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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Freedom Caucus (hearts) Trump

After a day negotiating with the House Freedom Caucus on health insurance, President Trump threw up his hands, called for a vote, and threatened to work with Democrats to pass his Obamacare reform.

Guess what?

Congressman Mark Meadows, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, respects that.

Proving not every politician in Washington is a dumbass.

From Mark Meadows:
“I think for a president that came from a non-political background, he quickly learned how Congress works. I think there’s been a learning curve for the president.
“Here’s a personal story: I don’t know if I have ever been as impressed with a CEO, or a president, who is getting as involved in negotiating the finer details of national security, health care, the economy, or tax reform, to the extent that he’s been willing to get on the phone at midnight and then the next morning at 6:30 a.m. 
“If the American people understood how engaged this president is, and how engaged he is at making his campaign promises fulfilled, the American people would be nothing short of amazed. He works me to death, and I’m a member of Congress. I cannot imagine how hard he works his staff at the White House.”
This is the Donald John Trump that I have been telling readers about. My research has shown that he is a hard worker -- working 12-hour days since he was 16 -- and a quick learner. One does not conquer the real estate world, become a best-selling author, and host a hit series for 14 seasons by luck alone.

Yet so many of his critics are lazy dumbasses who just repeat the same old garbage. I could write their drivel in my sleep. Maybe they sleep while they write it.

Meadows went on to tell Breitbart News:
“I know a lot of people will criticize him for the healthcare repeal, when, in actuality, it took Obamacare 17 months to pass, where we will repeal the majority of Obamacare in 17 weeks, and you have to put it in perspective. Everyone has high expectations for draining the swamp; they think it can be done overnight, and he is very methodical and will continue to do so in the next 100 days.”
He said it will out of the House by the end of May.

What have I been saying? Patience.

It actually took Obama 14 months, not 17, but it is the same idea. President Trump is pushing ahead on this. We want it done yesterday, but Democrats created One Big Ass Mistake, America, that will take time to defuse.

Unlike Obama, President Trump is simultaneously pushing on other fronts including tax reform, trade reform, rebuilding the military, and building the wall (please, readers, don't fall for the negative talk about the wall, even if it comes from Rush Limbaugh).

Meadows said:
“I think that many of the battles between Congress and the White House are overstated and that sometimes we criticize because we have great expectations that things will change faster than they have. The other part is that we need to put bills on his desk. The president is very willing to use his pen to sign bills, but we need to make the 50-60 hours a week legislating to make sure that we can get things done. It is incumbent on us in the House and the Senate. We need to legislate expeditiously.”
Some people act surprised that Republicans in Congress are giving President Trump a hard time, but this is how things should work.

Republicans have not had an opportunity like this with a new president in my lifetime. Not even Reagan had this opportunity as Democrats controlled the House throughout his presidency.

Bush 43 did have both houses of Congress from 2003 to 2006, but he frittered that opportunity away chasing a Social Security reform that lacked the backing of the people, which doomed it.

President Trump has five irons in the fire. Watching him pull them out and mold them into new policy that will last for generations will be a thing of beauty.

I am glad to see at least one congressional leader gets what is happening.

Be patient. Remember, President Trump's enemies are quick to cry failure -- and will never credit him for a damned thing.

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  1. It doesn't matter how long it takes as long as it's done right. - Elric

  2. Our people's on time delivery mentality doesn't allow for patience.

  3. Our people's on time delivery mentality doesn't allow for patience.

  4. The meme du jour is that Republicans in Congress "laughed out loud" about Trumps wall and guarantee it will not happen.

    Remember when they all "laughed out loud" when Trump announced he was running and guaranteed he'd never be the nominee?

    Trump won't run
    Trump won't make it past 1st debate
    Trump won't win a primary
    Trump want get 1235 delegates needed to win nomination
    Trump won't make it until election day
    Trump won't win against Hillary and her $1 billion
    Trump won't be sworn in
    Trump won't appoint SCOTUS nominee from his list
    Trump won't build wall <=YOU ARE HERE
    Trump won't repeal & replace Obamacare
    Trump won't do tax reform, etc etc

    At this point Rush and Laura Ingraham and anyone else buying into any of the above are nothing more than concern trolls.

    1. Falling into concern-trolling, even by accident, is the easiest thing in the world.

  5. With multiple irons in the fire, Trump is doing the political hokey pokey: He puts his right hand in, He puts his right hand out....He turns himself around, That's what it's all about.

  6. I am not as optomistic about Obamacare repeal as you, Don. I doubt that the Roll-Over Party in Congress has the intestinal fortitude to buck the establishment which funds it. The LibDems know how to play the system and play the ROP, and Trump can't accomplishment his program without legislation. I am waiting to see Ryan deliver something for Trump.

  7. What I've been saying all along.

  8. " President Trump... threatened to work with Democrats..." How does he tell which ones are Democrats?

    The Uniparty which opposes him has two heads, but they're both on the same beast.