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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Proof Democrats just use gays

Donald Trump is America's first president to be pro-gay rights before his election. Vice President Dick Cheney announced his support of gay rights after he left office, and Barack Obama came out of the closet for gay rights after his re-election.

Now we learn gay rights are just Democratic Party propaganda. Gay marriage, peeing in whatever bathroom you want, and forcing Christians to bake you a cake turn out to be nonsense.

From Breitbart News:
The organizers of the annual Los Angeles gay pride have announced that this year’s march will be replaced by a protest against President Donald Trump.
So much for Thank You For Your Support.

From Christopher Street West, the organization that stages L.A. Pride Parade and Festival, said:
Given the current political climate where divisiveness and discrimination continue to be part of mainstream dialogue, CSW is determined to make the LA Pride brand a unifying force for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies across all of Los Angeles. To accomplish this goal, the organization is introducing several community-focused initiatives to continue LA Pride’s long-standing history as a voice of and for the entire LGBTQ+ community: 
Community Advisory Committee
CSW has established a volunteer committee of business leaders, activists, change-makers, and influencers representing the interests and values of the full LGBTQ+ spectrum. This committee will advise both CSW and the 2017 LA Pride Festival Producer (JJ LA) to ensure that upcoming festival programming exceeds the expectations of our increasingly diverse and unique community. Confirmed members currently include: James Gilliam (ACLU), Sue LaVaccare, Ashlee-Marie Preston (CSW), Gerald Garth (Black AIDS Institute), and Ezak Perez (Gender Justice LA).
LA Pride Website and Community Calendar
The updated LA Pride website will make it easier to share news, connect with the community, encourage involvement, and celebrate CSW’s rich history. This includes the creation of the Community Calendar, a central “hub” for finding LGBTQ+ events and community service opportunities across the Greater Los Angeles area.
Monthly Service Opportunities
Monthly volunteer events organized around causes important to LA’s LGBTQ+ community will create new opportunities for community members and allies to join CSW to give back and create meaningful change.  Our first event will take place on February 17 in support of APLA Health’s “Necessities of Life” Program.
So the parade is not about gay people. They want "dialogue," which means liberal lectures and holier-than-though sermons.

The parade is just another Democratic Party event designed to show what horrible losers they are.

This should work as well as the boycott of Ivanka Trump's line of fashion and accessories.

I hope the Fake News media plays it for all its worth because the Fake News media's 90% support of Hillary Clinton last year was a major reason Donald Trump is now President Trump.

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  1. The explanation of this event was sooooooo filled with leftist buzzwords that my head is still buzzing.
    OK, it has stopped.

  2. Of course. It’s just another tool in the Leftist bag of propaganda tactics. We are not required to tolerate sexual degeneracy, we are required to celebrate it. Like Bob Hope remarked, “I’ve just flown in from California, where they’ve made homosexuality legal. I thought I’d get out before they make it compulsory.” It's all part of the plan to destabilize the family and, by extension, the nation. - Elric

  3. Nope. That there's a Phillips screw. It's self-centering, doncha know.

  4. "CSW has established a volunteer committee of business leaders, activists, change-makers,...."

    "Confirmed members currently include: James Gilliam (ACLU), Sue LaVaccare, Ashlee-Marie Preston (CSW), Gerald Garth (Black AIDS Institute), and Ezak Perez (Gender Justice LA)."

    So who are the "business leaders"? This looks like a smorgasbord of total jerks - but I don't see a business in there.

  5. "Liberal dialog" is an oxymoron. Just ask Charles Murphy and Professor Alison Stanger of Middlebury College about how much "dialog" they had with Liberal "protestors".

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