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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trump makes the media pay

The American press is under the delusion that it is so important that it sets the agenda, not the president. Perhaps after eight years of a community organizer occupying the White House, the SJWs with bylines would think that.

But President Trump has put them in their place. I love hearing them WHINGE!

Andrew Marantz of New Yorker pointed out that the mainstream press believes it is entitled to dominate the daily press briefings by the White House press secretary, but Sean Spicer said no.

Those briefings are a ratings boom because the Fake News media with its unprecedented anti-Trump bias has turned all attention to the president.

And Donald Trump knows the value of those ratings.

And Donald Trump is making them sweat for those ratings.

This administration is calling on whatever reporters it wants, not the cable news dandies and quaintrelles who have mocked Donald Trump for the last year and a half.

They bet on the wrong team.

From Marantz:
For years, the first question of each press briefing has usually gone to the Associated Press, whose reporters sit in the middle of the front row. In Spicer’s first briefing, on January 21st, which lasted five and a half minutes, he uttered several verifiable falsehoods—“This was the largest audience to ever witness an Inauguration, period”—then left without taking any questions.
For the first question of his second briefing, he called on the New York Post, whose reporter, sitting in the fifth row, was clearly surprised. He asked, “When will you commence the building of the border wall?”
In Spicer’s third briefing, his first question went to a reporter from LifeZette, who wondered why the Administration hadn’t taken a harder line on immigration. Many of Spicer’s early briefings were unusually short—about half an hour, with ten minutes of prepared remarks in the beginning.
He often escapes from the podium without facing many tough questions from mainstream journalists. (This month, perhaps hoping to foreclose public scrutiny, or to starve “Saturday Night Live” of material, Spicer did his briefings off-camera for a week.)
The net effect is President Trump's mouthpiece was asked as many tough questions as Barack Obama's mouthpiece was.


At his own press conference, President Trump did not allow belligerent reporters get away with preening before the cameras.

From Marantz:
As reporters asked questions, Trump rated their performances in real time (“Not a simple question, not a fair question”; “That was very professional and very good”), pitted them against each other (“Should I let him have a little bit more? What do you think, Peter?”), and, like a power-drunk Merlin, ordered them to stand or sit, speak or go silent. Reporters, apart from venting their frustration on Twitter, had no choice but to sit silently and take the abuse.
Aw, poor babies.

Maybe we can find them a safe place.

The mainstream dips spent most of 2016 covertly campaigning for Clinton.

They lost.

They pay.

Welcome to the big leagues, boys and girls.

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  1. Sorry, Don. Not impressed. This is nice, yes, but it's like watching your granddaughter dress up as a princess.
    I want to go for their throats. How about mandating ala carte cable and satellite? Taxing movies? Reforming copyright? Why isn't Mickey Mouse in the public domain? I want Disney destroyed. Give me the head of Disney on a platter.
    Tired of pussyfooting around with people who want to destroy our culture and our country.

    1. Because that's exactly what the Enemedia and the leftards want. Besides, in case you haven't been paying attention us Deplorables have been doing a good job of dismantling them ourselves.

      Trump has read AND understood "The Art of War". He also understands the truth of the old adage "Money Talks".

      A couple of examples...

      We already have de facto ala carte cable/satellite. Ever hear of a Roku box? Look it up sometime.

      So many people have dumped cable that Disney is beginning to gut ESPN and will probably try to sell it. It has gone from being it's #1 broadcast revenue generator to a huge financial drag on the company. They've wanted to sell ABC for at least five years but know there are no buyers for it.

      Disney is also going to inflict a mortal wound on their biggest money making franchise with their next big "princess" movie. Pushing the gay agenda in a children's movie and thinking parents are going spend money on that is an idea that only leftards think is a money making proposition.

      One thing people tend to not know or remember is that Apple is Disney's largest stockholder. You have to kill Apple off to kill Disney off.

      You, like leftard Democrats, want government to do everything for you. You want these globalist totalitarian companies and their owners to be destroyed? You have the power to do so. Money Talks. Tune out, turn off, and drop out. Quit funding them.

  2. That comes later. Ala carte is the only way to save cable. Cable cutters -- not The Donald -- are forcing that. Patience, my friend. Patience.

  3. I used to have a Marantz receiver in the Seventies---it worked really well. Too bad I can't say the same for its namesake.

  4. An old coach used to reply to our complaints with "where's mommy? She's not coming to get you, so settle down ladies". I hear his words and project them to the media, but the media men being called ladies may take that as a compliment.

  5. I've learned a new word, quaintrelle, today.

    The media are learning that Trump trumps them, and that makes them soooooooooooooooo

    1. quaintrelle = Paris Hilton

      From the Web site UNUSED Words:

      English-derived slang term of nebulous origin. The best I’ve seen in regards to following this word’s etymology is that it’s most likely a French-influenced Middle English adoption.

  6. "The net effect is President Trump's mouthpiece was asked as many tough questions as Barack Obama's"

    Most likely more.

    1. Spicer is being asked more because his boss likes to lie more. Wire-tapping truth anyone?

    2. Obama wiretapped AP, Kucinich, Merkel, et cetera. FISA warrant issued in October to wiretap Trump Tower.

    3. Yet Spicer is walking back Trump's tweets about the wiretapping. I think you should call Spicer as he clearly needs your assistance.

  7. This Post is pretty good. The New Yorker is owned by one of New York City's wealthiest men, for decades it's most powerful print media mogul who himself lived in a towered palace on the River, surrounded by modern art valued at a billion. Under his ownership,the magazine never contemplated a Republican it didn't hate.
    Every year the Mogul held his annual dinner in the now defunct but then swanky and Uber expensive wood pannaled and massively chandeliered Four Seasons Restaurant. Like Xerxes, he sat at the center table, his media satraps arranged near or far from him in order of his mercurial personal favor. The peons of the New York press, peering from the cheap seats at the bar, slathered over how near or far to him any one might be now compared to the year before,since those who had been moved by even by one seat farther or closer were thought to be doomed or blessed, their careers shattered, or made. The envy or joy was intense.
    So I guess if Trump doesn't call on J Pace of the AP first he is revealing his imperial preference, the AP and those who were first are now last. I hope this is true, actually, but unfortunately unlike Xerxes Trump cannot have them removed for good. Yet he can demonstrate command by holding Court more often himself. Let him show favor or disdain to one or another. Let envy spite and lust for his favor as they clamor for attention and suffer his wit reveal them for what they have become, desperate ambitious minions of arbitrary masters who dine on gold plate in high towers far away, not at all the humble, deserving, put upon servants of the first amendment they pretend to be.

    1. He can't eliminate them, but he could move the press room out of the White House and into the Executive Office Building next door. That would severely restrict the media's access to the White House. It would be a serious blow to their Hindenburg sized egos if they had to give up the credentials and security passes that permit them into different parts of the White House.

    2. the NYT said the press used to hang out at the white house gate and beg news crumbs from visitors. Perhaps T should do something like this. For one thing the tendency to talk to press by staffers, which is intense, would be materially diminished and more controllable. The business part of the white house is very small and warren like and in reality the press has become an enemy of freedom, not to be trusted. This margin of safety from prying eyes was actually first reported in first century Rome, as far as I can tell, when the emperor built a palace and made himself inaccessible. Trump does well when he is accessible though.

  8. Like watching smartass punks on the first day of basic training, you KNOW this ain't gonna end well for the MSM.