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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Trump can move $80 billion in new projects forward

The American Society of Civil Engineers calculated that America has $3.6 trillion in infrastructure needs. President Trump wants to start a $1 trillion infrastructure program. Moving at the speed of Congress (which is half the speed of smell, according to comedian Ron White), the projects might get started sometime in the 22nd century.

But President Trump has a pen and a Twitter account (actually two) and can clear $60 billion worth of projects without congressional approval or taxpayer help.

From the McClatchy Washington Bureau:
Labor unions representing construction workers have sent an infrastructure priority list to President Donald Trump at his request, as his White House searches for projects to greenlight that require little if any federal funding.
North America’s Building Trades Unions sent the White House the wish list of 26 projects, including more than $80 billion worth of energy transmission lines, water and wind projects, and pipelines across the country.
More than half of the projects on the list given to Trump aide Stephen Miller are privately financed. All but one are in the midst of permitting and could use the Trump administration’s help in the form of regulatory relief.
The lone project seeking taxpayer dollars is the $20 billion Gateway project, which would add passenger rail capacity between densely populated New Jersey and New York and replace 100-year-old rail tunnels damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
The projects include:

  • The $5 billion Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Virginia and West Virginia. Needs Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approval. Could start this fall. 10,000 jobs.
  • The $6 billion Jordan Cove Energy Project in Oregon. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission turned it down in the Final Days of the Obama regime. It's ready to go if the commission reverses itself. 2,000 jobs.
  • The $250 million Cadiz Water Conveyance Project. Needs Bureau of Land Management approval. 5,900 jobs.

These are three of the many really shovel-ready projects that can be done to help the public without costing taxpayers anything. They just need a permit -- or in one case, the Environmental Protection Agency to drop a lawsuit.

President Trump has been building things for 45 years as a CEO. He ain't no stuck-up community organizer who thinks electricity comes out of a wall socket.

You get that the U.S. Forest Service to approve that $3 billion Rawlins 600kv TransWest Express Transmission Line, and windmills in Wyoming will be supplying electricity to Las Vegas in no time. 3,000 jobs. Design began 12 years ago.

From the American Society of Civil Engineers:
The 2017 Infrastructure Report Card reveals that we have made some incremental progress toward restoring our nation’s infrastructure. But it has not been enough. As in 2013, America’s cumulative GPA is once again a D+.
The 2017 grades range from a B for Rail to a D- for Transit, illustrating the clear impact of investment – or lack thereof – on the grades. Three categories – Parks, Solid Waste, and Transit – received a decline in grade this year, while seven – Hazardous Waste, Inland Waterways, Levees, Ports, Rail, Schools, and Wastewater – saw slight improvements. Six categories’ grades remain unchanged from 2013 – Aviation, Bridges, Dams, Drinking Water, Energy, and Roads.
The areas of infrastructure that improved benefited from vocal leadership, thoughtful policymaking, and investments that garnered results. These improvements demonstrate what can be accomplished when solutions that move projects forward are approved and implemented.
I have no doubt that by the end of President Trump's second term (as I call it, The Best Eight Years of Our Lives), that grade will be much higher.

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  1. First consideration should be to projects in flyover country. Remember who put you there.

  2. This is how you get things done.

  3. Windmills in Wyoming? Really? I think not.

    1. Dude, you ever been out West? For several years, my old hometown, Great Falls MT, was ranked the second windiest city in the nation, right behind Chicago. I'm still not bought in on wind power but believe me, there's plenty of wind out there on them plains.

  4. Yeah, eff the windmill projects. Replace them with gun ranges in Chicago (where the local gov. won't allow them because anti-gun facists).

  5. I hope that President Trump's team can help states and agencies better negotiate costs on some of these projects. Numbers always seem yuuuuuige.

  6. Windmills are ugly and nuclear is probably a better option. Who clears the wind farms when the windmills are worn out and too costly to repair/replace?

  7. Shift money from redundant and worthless programs to infrastructure. Get rid of the wage requirements put in place by Obama and other unnecessary restrictions to stretch the money.
    My county spends $155,000 for transportation to return homeless children to their original schools for self-esteem reasons per a federal mandate; sometimes taxis have to be used. Stupid. If I was homeless, I would want to be with people who don't know my situation, not my old buddies, but that probably is just me. Politicians know best, right.

  8. Now hold on thar, Baba Looey! If you fill in all the holes in the road, how's the milk gonna arrive at the butter factory pre-churned?

  9. Half the speed of smell?!? I am going to laugh about that one for a long time. Not sure if there is anyone funnier than ron white -- but i grew up in the woods and sit down in the corner at dons blog drinking canned beer w a cammy maga hat and work boots