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Friday, March 24, 2017

Voxplaining Obama spying on Trump

Barack Milhous Obama's unethical and unconstitutional spying on Donald Trump's campaign has the news media engaged in a monumental cover-up that in the age of the Internet cannot stand.

What is telling is how the media tries to explain away the evidence of unprecedented espionage by our first Marxist president. Vox is the Media-Democratic Party Complex's live laboratory that trots out and test markets media narratives.

The latest Voxplanation of Obama spying on Trump:
The House Intelligence chair went public with his own read of raw intelligence transcripts before properly vetting it with his colleagues. He has offered no coherent explanation as to why bypassing normal vetting channels was acceptable behavior, where the information came from, or even what he was thinking this when he decided to do it.
Nunes’s public presentation of this information was also incredibly confusing, done in a way that makes little sense unless he was deliberately trying to obscure the truth about whether the president was wiretapped.
So Nunes appears to have, in a very short amount of time, torched his own credibility in defense of a clearly false tweet sent out by Donald Trump. And he did all of this at a time when the FBI is investigating evidence that the Trump campaign may have coordinated with Russian efforts to undermine the US election — charges that the House Intelligence Committee is, in theory, supposed to be investigating as well.
This is not normal.
So Nunes apologized for not telling his committee members that he went to the White House before informing them of what he knew. The apology is likely at the behest of some Democrat who was butt-hurt over being caught flat-footed.

But the Voxplanation actually confirms that Obama spied on Trump.

Vox tries to shift the burden to Republicans for not following procedures. Vox would have readers believe that whatever Obama did was negated because Nunes is guilty of "bypassing normal vetting channels."

But what Vox admits is that there are "raw intelligence transcripts."

Transcripts of what? The wiretaps the New York Times alluded to on January 20? The newspaper of discord now calls them intercepts. Intercepted how?

Vox also admits "the FBI is investigating... the Trump campaign."

Under whose authority?

Since when is the FBI allowed to investigate political campaigns?

Vox would have you believe that there is "evidence that the Trump campaign may have coordinated with Russian efforts to undermine the US election"

But for nine months, the Democratic Party has not offered any evidence of this and indeed the two Jimmys -- Clapper and Comey -- have stated there is no evidence. Both men are liars, of course, but this shows that not even they will cover for Obama's espionage.

John Nolte of the Daily Wire said Nunes has vindicated Trump:
Yes, Trump Is 100% Vindicated On Wiretapping!
Yeppers, I said 100% vindicated, and those who disagree are either being stubbornly hyper-literal about the word "wiretap," or the placing of a "physical wiretap," or Obama himself placing the wiretap, or standing by the point Ben Shapiro makes that Trump is still wrong because the surveillance was "incidental."
I'll touch on the "incidental" issue at length in the points below, but to immediately address Ben's argument, even if the collection was incidental, once the unmasking and dissemination of that "incidental" information occurs, that is the Obama administration illegally targeting Trump using surveillance, and that is the exact same thing as outright spying. And being illegally spied on was, of course, Trump's overall claim.
As far as the THIS WASN'T A WIRETAP nonsense, it reminds me of someone accusing a 70-year-old (Trump's age) of lying when he claims someone stole his record collection after the bad guy is found only with the old man's iPod.  You said records! Where's the vinyl! Where's the vinyl! Where's the vinyl!
Not for a second did I imagine Trump meant an actual physical phone tap -- you know, like you'd see Mike Connors do on "Mannix." Welcome to the 21st Century, pedants!
I might remind readers that Andrew McCarthy of National Review reported on March 3 that a FISA judge gave the Obama regime permission to wiretap a server at Trump Tower.

The media's refusal to admit that Obama did indeed spy on Trump is not pedantic, but rather a trap Trump set. The more the media try to prove him wrong, the more they must concede Obama spied on Trump.

We have transcripts.

Raw transcripts.

Keep Voxplaining, media, because that only makes the hole wider and deeper.

Now the sun is out, the air smells great, and it is a top down day in Poca, West Virginia. So I shall put the top down on my red, 2010 Mustang GT and go for a spin -- a journey that will take me past the coal-fired electric plant right across the river.

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  1. "I might remind readers that Andrew McCarthy of National Review reported on March 3 that a FISA judge gave the Obama regime permission to wiretap a server at Trump Tower."
    And NR is/are NOTRUMPERS.

  2. All landlines, cell phones and e-mails are recorded 24/7. Then they can be retrieved later for analysis. Of course, this is all supposed to be kept Top Secret. Someone was ordered to, or took it upon themself, to disseminate these Top Secret conversations to the (Leftist/Democrat-friendly) press. That is a felony and someone or some people need to go to jail for a long time. In cases as this, Conspiracy can also be proven and that is a separate felony charge, possibly multiple counts. As we go deeper into the rabbit hole watch for the Mad Hatter to pop out of nowhere. When we get close to who is responsible watch for the fading Cheshire Cat grin. We are getting closer to the truth. I suspect a number of people are getting very nervous. Once somebody gets nailed look for them to turn state's evidence. Democrats have a notoriously low tolerance for pain. Hmmm. I wonder if this has anything to do with Obama's month-long trip to French Polynesia? - Elric

    1. As I read your post, I was thinking about your last sentence.

    2. That last sentence was "Keep Voxplaining, media, because that only makes the hole wider and deeper."
      I have since added the part about going for a drive.

  3. This is great... the more sites like Vox and the mainstream media try to vindicate 0bama and play NIGYSOB with Trump, the easier it is to see what they're trying to do. Let's hope they never figure out that the best thing to do when you find yourself in a hole, it's best to stop digging.

    Love the MAD cover, by the way... "what, me worry?"

    1. Yes, that perfectly describes our journey with Trump.

  4. Like the WSJ the rest of the media will keep harping on the literal not the actual. That Obama himself ordered surveillance of Trump himself will never be proven so they will say they were right all along. The Clintonan "is" defense will become theirs. If some transcripts of phone conversation are provided that were then leaked they will say: but it was right to leak, as AB Stoddard, the devoted HC shill, said on Fox news a few nights ago, while discussing Flynn. But even if it was wrong, it wasn't Obama that did it or even ordered it. Finally they will retreat to the Alamo of Eternal Speculation, as Vox itself explains, Colonel Comey commanding, awaiting salvation from the Russian Cavalry they will swear are just over the hill.
    The good thing is though that there will probably be enough certainty in these transcripts to satisfy common sense and so help DT in the public mind.
    The press if one can call it that anymore without nausea will never apologize, never give in. Truth is dead, killed by a Fatwah from the NYT, and they rejoice, waving her bloody gown. Now they are free, free from her tyranny,free at last for Jihad against the Infidel Trump.

  5. I especially enjoy the pedantic wordsmiths claiming Trump lied because "wiretaps" aren't used anymore. I'd dial up one of them for a chat except I can't seem to find the dial on my iPhone.

  6. Comet and Rogers may both have perjured themselves before congress.

  7. The Media can not see, and can not feel, that they are shooting their feet off and digging their own graves deeper, for they are Blinded By The Light of Trump.

    1. Wrapped up like a Doosh, another runner in the night...

      Donald's holding the Pick Four card, for all you Uno fans out there. He's got the documents. He may play it now or play later, but somebody's gonna have a bunch more cards in their hand here soon.

  8. Our news media and the Democrat Party (redundant): Months and months with no evidence of Trump collusion with Russia? Therefore it must be true. Mounting evidence of the Obama administration illegally spying on the Trump campaign? Nothing to see here.