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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Trump was right to fire Preet Bharara

Fake News outlets portray Preet Bharara as a "storied prosecutor" who went after Wall Street and political corruption.

They have it half right. He took down some crooked politicians, but when it came to Wall Street, he let the crooks buy the Department of Justice off.

Obama appointed him as United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, taking office on August 13, 2009. His turf included Wall Street.

Under Bush 43, that office successfully prosecuted a score of CEOs. Topping the list of those convicted was Ken Lay, CEO of Enron, who died before he could be sent to prison. The rest did prison time.

But Obama changed that. Through Preet Bharara, Barack Obama sold Get Out Of Jail Free cards to corrupt CEOs on Wall Street.

Instead of doing time for their crimes, Bharara let their companies pay fines that went into a Department of Justice slush fund that then funded Obama's extreme radical lefty buddies.

The press has known about this pay-to-get-away scheme for years.

From the Daily Caller on August 7, 2012:
A new report from the conservative Government Accountability Institute (GAI) finds that President Barack Obama’s and Attorney General Eric Holder’s failure to criminally charge any top Wall Street bankers is likely a result of cronyism inside the Department of Justice and political donations made to Obama’s campaign.
Despite Obama’s and Holder’s “heated rhetoric” against Wall Street (in 2009, Obama blamed the 2008 financial collapse on “reckless speculation of bankers” while Holder charged that “unscrupulous executives, Ponzi scheme operators and common criminals alike have targeted the pocketbooks and retirement accounts of middle class Americans”), they haven’t “filed a single criminal charge against any top executive of an elite financial institution,” GAI wrote in its report, exclusively obtained by The Daily Caller.
GAI argues that the Obama administration’s decision to not go after Big Finance is due to senior DOJ leadership — Holder, Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli, Associate Attorney General Tony West, Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, Deputy Attorney General James Cole and Deputy Associate Attorney General Karol Mason — who “all came to the DOJ from prestigious white-collar defense firms where they represented the very financial institutions the DOJ is supposed to investigate.”
The report details how Holder and Breuer both came to the DOJ from Covington & Burling, a “top-tier Washington law firm” with a client list that includes financial firms like Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, CitiBank, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, ING, Morgan Stanley, UBS and Wilmington Trust.
Instead of sending CEOs to the slammer, Preet Bharara shook them down. Citibank paid a fine of $158 million in 2012, and agreed to pay $7 billion in 2014 to avoid criminal prosecutions.

JP Morgan paid $1.7 billion for its role in the Bernie Madoff scheme. President Bush's prosecutors got Madoff a sentence of 150 years in prison.

Bank of America agreed to a $1 billion fine in 2012.

Toyota agreed to a fine of $1.2 billion in 2014.

Yes, he did go after insider trading by the Galleon Group, whose principles were Indian-Americans like him. They went to prison. He also sent Republican Dinesh D'Souza to prison for election law violations.

In a tweet today, D'Souza said, "GOOD RIDDANCE DEPT: Obama capo @PreetBharara is a familiar Indian type, subservient to those above him but ruthless with those in his power."

To his credit, Bharara did go after Democratic politicians in New York, and 26 members of the Gambino crime family.

I am not saying the man was not a good prosecutor.

But he was far from a saint, and frankly we elected President Trump to drain the swamp. Bharara was the man who filled the Democratic Party's DoJ slush fund.

I won't miss him.

UPDATE, from Glenn Reynolds:
Here’s what I wrote back when Bharara subpoenaed Reason for its commenters’ names, and then put them under a gag order: “I continue to think that this is a case of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara doing one (or both) of two things: (1) Attempting a sort of brushback pitch regarding people talking smack about federal judges, to the effect of saying that we can’t punish you under the First Amendment but we’ll go after you anyway; and/or (2) doing a ‘favor’ for a judge before whom he has a lot of cases. Both seem like abuses of power to me.”
Trump should have fired him 51 days ago :)

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  1. Thanks. there is considerable consternation on this one and I'm glad somebody has given us the facts.

  2. How much of those fines was going to some lib slush fund?
    Also note that headlines when Obama did this used the word "replace", whereas when Trump does it the word "oust" is used.
    The SJW media can only project, lie and will always double down. You can prove them wrong a million times and they will just come back for more.

  3. here in NY for years there has been talk almost daily in the Fearless Post about Preet being just on the verge of prosecuting Cuomo the Obviously Corrupt or jailing his bitter political rival in taxing and squandering, Comrade De Blasio von Trotsky, the stinkiest Mayor in New York City history, but somehow nothing ever happens . Maybe something will now.

  4. If Jesse Jackson had a son.....

  5. He was the guy who sentenced Dinesh D'Souza to such a long time in the pokey for a trivial campaign contribution gone wrong.

    1. And Bharara gave a slap on the wrist to a Democrat who committed the identical "offense".

  6. Note to future scumsucking scam artists: no more "Get Out Of Jail Free" cards, but you just might win Second Prize In A Beauty Contest from your cell mates.

  7. Bharara served as chief counsel to Chuckie Schumer. That's all I needed to know, however I am glad I just read the rest of the story. He is even worse than I thought.

  8. Just another example of Obungler administration corruption. Not a single dude responsible for the Great Recession went to prison. Oh yeah. That's right. It was all Chimpy McHalliburton Bushitler's fault. If the Fake News Media had done its job all the corruption would have been exposed. Wait a minute! The Fake News Media did do its job. Its job was protecting Obongo, the Dimocrat Party, and Goldman Sachs.

  9. From the NY Times comes this disturbing news:

    Last week, several public interest groups, including Democracy 21 and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, called on Preet Bharara, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York and an aggressive prosecutor of corruption, to investigate the Trump Organization, the New York-based business through which Mr. Trump owns and controls his hotels, golf courses and other holdings. But that effort might not go far because the Department of Justice on Friday asked Mr. Bharara and 45 other United States attorneys appointed by former President Barack Obama to resign.

    1. Bharara was also supposed to be looking at the finances of the Clinton Foundation. Funny nothing ever came of that once she lost the election. I guess he decided there was no publicity benefit to pursue the matter once she lost to Trump.

      Among defense attorneys, Bharara has the reputation of being a thug prosecutor who liked to abuse the power of his office in order to gather personal publicity. Any prosecutor who would call a press conference the day before the opening of a trial in order to make prejudicial statements about the defendants he was about to prosecute, knowing it would taint the jury, is a total scumbag who should not be allowed to wield that much power.

  10. Why was his letter of resignation not already on file as of January 20? Isn't that a matter of course? What the hell is it with these people -- he violates protocol and has the chutzpah to call everyone else assholes???

  11. Thanks for posting this Don (I see American Thinker linked to you too)---I had no idea he was such a scumbag.

  12. Just another grandstanding Democrat hack. "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers". - Elric

  13. He got the DNC's memo to change his eye color to blue. DNC must buy blue contact lenses in bulk.

  14. When my sugar walks down the street, all the little birdies go preet, preet, preet!

    1. LOL, you got me with that one! Almost took out my keyboard!

  15. Maybe it's time to trade places for some of these guys with Bernie Madoff. They're no better (or worse) than him. Low hanging fruit can easily fill your basket and make it look like you are doing a good job.

  16. Leave the carcasses of their sacred cows rotting on the streets. Hit the road, jerk, you're just another grain of sand on the tracks of The Deplorable Trump Train.