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Monday, March 13, 2017

Saint Preet

President Trump axed 46 Democratic political appointees this weekend whom Barack Obama had appointed as U.S. attorneys. He asked for their resignations, but the guy in Manhattan refused to do the honorable thing.

So Trump fired Preet Bharara -- whom the press immediately lionized.

From the New York Times:
With Preet Bharara’s Dismissal, Storied Office Loses Its Top Fighter
What about the 45 other political hacks shown the door? Were they just chewing the scenery?

You can chalk that up to parochialism, as Bharara worked in the backyard of the Times. But national reporters also gave this story way too much attention.

From the Associated Press:
A defiant Manhattan federal prosecutor, in announcing his firing after he refused to resign, says "absolute independence" was his touchstone for over seven years as he battled public corruption.
The 879-word story by Larry Neumeister did not contain one quote from the administration concerning the firing, nor did Neumeister seek or even show that he sought President Trump's side in Bharara's claim that Trump had asked him to stay on.

But Neumeister had no problem ending his story with a dark hint about Trump:
Annemarie McAvoy, a former Brooklyn federal prosecutor, said it was not surprising Trump might want Bharara gone since there's a good chance any subpoena seeking information about Trump campaign links to Russians would go through his office. She said it was also possible Trump wanted "to take out as many people as they can in the prior administration given the leaks and problems that they're having."
That is bonkers.

For six months, the press has accepted the Democratic Party line that there is a connection betwixt Russia and Trump.

Pressed to prove it, such Obama administration have admitted there is no evidence of this.

Nevertheless, the press accepts this as fact and also accepts as fact that Bharara went after Wall Street. But unlike the Bush administration -- which sent a score of CEOs to prison (I include Ken Lay of Enron who died before sentencing) -- Bharara did not send CEOs to prison. Instead he fined their companies. The Department of Justice then parceled out those fines -- worth billions -- to lefty non-prrofit groups.

How odd that Saint Preet the public corruption buster was involved in such a stay-out-of-jail scheme. I explained this on Saturday.

Frankly, Trump fired Bharara because Trump fired all the remaining Obama appointees as U.S. attorney.

The press sees something darker.

From New York Magazine: "The Big Winner in Donald Trump's Decision to Fire Preet Bharara Might Be Rupert Murdoch."

Yes, sneaky plan firing 46 U.S. attorneys to get Bharara.

Oddly enough, one of Murdoch's properties was sad to say goodbye to Bharara. From the Wall Street Journal: "Preet Bharara's Probes Likely to Continue After His Exit."

I thought I heard Gloria Gaynor singing, "I Will Survive," when I read that.

Yes, presskins, you will survive.

As will the constitutional republic.

But the media insists on creating its own reality.

From the New York Times:
Preet Bharara Shunned Politics. His End Was Tinged by Them
Nonsense. Bharara was a Chuck Schumer's lawyer who got a nice job when the White House flipped Democratic again. Fired, Bharara is set for life as are the rest of the exes. Prestigious law firms want them. Bharara could even seek public office.

We sent Trump to Washington to drain the swamp. The swamp critters in the press don't like it.

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  1. This one's a lob for a thunderous slam dunk:

    Who would you choose, Preet Bharara or Rudy Giuliani?

    1. And Rudy tears down the rim and shatters the backboard.

    2. Schlongy! Hahahahaha. Post Of The Day nominee. Not sure we saw too many perp walks with Preet. Was there even one?

  2. Basically, Lyin Loretta and her slimy predecessor destroyed all respect for prosecutors wearing the red bandana other than by those also wearing it. The Times is shedding crock tears anyway. Now if one of its Democrát favorites is targeted by a Trump replacement they can cry Witch hunt and lock in a few more clickfools. The left was happy with shaking down the big banks because in reality they need other people's money to buy power. Justice is of no importance compared to ready cash. Because Preet helped them get loot to squander on themselves,he is a Hero. Bank robbers are always held in high esteem by those wearing the red bandana.

  3. I think baharara should be investigated to determine if the shake down he used to fund leftist causes off budget was legal. If not, he should be arrested and prosecuted. Then the tears the times shed will be real.

  4. NYT was cool when Obama fired all the US attorneys. Nobody worried about that, nosirree Bob!

    1. That was TOTALLY different... because reasons.

  5. Preet Bharara is the jerk who went after Dinesh D'Souza for 'campaign contributions' (more like a film critical of Obama) - and then went after Reason (online & mag) for 'criticism of a judge', including forcing them to hand over information regarding 'commenters'. Good riddance to this partisan peon.

  6. So apparently all that talk in Sept/Oct about this guy going after Clinton and the foundation, and going hard, was disinformation. Or maybe it was just for show. Like Comey the Clown.

  7. Look for Bharara to run for public office in NY or NYC. He will tout his credentials as a NeverTrump and soft play his plea deals with Wall Street CEO's.

  8. Bharara is this generation's version of J. Edgar Hoover. As the former US Attorney, he has the goods on all the corrupt politicians in New York, including Mayor Bill de Blasio. If Bharara decides to run for Mayor of the city in the upcoming election, he will not hesitate to use that information against de Blasio, and de Blasio knows it. Once Bharara announces he's running, look for de Blasio to find a convenient excuse to drop out of the race for "health" or "family" reasons.

  9. Preet Bharara is an excellent example of lying, slimeball attorneys.

  10. Bill Clinton fired all 93 attorneys to get the Arkansas attorney, who was getting too close to the Clintons on the Whitewater scandal. I don't remember hearing any complaints then!

  11. Actually Bahrara is especially deserving of defenestration. It was he who prosecuted D'nesh D'Souza for being a Republican. It was he who sought the anonymous poster information from reason mag AND applied a gag order on all those events. That is not all but it is more than enough. The Dems' heroes are always enemies. Always.