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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Blaming Trump for a loss in an election yet to come

The Never Trumpers at National Review have reached the self-parody level as John Fund -- once a reliable election observer -- blamed Trump for losing a House seat -- two months before the election is held.

He has been wrong about Trump so long, I quit counting.

My favorite Fund Folly came five days after Trump announced he was running for president.

From Never Right Fund:
Is Trump a Double Agent for the Left?
After Donald Trump’s bizarre announcement last week that he was running for president, it occurred to me that many observers are misreading Trump. Many consider him a joke. Not true. Trump knows when he is being outrageous — and acts that way consciously to build his brand. Some consider him a menace, pointing out polls that show he would do well if he abandoned the GOP after the primaries and ran as an independent. But Trump is too smart to waste money on a futile effort to capture 270 electoral votes. He will conclude — like Michael Bloomberg, another billionaire — that American politics is a two-party duopoly. 
Fund ended his column:
Actually, I don’t believe Trump is a double agent acting in the interests of liberals to discredit conservatism. But (to borrow some phrasing from Trump’s conspiracy vocabulary), he is playing the useful idiot for the Left. He might as well be doing it on purpose.
Can anyone take Fund seriously after reading that?

Given how many times Fund tried to undermine President Trump, perhaps he is the Putin pawn/Soros spawn.

More likely he and most of his colleagues are useful idiots for the Left.

I mean, everyone makes a mistake now and then, but even the Cleveland Browns won a game last year. They called it the Christmas Miracle.

Pretty bad when the Browns have a better record than you.

Rather than draft some new ideas, Fund plods along with his silly Trump hate. Look how he is treating the special election to replace Dr. Tom Price, who represented Georgia's 6th District in Congress before joining Trump's Cabinet. The open primary is Tuesday among 12 candidates.

The Democrat raised a whopping $8.5 million, blowing it with the hope of somehow getting 50% plus one vote to avoid a June 20 primary. It is an old strategy for a minority party that occasionally works.

Fund already conceded the election -- just so he can blame Trump because that's what they do anymore at National Review: blame Trump.

From Fund:
Democrat Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old documentary-film maker, would normally be cannon fodder for his party in the district. But his anti-Trump drumbeat (“Let’s Make Trump Furious”) has helped him raise an extraordinary $8.5 million. He will face eleven Republicans in Tuesday’s open primary, with most of them attacking one another rather than him. Should he win more than 50 percent, he automatically wins the seat. Otherwise, he goes into a June 20 runoff against the top Republican. That is likely to be either Karen Handel, a moderate who once served as Georgia’s secretary of state, or Bob Gray, a businessman backed by the free-market Club for Growth.
If the Republicans lose to Ossoff, or see him come close to a first-round victory, storm signals will go up. In the past, special-election losses have often signaled that incumbent presidents were a drag on their party. In 1993, Democrats barely held a Wisconsin seat in the first months of Bill Clinton’s presidency. The next year they lost ancestrally Democratic seats in Oklahoma and Kentucky, an indication that they were in danger of losing the House that November (which they did). In 2007 and 2008, Democrats won GOP seats in Illinois, Louisiana, and Mississippi, a clear sign of a demoralized Republican base in the second term of George W. Bush.

A real political observer would know special elections are harbingers of little.

Going into the 2010 general election, Democrats had gained a net total of two seats in special elections under Obama. On Election Day, Democrats suffered their most humiliating defeat in 46 years.

Maybe Republicans will lose the seat on Tuesday, and the House in 2018.

But usually we wait until the patient dies before we bury him.

Unless your name is John Fund and you have an insane hatred of the patient who is named President Trump.

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  1. Latest poll has Ossoff at 42% (likely his ceiling), with the Republicans combining for 55% (3% undecided). More than 90% of Ossoff's money has come from outside Georgia. I have lived in the 6th District for 30 years. If Ossoff wins, I will eat my shoe.

  2. I think I remember a chorus of conservative smarty pants saying that was going to happen in 2016...

  3. I should have put "conservative" in quotes.

  4. All I can say is that Gray either has my email addresses from Trump or Cruz (maybe GOP) -- interstate spam at levels that shame Cambridge Analytica. So, I wouldn't go long on Ossoff. GOP also is putting out twitter opoposts that Ossoff doesn't reside in the area and is essentially a carpetbagger (which he is). If there's on thing that GA voters know at a deep level, it's carpetbaggers.

    1. 45.9% voted for the carpet hagger...err muncher... err bag lady.
      What ever the heck Illary is.

  5. I DeFunded John and the rest of NR two years ago by cancelling my 28 year subscription. I mean, when a so-called conservative magazine goes after Trump harder than Obummer, it's time to peace out. Haven't missed it a bit.

  6. Thank you for doing the work I won't do - reading National Review. Thank goodness Victor Davis Hansen is published other places.

    1. Oh definitely sign up for Hanson's email alerts. His "Angry Reader" replies are educational. Classics professor and a classy guy.
      Also Conrad Black. I cannot say enough about him.

  7. NRO aka ISO "International Subview" is a commie site lead by Poor Soury. Home of #neveramerica #alwaysKillary.Joined by Weakling Substandard.Formerly lead by Balls Crystalized.With anti-America commies Frederica Barnyard and Stevie Brays. kids,Catty Pavlov and Laddy Benson.More commie sites,Dead hate,Theregurgent,Theleftpoop w/Stoopidmexican. My 2cents.Lots of others.

  8. Elmer Fund WILL keep blasting away into the rabbit hole, even as that wascally wabbit leans on him with one elbow and asks him what he's doing.