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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The smug ignorance of liberals

A reader tipped me to a literary agent's blog which became political after the people of America dared to elect Donald Trump president.

I found illuminating the post "Janet Reid, Literary Agent: How query letters illuminated the New Political Landscape for me."

The logic of the post was that because amateurs make bad suggestions about the query letter system. She wrote:
And to my way of thinking they're trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist.
Good for her. However the problem does exist because if nothing were wrong with her system, then people would not be telling her how to fix it. The problem simply does not exist in her world.

(I have never had contact with the woman and have made a dozen such queries in my life. I found the system satisfactory.)

By extrapolating her experience onto the political scene she became exactly the same amateur who thought she was an expert.

From her post:
I understand intellectually that people voted one way for a myriad of reasons and those reasons are just as valid as mine were for voting the other way.
But now it's clear at least to me that the guiding principal is Everything That Happened Before was Bad, and thus We Must Change/Fix it.
Except no one in this administration has ever served in government. Not locally. Not nationally. And that's viewed as a positive thing. Just like those Query Fixers who think the system is broken because they didn't get the results they wanted.
Her framing of the issue -- Everything That Happened Before was Bad -- was a clumsy exaggeration, which merely shows poor rhetorical skills.

But her assertion that "no one in this administration has ever served in government" is so unfactual that I must call it a lie. I don't usually call things a lie, but this is a lie. That does not make her a liar. It merely shows her ignorance (and we are all ignorant of matters, including those query letter critics she wrote of early in the post).
Vice President Mike Pence -- former governor.
Defense secretary James Mattis -- retired general.
Attorney general Jeff Sessions -- senator and former U.S. attorney.
Interior secretary Ryan Zinke -- congressman.
HHS Secretary Tom Price -- congressman.
And so on and so forth. These five men have more than a century of government service among them. A good CEO like Trump surrounds himself with experts.

So much for "no one in this administration has ever served in government."

Reid did not do her homework.

She is a know nothing.

I end this post with the comment I left at her post:

Trump has 40 years of experience with government. You cannot build a thing in New York without getting a permit. Getting tax abatements made the Grand Hyatt possible, a feat that sparked a renaissance in Manhattan.

Later he took over that Central Park ice skating rink boondoggle and brought it in ahead of schedule and under budget.

Trump has conquered many a field (best selling book, a top TV series, golf) and failed (magazine, airline, university). He never ran for anything and defeated an opponent who enjoyed nearly universal admiration in the press, twice the campaign budget, and every expert saying she would win.

He won because the experts ran the federal government into the ground, and voters decided to change it. We are $19 trillion in debt and our roads are crumbling, the economy is in the toilet, and Iran and the Norks have nukes. 

Government originally was set up to be like business. Over the years politicians screwed it up. Seriously, we cannot fire civil servants for watching porn at work for hours on end?

Frankly, I am tired of people who have not studied a wink about Donald Trump claiming expertise on the subject. They are just like those Query Letter experts that bug Ms. Reid.

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  1. Using the Scott Adams analogy, you have to wonder what we look like in the crazy little movie she has running in her head.

    1. I dunno about you, Doc, but I'm the creepy, boggle-eyed goldfish.

  2. I found it interesting that a literary agent didn't know the difference between "principle" and "principal."

  3. She will be out of pocket on the 8th, so if anyone needs to contact her for a palm reading please do so after the 8th. LOL!

    Bring me a sammich and a beer womyn.

  4. If your marriage is failing after 25 years, how expert are you?

  5. I would have left this message for her but doubt she would read all the posts to her article. We voted for Trump "because" he was not a politician. He is tough enough to battle the establishment and not give in to it. That's what we wanted in our president--a warrior for our side. I think of him as David.

  6. I'm guessing that as a literary agent, she's in with the big publishing houses' people's milieu. Which I understand is not going so well these days.

  7. There is a funny, somewhat related article by Steve Cuozzo of the NY Post about how completely removed the Coastal Elite are from those of us who live in the rest of the country. They are so far removed that they are reduced to equating "authenticity" with eating food from street trucks:

    "Since [Anthony] Bourdain first romanticized it on TV, street food has become the Holy Grail of gallivanting chefs who prowl the Third World in search of obscure, peasant-wrapped dumplings before bedding down for the night in five-star hotels.

    "To true believers, street food stands for authenticity, diversity and solidarity with the masses — whether of impoverished Ecuador or wealthy Hong Kong.

    "Bourdain’s great and deserved popularity infected New Yorkers with a craving to track down their own favorite street epiphanies."

    1. Cuozzo is a jewel. Think I quoted him in both Trump books.