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Friday, April 07, 2017

Conservatives made Target pay

Brian Cornell is chief executive officer of Target. A year ago, he decided to play Social Justice Warrior by taking sides in a political debate over allowing boys in girls bathrooms in schools in North Carolina.

In a blog post riding the latest lefty wave of outrage, Target said, "Everyone deserves to feel like they belong. And you'll always be accepted, respected and welcomed at Target."

Conservatives launched a boycott.

Target spent $20 million retro-fitting bathroom stalls to welcome all -- and lost millions more in sales as people boycotted the chain of retail stores for entering the political arena.

"Sales fell nearly 6% in the three quarters after the post compared with the same period last year, and same-store sales have dropped every quarter since the post," Yahoo News reported.

Cornell is now telling reporters he did not write the post but he agrees with the post.

All the spine of overcooked spaghetti.

Wrong battle, wrong time.

From the Wall Street Journal:
“Target picked a side and pretty much said to the rest of us that we don’t matter,” said Mary McCandless, a shopper in Winston-Salem, N.C. “They should have just left it as, ‘don’t ask, don’t show, don’t tell.’ ”

Conservative boycotts work.

As do their buycotts.

When liberals boycotted Ivanka Trump's fashion line, her sales went up six-fold.

When liberals boycotted Chick-Fil-A, it had its biggest sales day ever. I waited 30 minutes in line to order my chicken sandwich that day.

Cornell made a huge mistake in taking sides in a political debate in one state.

The message to retailers is clear: stay out of politics, but if you must take sides, side with the conservatives. They have money, and they do not spend it on people who mock them and their values.

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  1. The article I read yesterday said the CEO did not agree and was removed from the decision-making loop, which is almost more of a problem...

    Who knows. I refuse to take any story seriously based on one single article any more.

    1. Not "removed," just not included in the loop--for reasons that were not explained. The decision was made by subordinates on the company's "risk committee," interestingly enough the final approval being made by two women as the head of their risk assessment team. Wherever the blame lies for their failure to evaluate the financial risk correctly, I agree with Cornell that once the public statement was made, for Target there was no going back. Sometimes, as in the case of the lone rogue London trader who caused AIG to crash, all it takes is one person to bring an entire company down .

    2. As the CEO, he had the opportunity to fish or cut bait. He chose bait. He could have ordered the post retracted, he could have "clarified the statement, instead he chose to rife it out.
      There are an amazing number of Bible Believing Christians left in this nation, or at least people who don't want to share bathrooms with strangers whose anatomy might cause their children to ask weird questions.
      Maybe when we have a muslim homosexual pResident that will change. Oh, Wait.....

    3. "He could have ordered the post retracted, he could have "clarified the statement"

      Simply not possible in the polarized environment of today because his only option would have been to fire the two women who made the mistake of approving the public statement, and that would have caused an even greater backlash by the feminists. When poo is being flung at you, your best choice is to duck for cover and wait till the other side runs out of ammunition. Then quietly go back to the former "head in the sand" position... which in Target's case would still leave open the very real legal liability of perverts going into the "wrong" restroom and is no solution at all. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

    4. Mr. Cornell is a WBCEO - Wanna Be CEO, because no REAL CEO would allow a statement to go out without his final APPROVAL. Real leadership means leading from the front, not from behind like, well, you know who.

    5. This CEO should be canned

    6. I do not enjoy Chik-filetfood, but buy sandwiches there and give them to homeless because this Catholic Boy has Chik-Filet values.

    7. They've gotten rid boys and girls toys, sleepwear, bedding. CEO signed off on all that too.

  2. The larger point --for businesses to not get involved in polarizing political debates -- is definitely more true than ever. Target is still struggling to recover lost business.

  3. Perhaps it's because the Liberal Lefties are clueless when it comes to fiscal prudence. They are so used to throwing other peoples' money around carelessly that they can't see how it can be used judiciously to further one's causes and ideals. - Elric

  4. Don't executives have a "fiduciary responsibility" to do the best they can for their shareholders' investments? Isn't there some kind of legal action that can be taken against virtue-signaling SJW-wannabes like Cornell?

  5. You've never seen such low prices at Target!

    Pity it's the stock exchange saying that.

  6. "Everyone wants to feel like they belong." Well, women and women with children don't feel that way when men can just go hang around in the bathroom while they literally pull their pants down.

  7. I really don't care about the bathroom thing as much as I care about the virtue-signalling-for-profit angle. It's bad enough I get virtue signalling for half-witted insecure liberals, but even worse stores with declining sales, or music groups that haven't been popular for 20 years (Maroon 5), or whatever jump on board for fun and profit.

  8. Maybe they could make up sales in Canada...?
    Wait, what?

  9. Good old capitalist freedom of choice works whenever it's allowed to. Liberals have the freedom of choice to spend at Target or Nordstrom and we have the option not to. EVERYBODY is equally free to choose, and EVERYBODY lives with the consequences of their choices ...what a concept! Target's stupid politically correct choice to support the 'progressive' tranny agenda was largely driven by the decades-long "culture" of Democrat-rule in their HQ location, Minneapolis, MN. People in such places (same in Chicago and NYC and LA) assume everybody has their values. Dave S.

  10. Haven't shopped there since. There are plenty of alternatives.