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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Trump needs oppo research

Donald Trump's bargain-basement bid for the presidency had its benefits, as the low amount of donations showed he was beholden to no one, and low spending showed he is a cheapskate who would balance the budget.

The downside was he did not spend on opposition research. If he is going to survive the presidency, he is going to need to know the name of every mistress and cabana boy of every senator and House leader.

That is how Bill Clinton survived impeachment for perjury -- a felony.

Why do you think the Senate went through the motions of a trial to overwhelmingly acquit him?

He made the issue adultery because he knew a body with so many 50 adulterers would not want their secrets leaked.

And of course, afterward Clinton got Newt kicked out as House speaker for adultery -- in favor of that fine upstanding pedophile Dennis Hastert.

Barack Obama used the FBI to conduct illegal surveillance on Trump's supporters and sitting senators. We know this because of the leaks on Jeff Sessions. Obama's OFA has that information and more, and Obama plans to use it as Obama continues the first non-peaceful transference of power since his intellectual antecedent Jeff Davis got 11 states to secede.

This is serious -- very dark and dank -- stuff.

Did you think the Washington Establishment and its figurehead Obama would simply walk quietly away from power and the trillions of dollars?

The Saudis and other Muslim nations put up $100 million or so to buy off Hillary, whose minder is Huma Abedin. Obama's minder -- Valerie Jarrett -- just moved in with him.

Trump needs to open his wallet, hire some Hollywood-quality detectives, and buy some insurance. As the cliché goes, politics ain't beanbag.

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  1. A lot of the oppo research is being done by volunteer labor going back through twitter archives and seeing where all of these senators acting so upset about Sessions have bragged in the past about meetings with Russian ambassadors. This Sessions thing is going to go nowhere.

  2. I hope President Trump's people flood the airways with every damn contact every Democrat in Congress has ever had with Russia or China. There was a report at one time that one of HRC's adviser was in contact with the Chinese. Follow that and every other such contact. Supposedly Claire McCaskill has done the same despite her own denials this morning about it. The Democrats refuse to work with Trump, so burn her butt. Trump has the media, never Trumpers and the Democrats against him. Time to takr no damn prisoners.

    1. McCaskill bragged on Twitter a while back that she met with the Russian ambassador. She has been busted for the liar and scumbag she is. I hope the citizens of Missouri are taking notice.

  3. Trump doesn't even need to find the proof, just make the subject think he has, and their tell will give 'em away.

    So Trump ought to study public footage of 'em and figure out their tells.

  4. That's why I posted the excerpt from the Daily Mail On-Line earlier today. Obama is going to wage political war against his duly elected successor, undoubtedly using surrogates like Valerie Jarrett and the OFA organization. This is pretty scary stuff if you think about it.

    The other day Trump was quoted as blaming Obama for the dirty tricks Congressional Democrats are playing, so I presume he is aware of the dangers he now faces, at least from the Inside. Whether he is fully aware of the dangers from Outside and is willing to arm himself to play hardball politics is another matter. He and his closest advisers, at least those with public faces, seem awfully naive for this game. Trump needs to get some tough veterans of the DC political wars to work on strategies for a counter-offensive. Normally, I would guess, this task would be handled by his paid political organization, but Trump's campaign ran very, very lean, so I doubt he has anyone in place right now who can take on that responsibility. He'd better watch out: very sharp knives are out to get him; he'd better bring an armload of guns to the fight if he wants to survive. And he'd better not turn his exposed back to Congressional Republicans who carry shivs in their tunics.

  5. TheLastRefuge‏ @TheLastRefuge2

    Russian Ambassador Kislyak Attended Trump Congressional Speech Tuesday – Sat With Democrats… …

  6. I think he's got it. I also think he'll sit on it until the moment is propitious.

    If I were a Lefty, I'd worry about what Vlad has on them.

  7. One other point to keep in mind; a lot of what Willie knew was obtained illegally.

    Remember the FBI files on Republicans A-M in the Hildabeast's bedroom?

    There's your oppo research.

  8. I found a really good source of dirt on Democrats and their cohorts at It is the brainchild of David Horowitz. He was a card-carrying Communist who saw the light and he has the dirt on just about everybody on their side. It's interesting and scary reading. They are all connected. And you can trace just about all of them back to Nazi collaborator George Soros. Talk about a conspiracy. - Elric

  9. Obama's political success, from the very first days in that pillar of honesty, Cook County, was based on oppo research and blackmail. I despise the tactic, but sometimes the only way to put out a forest fire is with a firebreak.

  10. Oppo research warning shot?

  11. Looks like somebody is listening, Don.

  12. And the gloves are coming off: