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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Will we say howdy to Speaker Gowdy?

Paul Ryan's debacle this week shows a leadership vacuum in the House of Representatives.

Conservatives are revving up support for Trey Gowdy.

Heck, some of them wanted him to get the job as speaker two years ago. Political Clown Parade was among them.

Gowdy says he does not want the job, but it is not up to him.

It is up to President Trump. It is his party now, and he gets to pick the speaker.

Oh, I know that's not exactly how it works and a lot of politics in Washington is herding kittens. But President Trump has been playing politicians like LeBron plays basketball -- only for a far longer time.

From North Crane:
With overwhelming bipartisan support, Mr. Gowdy consistently challenges top leadership in D.C. Several dozen representatives have stated that they would be more happy with Gowdy than Ryan.
Given Gowdy’s position regarding RyanCare and the growing rift in Congress, Ryan may be ousted in coming weeks.
Ryancare united a divided party. Everybody hated it. Moderates. Conservatives. Tea partiers.

The Washington Establishment woke up this morning wondering what happened to its relevance. The man they raised from a graduate of Miami of Ohio in 1992 to House speaker a quarter-century later is totally lost.

He does not even control the House calendar. The president does. The president called that vote. The president humiliated Ryan and the men who groomed him for the job.

Jeb Bush nods.

Marco Rubio nods.

Ted Cruz nods.

Hillary Clinton nods.

Watch out, Mitch McConnell.

Matthew Boyle at Breitbart News said a change in speakers is likely. He did not mention a replacement.

From Boyle:
Many allies of the president and several White House officials over the weeks since have confirmed to Breitbart News that the president is concerned that Ryan may not have his — or his agenda’s — best interests at heart. Ryan’s failure to deliver the votes on healthcare cement Trump’s skepticism of Ryan, they say.
“This is another example of the staff not serving the president well and the weakness of the Paul Ryan speakership,” a source close to President Trump told Breitbart News. “This calls into question once again the speaker’s commitment to supporting Donald Trump and his agenda.”
“Speaker Ryan proved today that he does not have the best interests of the President at heart,” said another source close to the president. “He sold out the president and showed his word can be taken with a grain of salt. There is only one course of action that should be taken to move past this catastrophe and that is the swift removal of Paul Ryan from the speakership.”
White House sources tell Breitbart News that the president is very frustrated with Ryan and feels that he has saved him multiple times already. After the election in November, it was widely reported that there were enough Republican votes to remove Ryan as Speaker — and the only reason conservatives kept him is that Trump won the election and embraced Ryan. But now Trump may perceive Ryan as a burden rather than someone who can help enact his agenda.
Trump has no use for losers. He kicked to the curb two campaign managers before settling on Kellyanne Conway (his first choice by the way, but she turned him down in June 2015). Mike Flynn didn't last long either.

So I am pretty sure Ryan is going.

I hope Gowdy replaces him. He's not a lifer, having swept into office in the Tea Party Rebellion in 2010, which saw Republicans gain a historic 63 seats (most in 64 years).

Gowdy earned the public's trust. One example is that when a state budget crisis called for cuts to his office as 7th Circuit Solicitor, he offset the cuts with money from his campaign account so his employees would not have to take unpaid furloughs.

Yes, that's a guy I want as speaker.

We shall see what happens.

But we do know that six months ago, Paul Ryan washed his hands of Donald Trump after the Billy Bush tape emerged.

Now the House may wash its hands of Paul Ryan.

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  1. Bring him on. If nothing else, I love that Southern twang. He seems reluctant to move into power, but Trey, never forget the great words of Abe Lincoln:

    Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can endure.

    It's that important, Trey. Do it.

  2. Rowdy Gowdy! That's kind of like playing Pin Some Cojones On The Speaker! It's obvious that Caspar Milquetoast just wasn't cut out for the Speakership. Gowdy has a certain dynamic quality that could give President Trump an efficient ally in the House. I say give him a shot. - Elric

  3. I've heard others praise Gowdy. The Main thing we need is someone who isn't bought and paid for.

    1. (understood)

    2. I'm not saying Gowdy is bought.

  4. Bottom line:
    There is a 99.95% chance we will never get rid of a single payer of some sort. Charles K comes up one or two valid points every 10 years or so, most recently that healthcare has become an entitlement. Further, I'll state the obvious from this clusterfu*k that healthcare has become the opium of the U5/U6 unwashed masses. No amount of conservative naloxone will get rid of it.

    Ryan wants it. GOPe wants it. USCoC wants it. Koch brothers want it. Lobby money will keep it. Essentially 10 million warm bodies kept healthy (maybe) so they can vote democrat.

    I love Gowdy like the cousin I never had, but, how'd that Benghazi kabuki go? He's almost equivalent to an Adam Schiff in that opposite universe played by Frank Gorshin in Star Trek (TOS of course).

    I wouldn't bet against the math whiz kid just yet because Ryan's not the only one who needs their money exchange table knocked over in the streets of Jerusalem.

    1. The problem with having a monopoly, which is what medicine is, is that it has to continually be propped up by the government. Thus you are correct. Since there are no actual market mechanisms in place to control the cost of health care they will end up having to be imposed by the power which maintains the monopoly. Ergo, at some point a government system is inevitable. At this point it may be that the best we can hope for is a two track system like they have in Australia.
      Our problem then will be the inevitable claim that the system is racist because it will be heavily populated by blacks and hispanics. Then you get single payer with anyone who can afford to going to Asia for major procedures.

    2. "I love Gowdy like the cousin I never had, but, how'd that Benghazi kabuki go?"

      Agreed. If it weren't for Gowdy's weird haircut, I wouldn't even look cross-eyed at him. Doesn't impress me at all past a first glance as anything more than a cardboard cutout.

    3. IIRC, those tables were inside the temple grounds.

  5. Full stop: Gowdy for Director of the FBI.

    Not Speaker.

    Gowdy does not have the panoramic capabilities nor the nature to herd cats. However he would be an awesome Director of the FBI, especially charging Obama, Hillary, Clapper, Brennan, Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes with treason (see Scooter Libby).

    1. I'm with you on this one. Gowdy doesn't strike me as quite the right personality for the speakership. But then again neither did Boehner nor Ryan and perhaps that's where the problem lies.
      The speaker has to be both a social creature and an astute political operator , with perhaps a little larger than life persona thrown in the mix.

      Mr Gowdy is competent in what he does best, which is where he is now, though a stint as FBI Director might well be a good fit.

  6. Gowdy smacking Comey around in the hearing earlier this week is all I needed to see. Hope he gets voted in as Speaker.

  7. There isn't anybody "great" in the Senate or House anymore -- by "great" I mean that can see new ways of doing things and understand the old ways as well, sort of see several moves ahead. Daniel Patrick Moynihan might be the greatest recently, but I think there are usually maybe a dozen or so of the 500. There aren't any now, though -- or they're awfully well hidden.

    The recent hearings on Gorsuch in the Senate and Comey's in the House showed that nobody, including Gowdy, was much above any of the others, although Gowdy did try a little, anyway.

    I don't like or trust Ryan, especially with how he always criticizes Trump (unlike Pelosi who always stands up for Democrats, even blindly) and who can't stop himself from wanting to "fix" Social Security, etc. (which I maintain is a losing argument for the GOP, whenever they push it into the conversation, the same way comparing every single issue to right to life/abortion doesn't help that cause or Rick Santorum's sanctimony helps Christianity); so Gowdy, who can stick to the point in his investigations, seems the best of a mediocre bunch.

    I hope he's made Speaker!

  8. "Harold Watson "Trey" Gowdy III"

    You just know his kid's nickname is "Home-Plate".

  9. When was the last time a President voted in or out a Speaker of the House?

    1. Barry Soetoro got Nancy P Lousy replaced as screeher.
      While he didn't "vote" her out, he was the one responsible for her losing the job to Bonehead err Boehner.

    2. Dammit it, son, I hope you're not implying that Trump would do anything that is prejudicial to good discipline?!

  10. The trouble with Gowdy and the rest, is that they all have to have financial backers because it is so expensive to run for election. "Who pays the piper calls the tune". Why did Gowdy, blow the investigation into Ben Ghazi? The treehouse has a lot about the behind the scenes donors.

    1. They are an in depth store of good well researched info on the underbelly of politics.

  11. Gowdy gets tapped, Ryan gets schlocked (Wet tennis ball, back of the head, SCHLOCK!)

    1. I prefer schlonged.

      Ryan was toast when he talked about his 200 day plan and president Trump talked about his first 100 days.