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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What species will those historians be?

I'm guessing Periplaneta americana.


  1. Michael Moore's a moron. Watson isn't.

  2. Some liberal historians (Goodwin (plagiarist)) and Brinkley, e.g.) are as bad as the mainstream media.

    The theme song for the cockroach is "I will survive.

  3. Funny how money changes people. 20 years ago this dufus was also pushing for good middle class jobs like Trump is today. But now that Mikey is an "elite" he would rather shit all over the people whom he "fights" for.

    Check that, dufus out, douchebag in!

    1. Mikey Moore has the personal carbon foot print of Walla Walla Washington..
      TG McCoy

  4. "Periplaneta americana." How true, how true.

  5. The Big Fat Pig was always out for himself.

    And Glorious World Socialist Revolution.

    Anybody who thinks he ever pushed for good middle class jobs is delusional.

  6. Ron in Ohio sez:

    Why in the world are intelligent, Conservatives (But, I repeat my self) even quoting this obnoxiously, fat, Commie-Socialist P-O-S, Michael Moore?

    In case ya' haven't yet figured it out - I don't like him and never have ever since I was working in the auto industry in Michigan and he began by trying to do a "Hatchet Job" on G.M. and their closing of US plants for Mexican ones, a commendable start.

    He degenerated to espousing anything and everything Socialist.

    The constant quoting of this P-O-S is all he lives for and serves no worthwhile purpose to the USA and its founding principles.

    Please, leave his comments strictly for publication by such rags as the N.Y Slimes, The Atlanta Urinal & Constipation and the Washington Pest. Let him "preach to his choir" only.

  7. "Periplaneta americana" ... Planet Katy Perry?

  8. "What species will these historians be?"

    Leviticus 11:41