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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trump's Reykjavík

President Trump pantsed Paul Ryan and stripped him of his House speakership on Thursday by calling for a vote on Ryancare.

Presidents don't run the House calendar, but Ryan is weak. So Trump scheduled the vote anyway, and now Ryan and Ryancare are history.

As a reader pointed out, the whole world is watching. I believe a few sphincters tightened a notch or two watching Trump humiliate the Washington establishment and its boy, Paul Ryan.
The reader said in a comment on my previous post:
This is also a display to everyone that Trump WILL walk away and blow up a deal. The world watched. North Korea watched. Iran watched. Nato watched. Theresa May watched. Mexico watched. All those countries that want to make a deal with the US watched Pres Trump throw out the baby with the bathwater. CD.
I have the best readers. I learn more from them than they do from me.

Trump has dealt with some of the most powerful men in his time. Carl Icahn and Wilbur Ross could have broken him in the 1990s. I have written about his first trip to bankruptcy court, which was a very expensive lesson in finance for The Donald.

But he emerged stronger and better for the ordeal, and Icahn and Ross made more money than if they had made him fold, so he taught them a thing or two about branding.

Compare that to the punk Obama whose great achievement in life was impressing liberal millionaires. Putin laughed at him. Iran walked all over him. The Chinese let Kim Jong Un add nukes and intercontinental ballistic missiles to his military arsenal.

They knew Obama was a girly man -- wearing a bike helmet and riding a girl's Schwinn. All that was missing on that bike was a bell.

Now there is a new man in town.

We have a president who will just walk away, Renee.

Haven't seen that since Reagan left Gorbachev waiting at the altar at Reykjavík in October 1986.

The globalists -- Bush 41 on particular -- pressured Reagan to cut a nuclear arms deal with the Soviet Union. This will be your legacy, they told Reagan.

After two days of meeting with Gorbachev, Reagan realized Gorbachev was desperate because the Soviets could not keep pace with the United States, which was developing stealth and SDI technology.

Reagan saw that Gorbachev's position was weak, and walked away.

All of Washington dumped on Reagan, and said he was old and feeble and was risking war.

Five years later, the Soviet Union imploded.

You think Putin doesn't know this? You think Chairman Xi doesn't know this? You think the ayatollahs don't know this?

If I am Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto, I am counting the days till November 30, when my term ends. Let the next guy be the guy who has to pay for that F-ing wall (as Vicente Fox, his predecessor, called it) because after Friday, it is clear that President Trump will get what he wants when he wants it on the international level.

Foreigners at times seem to know our politics better than we do. Those liberals chortling over the end of Ryancare think Obamacare will live forever and ever.

Just like they thought the Soviet Union would last.

Boy are these liberals in for a November 8-level shock.

Trump is a strong man. Not in a Mussolini manner, but in the Reagan manner. The bad guys know it, and I think they will want to leave us alone.

We shall see.

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  1. Thank you for making sense of the Washington follies. I know that we will MAGA but reading this helps a lot.

  2. Btw -- off topic here -- I love your variations of the cover of TRUMP THE ESTABLISHMENT.

  3. The Donald does not settle for second-best. Sometimes, he won't even settle for "best" if he sees where it can be bettered.

    The winning is NOT getting boring.

  4. I've seen the basic idea elsewhere, but not as well enunciated. This reminds me of Chesterton, when he described liberals as people whose ideas inevitably produced destruction and conservatives as people who come by and admire the ruins.
    Naturally, in this case the destructive project is Obamacare, and the conservatives, not being radical by nature, seek to lessen the impact on society while the monstrosity collapses on itself.
    Looked at from a business standpoint, what would be a good parallel? A struggling company in need of reorganization? One on its way to inevitable collapse, but with components that have some value and can be pealed off? One that is completely irreparable? Other considerations: are the board of directors realists? Are they wedded to a company mission that is out of date? Are they the kind of people one can work with? Are they split up into factions that cannot be reconciled into concert?
    This may end up looking like watching Sears run itself into the ground.

    1. Good analysis- Doc the bit
      about Sears is perfect. Let it crash-remind the Dems who made it and the resulting smoking hole in the high desert...
      Don-there are people both
      Repubbies and Demorats that have written Trump's
      obituary over this-like Reagan's.Do. Not.Count. Him. Out. Trump fights, and he does not fight fair.. TG McCoy

    2. When you fight fair you lose, Fight to win or go home.
      An important lesson I learned early is people don't remember tactics a month after the fight. All they remember is who won. I taught my boys they had better never stat a fight, but they'd better finish it.

    3. If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn't plan your mission properly. -- David Hackworth


  6. Nice pop music references! The President does, indeed, Get Around.
    Wouldn't it be nice if we could the Establishment to want us too?

  7. Barry's Schwinn had a bell, a dumb bell.
    I likened this to a championship football game.
    Ryan took a possibly fatal hit for "his" team. Not conservatives, the people who own him. There is still time on the clock.
    The mastery we are seeing is attention grabbing. That is what President Trump needs to keep thing moving and people focused. We want the swamp drained.
    Liken that to having a couple of sixteen year olds cleaning out an abandoned house. Thy will find a way to become distracted if we don't keep both eyes on them and one open at night. The press, unwittingly, is helping us because they want to paint this as a loss for Trump. The unmasking of Paul "The Lyin" Ryan.
    People, take note, what did your congress critter do in this fight? Time to clean House in 2018.

  8. I'm leaning on you, man. Everyone else seems to have their hair on fire.

    1. Remeber if you are taking flack, you are over the target.
      Trump's in the lead Bomber.
      TG McCoy

  9. First off, Don, thanks for ending with a Beach Boys reference, nice. As the swamp drains, you will see political bodies floating in it and reeking. War is never pretty. Trump knew by last weekend this wasn't what he wanted.

    It is a good lesson for those who will be involved in the tax cutting bill.

  10. Don, this post epitomizes my thoughts about Trump's position on the bill exactly. I kept thinking, "why is Trump supporting this bill when it isn't what he promised his voters?"

    I've read more about how everything went down and it's obvious that PDT and his staff played the entire Congress like a fiddle. Bannon's supposed directive to the Freedom Caucus: "you will vote for this bill" is a classic, guaranteed to produce a negative reaction. Nicely done all the way.

    Let the media and even Drudge have a meltdown over this. A new and better bill will emerge in time and meanwhile the Democrats can own Obamacare for a bit longer.

  11. One thing's certain: some House Republicans, up for re-election in 2018, must be getting very nervous about their chances after this clown circus. During the upcoming Congressional recess, I'm sure there'll be a lot of deep "soul searching" that will translate into action once they come back. Going into 2018 with nothing to show for nearly complete control over Congress and the Presidency won't look good on anyone's resume....and they know it.

  12. Thanks for the great article. This is a deal we needed to walk away from.

  13. "Putin laughed at him. Iran walked all over him. The Chinese let Kim Jong Un add nukes and intercontinental ballistic missiles to his military arsenal."

    It's not just Obama. It's Democrats:

    --Wendy Sherman, a special adviser to President Clinton on North Korea, accompanied then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to Pyongyang in 2001, and met Kim along with Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson.

    "We shared similar impressions of meeting him. He was smart and a quick problem-solver," Sherman says. "He is also witty and humorous. Our overall impression was very different from the way he was known to the outside world."

    Sherman sat next to Kim at a stadium to watch a huge festival of synchronized dancing. She says she turned to Kim and told him she had the sense that in some other life, he was a "great director."--

  14. I am flattered that you used my comment for your article Don. I have been batting for Trump mainly because of his global warming stance, which stupidity is bankrupting my country (Oz). The same globalists who are ruining the US also have ruined Oz. Rupert Murdoch owns almost every newspaper and there is constant denigration of Trump all over Murdoch's and the rest of the news. I am not joking when I say that Pres Trump is my hope for cheaper power bills! Australia actually blew up a coal power station and this week started closing down another, and replacing them with wind and solar!!! Anyway, getting back to Trump, I notice things perhaps you do not notice about him. For instance, why is he so happy looking most of the time? He must be winning something in his own mind which we do not (yet) know about. CD.