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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fighting to keep a drug lord's wife here illegally

Teresa Vidal-Jaime, 54, lives in America illegally where her husband peddles cocaine by the pound.

Apparently the Los Angeles Times has a problem with deporting her to Mexico along with her drug lord husband.
"Woman swept up in massive cocaine bust in L.A. now faces deportation, spurring protests and anger," read the newspaper's headline.

The argument is that since she only lived of the profits of his criminal life, she should be allowed to stay here illegally because, well, just because.

From the Los Angeles Times:
Vidal-Jaime’s daughter, Claudia Rueda, an immigration activist in Los Angeles, joined community organizers to protest her mother’s detention, calling it an unlawful raid that swept up an innocent woman in a criminal probe.
“Her mother didn’t have anything to do with this,” said Marcela Hernandez, one of the organizers. Vidal-Jaime “didn’t know anything about anything in the apartment. She let them in.”
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials said the Border Patrol alerted them about 5 p.m. Monday to a Chevrolet Malibu that was believed to be involved in the cross-border drug trade. The sedan was believed to be en route to Los Angeles.
When the car arrived in the 700 block of Bernal Avenue in Boyle Heights, investigators spotted several men unloading drugs from the vehicle, sheriff’s officials said.
Border Patrol agents and sheriff’s investigators swarmed and arrested four men. Investigators seized about 33 pounds of cocaine inside a car registered to Hugo Rueda, 50, who is married to Vidal-Jaime.
The Mexification of California -- the lawlessness and the drugs -- shows the price the nation pays when it allows a state to defy federal immigration law for decades.

The protest shows that the "immigration activists" are merely cover for the narcotics industry that California and Mexico allow to flourish.


California needs a newspaper willing to take on this evil, instead of providing it with PR.

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  1. It's California. It only matters if it sets a precedent for the rest of us. Californians deserve this.

    1. Finally, some good news in SciAm:

      "Rising Sea Levels Will Hit California Harder Than Other Places.
      Melting ice sheets will cause higher sea-level rise in the state due to how the Earth rotates and gravitational pull on the waters."

  2. My thoughts expressed best right here:

  3. Like plus plus

  4. Secede, Cali. You're a disgrace to the Union. We don't want you any more. GTFO. Just GTFO.

    1. We conservative Californians don' want to secede, and even though overwhelmed have consistently voted against Gov. Moonbeam & his damn train and his damn "immigrants".

      Sure as hell don't want to "GTFO", nor to ave to sell & move in my late 70's !!

    2. I'm in the same boat, Erik. Old & cranky and don't want to move from my native State, which used to be Golden.

      But that was long ago. Now it's the Brown State of Insanity! Looks like there's no cure, alas.

    3. I'm in the same boat as both of you. I am a patriotic American first who loves what California used to be,not wht it is now.Maybe some of the people who hate California would be willing to come here and help rid us of the marxist liberals who have taken ove.

  5. That's what the Los Angeles Times has to say? The editors really, REALLY feel strongly about it, huh?

    Got three words for you: "Follow the money".

    1. You mean follow the drugs. Wanna bet the Times' defends the drug dealers because they think those guys are performing a public service? After all, how will the press room get their quick picker-upper if their dealers are deported or in jail. They should be honest about it and splash a big headline, "Do Not Deport My Drug Dealer," in red ink across the masthead.

    2. Here's the nut: "Vidal-Jaime’s daughter, Claudia Rueda, an immigration activist in Los Angeles."

      How can an "immigration activist" be wrong? Impossible, according to the LAT!

  6. And here I thought they were all for keeping families together!