as they see President Trump's actions only in relation to their own.

But the press created this mythical measure of the first 100 days in office, and the president decided to play along. He will use the rally to list the accomplishments of his administration, accomplishments the press by and large seeks to ignore.

The press has positioned itself as some sort of loyal opposition, after most outlets were working last year as in-kind contributions to the Clinton campaign.

Fine. But when you do that -- when market yourself as truth to power (after being pawns of power for eight Obaman years) -- then you must also admit that the president has just as much a right to push back against the hostility of the Fourth Estate.

On Saturday, my Twitter feed was filled with a few outlier press types arguing against covering the event.

As if.

He's president. Reporters cover the rally. The rubber chicken dinner is a sidebar story competing for attention with the drill sergeant's tea with his four-year-old daughter.

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  1. President Trump is my kind of President. He is winning a scorched press campaign. Their squeals are music to my ears. And the press has been Trumped again. - Elric

    1. Right on, Elric. The press just got schlonged once again.

  2. The backslapping beltway bozo's brought this beauteous backlash on themselves.

  3. Who is David Atkins? The answer might surprise you.

  4. Your blogs are always so refreshing. I love coming here to read them each day.

    1. It's like reading Don's books, but in bite-sized installments!